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  • Davros of Skaro

    Davros of Skaro

    Happy 4/20

  • glorybebe


    My daughter gets a message from her friend in Chicago that was snowing. Here in the Okanagan,  BC we had 20°  shorts weather.  So bizarre

  • JVG


    Well the good news is that the lungs and heart are fine but the bad news is that I have more arthritis in my spine. That would explain the numbness in my legs and feet...

  • tcgram


    Physical therapist came to evaluate how I'm doing at home.   She said I was moving around well so she doesn't see the need to come out any more.   Tomorrow is the occupational therapist evaluation.   Hopefully he or she will say the same thing.   

  • the13bats


    Great news, the system works Chauvin guilty on all charges,
    RIP Mr Floyd

  • Guyver


    I’ve heard it’s been said that beer is undeniable proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.  I recommend the VooDoo Ranger Imperial IPA.  Cheers.  Clink.  

  • Overdueleaf


    Kinda waiting to see what happens next. 1st The vet tech lost my cat, yup lost him. I spent 3+ hours looking for him and pretty sure I spooked the entire neighborhood I was searching. We have snow coming tonight.. 1-2 inches.  @tcgram you are looking to get 2-4. And my fridge is on the fritz. I guess if we lose power in the snow it is cold enough outside to empty the contents of the fridge onto the deck. Guess things could be worse. 

  • acute


    Thank God that's over with. I know way more than I should about the American justice system.
    When's the appeal? 

  • Desertrat56


    A grandmother sent her grandson a shirt for his birthday. The only trouble was that he had a size 14 neck and the shirt was size 12. 

    When the grandson sent a thank you note, he wrote, “Dear Grandma. Thanks a lot for the shirt. I’d write more, but I’m all choked up.”

  • OverSword


    The jury is getting ready to read the verdict, I wonder if I should risk taking my daily lunch time walk?

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