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  • acute


    Beware of Norton's shenanigans, folks!
    However you buy their antivirus, they make you set up a recurring payment. My Auto-Renew setting was off, but they took the money anyway!
    I've had my refund now and I've cancelled the agreement on PayPal, but I'm not happy about what they did, and I very nearly didn't notice it.

  • OverSword


    Cesar Salad

  • Desertrat56


    A senior citizen was showing off a new car he had bought to his grandson. 

    "Let's go for a spin," he told the youngster. 

    The old man pulled out of his driveway and placed his fingers above the top of the steering wheel, controlling it only with his thumbs pressed against the lower edge of the wheel. 

    "That's weird," the grandpa said, "I still don't hear anything." 

    "What are you talking about?" the grandson asked. 

    "The car salesman said I could hear lots of different kinds of music if I used a thumb drive."

  • acute


    Tesco, the UK's largest Supermarket chain, is predicting supply problems and panic-buying in the run-up to Christmas, mainly caused by Brexit and Covid. Also, the shortage of CO2 is affecting the packaging of meat products.
    As a precaution, I recommend that you move your money out of Pork Bellies and into Toilet Paper.
    [Note: The value of bog rolls can go down as well as up]

  • Abramelin


    What's on my mind? My ex whom I met when this song was aired for the first time:

  • Wistman


    Good morning.

  • theSOURCE


    Why won't PJ Harvey be my significant other? OK, so I've never actually met her, or seen her perform in person, or tried to contact her in any way, shape or form. But come on, at least she could acknowledge me in my dreams and not run away screaming in terror. Sheesh! I tell ya, some women play SO hard to get.

  • Desertrat56


    When the light is green you go.    
    When the light is red you stop.  
    But what do you do 
    When the light turns blue
    With orange and lavender spots?
    -Shel Silverstein

  • Orphalesion


    Who would you say is the "most famous theropod"?
    Tyrannosaurus Rex?
    Or the common Chicken?

  • Robotic Jew

    Robotic Jew

    Home from Mexico and full of tacos and social observations. Nice little trip. 

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