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  1. 19 points
    Good news! I found out yesterday at my doctor's appt. that after 2 weeks of bone scans, blood work and an aspiration I do not have any infection in my hip or leg!! Now for the fun part, trying to figure out what's causing the pain. I see another doc on Sept 8th to see if it could by my sciatic nerve.
  2. 18 points
    Sitting by myself outside the hospital with no one to talk to. My daughter had convulsions, was taken to hospital by ambulance and I can't be in there with her. All the selfish people who ignored the recommendations and would not wear masks i blame for the way hospitals have to take precautions. They never think how it will affect others around them for them to have their 'rights'
  3. 18 points
    Hubby is feeling better, had to come home for a bit as he's having his temporary port put in and then dialysis for 3 hours, which I cannot visit at that time. He will hopefully get to come home tomorrow, they are keeping him another night. I am so fortunate to have such great friends, one of them offered to fix supper for my son and I this evening.
  4. 15 points
    Today I learned... You can tell the difference between an alligator and a crocodile by paying attention to whether the reptile see's you later, or in a while.
  5. OverSword

    Americans Chanting “Death to America”

    And there we have it. The real reason for the protests. It's never been about reforming or defunding the police. The real reason is a bunch of spoiled children got brainwashed in college by America hating leftist professors. Their goal is to tear down the system and replace it with a leftist utopia otherwise known as hell on earth. They will fail.
  6. RoofGardener

    Nancy Pelosi and her hypocrisy

    You've probably heard about Nancy Pelosi breaching the lockdown regulations and getting her hair dressed in a Salon. What is more interesting is her reaction to the media learning about this. In essence, she has accused the salon of deliberately misleading her, telling her that it is "OK" to come in. (this despite it being illegal), and stating that the Salon "set her up". She has then got her very expensive lawyers to attack the Salon, and threatening them with a lawsuit. She has also arranged for the Salon to be shut down. Hell hath no fury like a Senior Democrat scorned. This illustration of petty vindictiveness, and the willingness to blame EVERYBODY except herself when she ELECTED to break the law, is just breathtaking. If President Trump had done this, CNN would be screaming it from the rooftops. But because it is Nancy Pelosi.... tumbleweed.
  7. Setton

    Package containing poison sent to Trump

    I think my biggest question whenever this happens is, who actually thinks their letter will get to its target without being checked?
  8. 11 points
    So my coworker and I were up on a roof about thirty feet up. He stepped through a skylight and fell thirty feet onto a concrete floor. He has some compound fractures, several, just learned he now has internal bleeding and swelling in his brain. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts. I went to meet them at the hospital to talk to them in the parking lot. They're very frustrated that they couldn't even go inside. I can't even imagine the feeling, knowing your son, husband or brother is in there with no real word on whether he'll survive. I've also learned I'm a mess in situations like this.
  9. Swede

    Göbleki Tepe ‘decoded’

    1) Science is self-correcting. 2) In science, a theory is an explanation for facts or natural phenomena that has been repeatedly confirmed through numerous methods. Despite the science-driven attempts to falsify major modern theories, they are rarely falsified. You may be confusing one of the principles of science. “Truth” is a matter not actually addressed in scientific research and the nebulous topic is best left to philosophers. 3) To detail: · Question : Acceptable · Research: Your first reference is not accessible. Your second reference is a Wiki page. Your third reference includes a very vague and temporally typical allusion to an astronomical event that can in no way be considered to be definitive. Very poor research. Fail. · Hypothesis: Conditionally acceptable. · Experiment: Utilizing Biblical genealogies of the relevant time period are of no worth in regards to establishing a utilizable date due to the grossly inaccurate calibrations of individual lifespans. Fail. · Analysis: Due to the highly flawed “data”, any analysis is pointless. Fail. · Conclusion: No ability to definitively support hypothesis. No credible corroborative data. Very poor research skills. Fail. It has been quite apparent that you are unfamiliar with legitimate research methodology. May this explain your fear of such? Edit: Format.
  10. RoofGardener

    Is America under attack ?

