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  • Desertrat56


    I told my boss, “Sorry I’m late. I was having computer issues.” 

    "Hard drive?" he asked. 

    "No, the commute was fine. It’s my laptop."

  • Matt221


    Its never polite to ask the guy at the next table "are you done with that?" Especially when he's breaking up with his girlfriend.

  • acute


    To whom do I complain about the poor grammar in phishing emails recently?
    "DVLA have been notified electronically about you latest payment for your vehicle tax failed because there is not enough money on you debit card.
    We have generated a new invoice, and we suggest you to use a credit card instead of a debit, to avoid any other consequences that might appearin case again won't be enough funds inside."

  • Space Commander Travis

    Space Commander Travis

    Up to 4 inches expected in some places today! 

  • XenoFish


    Excuse me! I am not fat! This is my winter coat. 

  • Mark One

    Mark One

    I'll be calling in at new cob shop which. Ive discovered,  later today.  They bake their own loaves, cobs, home-made soup as well as pizza, sandwiches etc.  I've got my eyes on cheese and red onion on toast.  It's a shame I cant order for you too.  Ah, well, never mind.

  • Carlos Allende

    Carlos Allende

    Little Lord Fauntleroy. In his top hat and cummerbund. Monocle glinting, bow-tie pert, hair curly as if teased by a hundred cherubs. Little Lord Fauntleroy, holding people at bay with the tip of his ivory walking cane, nose held aloft, sneering at the working classes as a fisherman sneers at his teeming bowl of maggots. But, y'know, he's still jealous of the free ride 2020 Covid 'disrupted' students are getting.

  • Manwon Lender

    Manwon Lender

    Bonnie Rait. I can't make you love me.

  • HandsomeGorilla


    Apparently, according to my phone's data collection and predictive text, autocorrect says I say 'Northumberland' more often than 'normal' 

  • Scholar4Truth


    I'm very agitated with those claiming that the coronavirus is not real. Especially when I've had a friend pass away from it and other friends who have suffered and recovered from it. It's very insulting to those who have actually suffered and to those who have common sense and critical thinking skills to actually examine many of these so-called theories.

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