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  • JVG


    Naturally Trump is giving himself high marks for his handling of the pandemic even as the US hits 3 million cases... I hope he doesn’t break his elbow patting himself on the back...

  • 'Walt' E. Kurtz

    'Walt' E. Kurtz

    No offence heard this sardonic joke from a stand up comedian "Greenpeace boat Rainbow Warrior sound more like some sort of homosexual wrestler." 

  • acute


    UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak just gave a speech in the House of Commons, wearing a brand new (fresh out of the pack) shirt.  Unfortunately, I think he left the square white card packaging in there.

    pic >

  • Piney


    *My children haven't picked a gender identity yet so you may only address them as "They".*
    Lady, take Thing 1, Thing 2 and scram because I'm not going to address them at all.......

  • 'Walt' E. Kurtz

    'Walt' E. Kurtz

    Cronavirus:WHO rethinking how Covid 19 spreads in air. 
    In my opinion: I have always thought it's not only spread by droplets to me it has always been airborne.
    it's important to follow the recomendations with social distancing and good hand hygiene. Use hand sanitizer and remember to shave yourself If you are going to wear protective medical face masks / surgical masks.with face stubble you lose 90% of the protection. 
    Stay safe and remember Dont Panic

  • Golden Duck

    Golden Duck

    What is the deal with Warrior Nun?  Why do they have swords?
    Everyone knows nuns main weapons were the feather duster or cane.

  • Captain Risky

    Captain Risky

    If you wanna save money this Xmas tell your kids Santa got coronavirus, in hospital and on a ventilator. 

  • Montmorency the Dog

    Montmorency the Dog

    "150,000 jobs have been lost in the UK due to the Pandemic" ~ the News. No, not due to the pandemic. Due to government panic. Since the pandemic (if you can even call it that) affected only a very narrow demographic, it would have had hardly any economic impact if the Government hadn't been provoked into panicking by a fraud with a scaremongering graph 

  • HandsomeGorilla


    I honestly can't tell if my short term memory is getting worse or if I just don't give a **** anymore and choose to forget things. 

  • jmccr8


    So, I have been watching scifi series on a binge watch and decided I could live on any s##thole in the universe.

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