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  • Desertrat56


    I pulled a muscle digging for gold... 

    No worries though, it's just a miner injury.

  • acute


    Bozo is giving a Coronavirus update at 5pm. England is to allow hugging from May 17th.
    The first person I'm gonna hug is the leggy blonde who walks her dog every morning.  I don't know her name, but I think I can guess the right house.

  • newbloodmoon


    If anyone out there is looking to start an all new male stripper group of ++++ sized guys, call them Thunder Chunks. I’m sure it might just work.

  • Carlos Allende

    Carlos Allende

    I love Balein Sea Salt. It's huge. It's like they're importing it from a dimension where everything is exactly the same but twice the size.

  • HandsomeGorilla


    Is there some law of the universe that states that, if any quantity of liquid is spilled, whatsoever, it must necessarily drop on one's crotch? 

  • JVG


    Remember when Trump was in office and if you said something against him that made you a Trump hater and other silly things his followers came up with. So now he’s out of office and he’s attacking people in his own party who sided against him since his assault on Democracy and his big lie about the election that he lost hands down. I think it was 63 attempts to overturn the voting in which he lost 62. The one was a technically...

  • jmccr8


    It snowed for a good part of the day and now the rain is clearing up the snow.

  • acute


    As my Austin Allegro has great sentimental value, I decided to avoid the risk of it being hit by the Chinese rocket.
    So, with no expense spared, I had it placed in a shipping container and stored on a tiny uninhabitable island, somewhere south of India.
    I can't wait for it to come back home. 

  • Orphalesion


    Sometimes hitting the space bar at the wrong time can lead to strange results. I wanted to draw ancient Greek people and wanted to look up "Ancient Greek Shoes"
    However I mistyped it as "Ancient Greeks Hoes" and got results about temple prostitution in relation to the cult of Aphrodite.

  • acute


    Last Christmas, I bought my wife an artificial leg, as a stocking filler.

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