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  • Mark One

    Mark One

    Top Tips: No.1
    Corona Virus Blues.
    Parents, fed up with your kids messing up your house and showing no respect nor caution  with regards to the China Virus?
    Well how about getting them involved in politics at an early age.  Inspire them to wash their hands before dinner by treating them to a face mask of the big man himself - Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer.

    And don't forget about birthday cards because Chris has that one sorted too.


  • The Wistman

    The Wistman


  • Desertrat56


    This is one industry that really needs robots and AI.   Meat processing plants.

  • 'Walt' E. Kurtz

    'Walt' E. Kurtz

    Seems like there is many musicians on the forum, why not start the UM-Big band  im good at making noise especially this kind of noise :p 
    See link 
    Noise genre
    Hey my lawn mower is out of tune!  What should I do....

  • LightAngel


    I think it's important to remember history, so right now, I study Hitler's propaganda machine once again!
    Mankind hasn't learned much from history! 


  • acute


    This is not something you hear every day, year, or decade.....

  • acute


    Oh em jee!  I've just found an 8-track tape of Queen's first album, inside the passenger door panel of my 1973 Austin Allegro!  
    You wouldn't believe what's in the glovebox.

  • Hawken


    Going to rock concerts in the 80s. I would smell weed in the air. Now days, I smell weed and bengay.

  • acute


    What is wrong with these vegan new-age hippie types?
    They head straight to the 'Gluten Free' aisle, although (statistically) they are unlikely to have a gluten intolerance.
    Then, they pick up the Unsweetened Almond Milk --- whatever the hell that is.
    Eventually, they spend an hour deciding which meat-free meat-shaped products to buy.

  • susieice


    Tiger Woods was in a serious car accident this morning in LA. He's currently in surgery. His condition isn't known but he's had leg injuries. This actually has a live link.

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