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  • jmccr8


    Happy Mother's Day to all the fine ladies at UM

  • bison


    This is a true story, which happened this past week, here in my community. I think it may be fairly called  among the worst planned back robberies that has ever been carried out.
    A woman walked into a local bank, went up to a teller and simply said 'I'm robbing the bank'. She was given money in a bank bag.
    She then crossed the street and boarded the  next public transit bus, southbound to a neighboring town. 
    All the police had to do was follow the bus,   and wait for it to make a scheduled stop. They did so, and apprehended the woman, and reclaimed the stollen money from her, still in the bank's bag. 
    Witnesses to the robbery were brought to the scene  and identified her as the bank robber. The whole incident was concluded in about half an hour.

  • Great Old Man

    Great Old Man

    I'm back!
    I was busy , so I didn't access UM and didn't reply much.
    But, I'm here, so I can gladly meet you here. 
    Well, Let's survive through this COVID-19 situation!

  • Matt221


    A closed mouth gathers no foot

  • Hawken


    Are your hubbies going to cook for you on Mothers Day? image

  • third_eye


    Heads up... 

  • Xeno-Fish


    It appears that I have two cats now. Thomas and his friend/sibling. Found them lounging on the porch. 

  • Carlos Allende

    Carlos Allende

    I think that dancing granddad on the advert is The Devil, and he's dancing because he's just sent the entire human race to Hell. I might be wrong.

  • susieice
  • acute


    The Scottish Nationalists still refuse to answer basic questions on Independence.
    Such as..... The economy, funding gap, currency, and the border with England.

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