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  • Manwon Lender

    Manwon Lender

    Below are things that all Americans must remember when they Vote in November. It also very important to never forget that so much of the loss, suffering and hopelessness could have been avoided. All it would have taken is having real Leader in the White House who was not self-centered, and who could have felt empathy for the American people. Well November is coming, and it time to send this sad individual back to New York or where ever he came from. 

  • Piney


    My grandfather, John Fire, Henry Crow Dog, numerous Wisdom Keepers and AIM members held a ceremony on top of Mount Rushmore than peed and pooped everywhere to remove it's sacredness as part of the Paahaa Saapaa.
    So Trump's rally is at our toilet. 

  • Manwon Lender

    Manwon Lender

    I recently watch a interview with George Harrison where he talked about how the Group " The Traveling Wilburys " was formed. George said there was not really a plan to ever form band. He said that members of what would become a band were all just sitting around talking and they decided to Jam together. Well in the midst of this they started talking about maybe play together. Then one day Roy Orbison asked if you join in, I mean who is going to tell one of the greatest singers around no, I mean they glad to have Roy. Then George called Bob Dylan and asked if him if he would be interested in playing with the assembled group and he said he certainly would and the rest is history. I sometimes wonder if Roy Orbison  hadn't died before their last album was finished if they would have stayed together longer, but that's something we will never know.

  • JVG


    From the sound of things here tonight people are getting a jump start on fireworks... Happy Fourth to all...

  • XenoFish


    Anyone know what happened to FreeToRoam?

  • Great Old Man

    Great Old Man

    When this horrible Corona incident ends? 
    No one knows.
    my hometown  Daejeon recently suffers from corona. more than 100 patients occurred within 1 weeks. My parents live in near of mass infection area. they are both old and have diabetics, therefore I  worry my parents from infection.

  • Golden Duck

    Golden Duck

    Fireworks? Is that all?
    I want laser shows and projection animation.

  • Chocolate Sandwich

    Chocolate Sandwich

    They do whatever they want, and kiss and make up after the ego trip is over. They go to war trying to control each other. They rip each other's worlds apart. Then go back to playing nice. Never separating. Never changing. Always expecting sympathy from the same crowd they're putting in danger. Always acting like they're normal. Don't say anything though. That'll make you a target. It's all so annoying.

  • acute


    While I'm on Hugh Cornwell, check out this Latin version of Golden Brown, with the man himself on guest vocal!

  • tcgram


    I have some small tomatoes on my roma and grape tomato plants, the beefeater and lemon boy plants have blossoms and the cilantro and basil are growing well!!   Homemade salsa and pesto soon!  

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