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  • HandsomeGorilla


    Boiling heat, summer stench, 'neath the black, the sky looks dead. Call my name through the cream and I'll hear you scream again. Black hole sun, won't you come, and wash away the rain? 

  • Desertrat56


    So, I  need some work done on my house and I am having trouble finding a decent contractor.  My friend is a realtor and sent me a recommendation of the person the company she works for uses.   I called the number,  left a message stating I needed a call back whether he could help me or not.    Later I am working, have my head /concentration completely in a program and I get a text from an number I don't recognize.  "Can I call you later?"    So, what do I say, I don't know who it is so I text "I don't know who you are." and get no answer.   The next day I check the number thinking maybe it was the contractor and I was right, it was.   Still haven't heard from him.   I called again and his phone went straight to voicemail so I figure, 1. he is using his cell phone as his business phone, not very encouraging to me 2. he must be under 25 if he thinks texting instead of calling is ok.  3. he must not need the work if he didn't answer my text.
    What kind of business person would send a text without identifying themselves?  Even a 20 year old should know that.
    I know I am old and crotchety but this seems extraordinarily idiotic for him to do that.

  • XenoFish


    Got home and heard some noise from under a tarp I have on the porch. Okay, either a squirrel or snake. So I start moving the edges of the tarp, waiting for something to fly out from under it. Out comes smokey the kitten. Apparently it was comfy till I disturbed it. 

  • Piney


    Cornyvirus News U.S.A.
    Rep. Louie Gohmert (R. Texas) asks the U.S. Forestry Service and BLM if they could alter the Earth or Moon's orbit to fight climate change.
    ( Mrs. Piney is now negotiating with Jeff Bezos to attach a J.D. 644B loader to the front of a Blue Origin rocket in hopes we get the contract.)

  • Matt221


    I've just sat and watched loads of stuff on the iplayer been outside and had a coffee looked at the Jag and decided not to do anything today fed the jackdaws come in and bloody football is still on oh well  iplayer again 

  • Wistman


    Good morning.

  • 'Walt' E. Kurtz

    'Walt' E. Kurtz

    England VS Croatia 

  • 'Walt' E. Kurtz

    'Walt' E. Kurtz

    world in motion or E - For England...

  • XenoFish


    Looks like I'm now feeding Thomas and his shadow. I've watched shadow sneak on to the porch when I feed Thomas. This morning was a meet and greet. Between the "I hiss, I love you". It was interesting. 

  • Eldorado


    Can England exorcise their Croatia demons?

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