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  • Mark One
  • Carlos Allende

    Carlos Allende

    Loving this new documentary about how Prince Philip used to play practical jokes using mustard. I always knew he was the British Tom Green.

  • acute


    If China is clamping down on "niangpao" now, there must have been "sissy men" there in the past. So, I imagine the Terracotta Army had a "Don't ask, don't tell" policy. 

  • 'Walt' E. Kurtz

    'Walt' E. Kurtz

    Just got My thumb out of My...and finally bought The Horrors album primary colours released back in 2009 and i really loved the album especially the tracks "Do you remember" and....
    Warning the intro can be long for some. Enjoy!!! 

  • acute



  • Carlos Allende

    Carlos Allende

    Ironic, isn't it? I turn on Coast to Coast AM and start cursing that they're doing something completely off-topic to the paranormal, but then I'll go to THIS paranormal website and type into the forum something about TV, or politics, or tramps. What's the point of anything if it's all over the place?

  • third_eye


    Summertime... Two sounds of old school 

  • acute


    Dear Court TV,
    Even with a Three-Photon Excited Fluorescence Microscope, it would be impossible to detect my interest in the R. Kelly trial.
    — acute.

  • Desertrat56


    So the local burger place (actually local all over the state with 2 shops in Texas and one in Arizona) has a call center when you call to order a pick up.   No one knows where the call center is and my daughter is bothered because she is sure it is not in the state.  It is not a national chain so it should be providing jobs for people in our state.   I told her to call the local television station and ask them if they would find out about the call center.   I can't even imagine a local business using a call center for orders.   

  • Iilaa'mpuul'xem


    Climbing world cup cancelled due to COVID
    The Boulder and Speed World Cup for climbing in South Korea has been cancelled because of the pandemic.
    I never heard of the World Cup climbing... @Manwon Lender can you enlighten me, mate?

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