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This image makes me so happy. Why? Because it's real. This is 100% me. No photoshop, no trying to get the right angle, just me exactly as I am, exactly as I should be. And beaming with smiles because I was so happy in that moment. My biggest dream is to work with companies to normalize the use of real people in advertising. & not by doing a big campaign that screams "we're supporting real bodies" by adding one model with a slight curve. No. I want everyday people used so that young people grow up seeing how everyday people look. It scares me that what they see is so filtered & photoshopped that they believe that's real. I want kids to grow up knowing that their imperfections are what's real. That it's normal for their neck to create a double chin when they're beaming with happiness & that their skin isnt made to be constantly tight & smooth and that their legs are built to take them places not to be looked at in disgust. This world we live in is so incredible but we are going to miss 90% of it if we spend it focusing on our appearance instead of the happiness of ourselves & those around us. You dont need to have a following to help create this change, if we all start showing ourselves exactly as we are then the change will come. So who cares if the photo you want to post isnt your best angle or you have a pimple on your face. We're all real. We're all human. Let's stop fooling each other into thinking we are something else. Thank you @athleta for representing me exactly as I am ❤ #bethechange #realnotperfect #beyounotthem

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