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  • Sakari


    I am starting to get real bored with the " paranormal "..I am beyond the point where I know what is what ( age, wisdom, life experience, education ) and the conversations are just redundent....Not really sure how active I will be the more time goes by...I figure this happens a lot...Hopefully something new pops up, or someone comes in really wanting help with a real issue...The pond is getting stagnent..

  • RockabyeBillie


    So last night I dreamt my dad, my sister, and I were all at a Star Wars themed parade. The first time through I noticed C-3PO at the start of the parade and he was much taller than normal. My dad missed it but wanted to see him, so I started rewinding the parade like tv... but somehow couldn't find him. So I rewound all the way to the start of the parade and we decided to walk back up and look for him. Then my coworker appeared and needed to borrow my computer. *shrug*



    Beauty as a whole has been redefined .Who knew

  • Space Commander Travis

    Space Commander Travis

    Well, here's some interesting news just in; "Dog walker finds 'fang-toothed big cat'. Man horrified after finding remains of large creature near beauty spot." More as we get it!

  • Ever Learning

    Ever Learning

    Any one else have to back track sometimes when reading/watching movie ?, due to day dreaming

  • maca02


    With jobs thin on the ground, I took a risk and had a go at elephant poaching. There were some surprised faces when I turned up for work with a 2,000 gallon drum of boiling water and a 40-foot slotted spoon.....................................................

  • Arawyn


    oooooh, monday's me 15th birthday! AND I'M GETTING AN OCARINA FOR MY BIRTHDAY YAY!!!

  • Robbie333


    Well, ain't this place a geographical oddity. Two weeks from everywhere!

  • Wordless Wanderer

    Wordless Wanderer

    Has an urge to have a Star Wars marathon! Damn you finals! :'(

  • JonathanVonErich


    I'm sorry if sometimes I'm annoying and a pain in the ass. :)

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