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  • Desertrat56


    So the local burger place (actually local all over the state with 2 shops in Texas and one in Arizona) has a call center when you call to order a pick up.   No one knows where the call center is and my daughter is bothered because she is sure it is not in the state.  It is not a national chain so it should be providing jobs for people in our state.   I told her to call the local television station and ask them if they would find out about the call center.   I can't even imagine a local business using a call center for orders.   

  • Iilaa'mpuul'xem


    Climbing world cup cancelled due to COVID
    The Boulder and Speed World Cup for climbing in South Korea has been cancelled because of the pandemic.
    I never heard of the World Cup climbing... @Manwon Lender can you enlighten me, mate?

  • Desertrat56


    A bartender says, "We don't serve time travelers in here!” 

    A time traveler walks into a bar.

  • Desertrat56


    What do you call words that upset rabbits? 

    They're called 'Hare Triggers.'

  • Desertrat56


    Teacher: “Can anyone give me an example of a paradigm shift?” 

    Little Johnny: “It’s when you change a pair of dimes into four nickels.” 

  • Matt221


    After a day up the hospital being poked,prodded,test after test they told me i'm basically bugard i could of saved time and told them that

  • Overdueleaf


    For @Piney

  • acute


    There's a shortage of Carbon Dioxide in the UK.
    The Independent.
    What if we run out of CO₂ to breathe out? 

  • JVG


    The knee is getting better but still a bit sore. My daughter told me about a friend that got covid and had terrible knee pain? I don’t think I had covid but I have not been tested and I really don’t want a q-tip shoved into my brain. I will self quarantine to be on the safe side…

  • Hawken


    @acute is popular contributor again. I still think UM should award him something. How about dinner at Buckingham Palace with Queen Elizabeth. After the meal, a game of crochet. 

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