    There is an idea from the 1920's called 'Cultural Marxism'. The marxist thinkers of the time where puzzled that Europe seemed immune to a communist revolution. They theorised that social factors prevented the European prolatereat from rising up. These where: respect for family values, respect for the Church, and respect for government (and Monarchical) institutions. Their solution was Cultural Marxism; to gradually get their people into senior positions in universities, and use them to indoctrinate students to feel contempt for these three things. And to themselves become Professors, and to pass the indoctrination on. Hence, over the decades, these three ties that bind our society together would be weakened, paving the way for a communist revolution. Ever notice how - in the 1950's onward - most comedians and musicians became heavily anti-establishment, and highly critical of government and the church ? Then Marxism died, but Cultural Marxism - its Frankenstein Monster - carried on regardless. And it is still highly prelevant today, manifesting in everything from 3rd wave feminism to militant transgender rights, to promotion of Islam over Christianity (including by the current Pope).
  11. "Kanye West will appear as a presidential candidate on Mississippi's ballot in November, after being approved as a qualified candidate by the State Board of Election Commissioners on Tuesday. "The rapper has already qualified to appear on the ballot as an independent candidate in several states, including Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Utah. "To qualify in Mississippi, he was required to pay a $2,500 fee to the Secretary of State’s Office and get the signatures of at least 1,000 Mississippi voters." Full report at Houston Chronicle: Link Kanye West 'walks on water' during Sunday service in Atlanta: National Post
  12. 11 points
    They've spotted bears running from the fires. I can't close my eyes hard enough.
  13. What's disturbing to me is the mindset of people that believe in Bigfoot and think shooting one is good. If there was such a rare creature, which there isn't, then shooting one would be a crime against nature.
  14. 11 points
    I'm chainsaw carving for the first time in a year and a half on Sunday........... .......This should be interesting........
  15. 10 points
    I hate waiting for deliveries, but I've ordered a ton of food, which may or may not arrive in the next two hours. I'm filling my cupboards, before the Covid/Fludemic begins, the New Civil War starts in the US, and the EU invades Britain in January.
  16. Simple, really, their message cannot be questioned by anyone in case logic might be applied to it. Why discuss a thing when you can just shout it down with lies?
  17. 9 points
  18. 9 points
    Made it through another busy week at work, going to the base for meds tomorrow.
  19. 9 points
    'Afternoon folks. Rainy day blues.
  20. 9 points
    At my doc appt this morning. I hope he can give me some answers to my hip and leg pain.
  21. Buzz_Light_Year

    Trump calls Dead US Soldiers Suckers / Losers

    I've always said if you have something worth saying then put your name to it or just shut up. All media outlets use this lame excuse as a source anymore. "Spoke on condition of anonymity". This is not journalism it's referred to as "Yellow Journalism"
  22. 9 points
    Had a visitor today
  23. 9 points
    I am selling autographed sheets of A5, emblazoned with my signature. You can place a bid on eBay. Prices start at £20K. "We're In The Money" https://youtu.be/UJOjTNuuEVw
  24. 9 points
    Today I learned there was a vast and important difference between peeing in the pool and peeing into the pool....
  25. South Alabam

    RBG dead at 87

    I cannot stand Trump because of his arrogance, the things he tweets and says, etc,, but I won't give the Democrats a free ride either because of their own behavior as cited above, as well as complicity with the mainstream media regarding blatant hypocrisy.
  26. Eldorado

    American journalism getting worse

    Related... The 2016 Election and the Demise of Journalistic Standards Hillsdale College: Link
  27. Scientists have discovered what they believe to be the oldest fossilised animal sperm from around 100 million years ago. The “spectacular find” was unearthed by an international team of palaeontologists preserved inside a female ostracod – a type of tiny crustacean that resembles a mussel. Researchers believe the female mated shortly before becoming trapped in the resin. Full story at ITV news UK: Link
  28. Radio signals don't get weaker over distance. The issue is the inverse square law which states that the amount of signal detected from the original transmission is smaller by over the square of the distance. And no, the signals do not mix in with the background noise. The issue is whether or not the signal can be distinguished from the background noise. The background noise is not equally spread across the spectrum and it differs depending on the direction. For example, the background noise is higher in the direction of the galactic center. Another example is the cosmic wave background. It is not uniform across all frequencies.
  29. 8 points
    The number of Coronavirus cases is rising in the UK, for the first time since March. BBC News. New restrictions have been announced for Birmingham and two adjacent areas. BBC Local News. My local hospital currently has nine of their Covid patients in ICU.
  30. Piney

    Elderly python has immaculate conception

    Some reptiles, amphibians and female siblings do that under duress.........at least that's what she said..
  31. Once in a cult there is no easy way out, and you simply don't listen to what you perceive as lies. Just look at Tom Cruise and John Travolta in Scientology.... Trumpology is pretty much the same.
  32. Solipsi Rai

    California becomes third-world state

    Conservatives and Republicans for decades said California is turning third world for a number of reasons (esp. the impact of massive immigration, both legal and undocumented), we need to update our infrastructure in this millennium and to reduce fire dangers a lot easier. I thought a few Northeast states had higher average annual personal incomes than CA, but yeah, we have the world's 5th largest economy if we were an independent country. Many power lines and poles are older than my parents (I'm 40 years old, BTW) and the problem is there are so much environmental regulations in CA, the electrical grid is being neglected and not properly updated when the state's population has grown a whole lot.
  33. 8 points
    The suspect arrested in connection with the stabbing spree on Sunday morning lives less than a mile (1.3km) away from me! It's ironic that he lives so close to the hospital where two of the victims are being treated. Latest news. (It's 'Nately Grove' not Natley)
  34. "A man in France has accidentally blown up part of his house while trying to chase a fly with an electric swat. "The man, in his 80s, was eating his dinner on Friday evening when he became annoyed at a fly buzzing around him. "He picked up the electronic fly swat and took aim at it, unaware of a gas cylinder leaking at his home in the village of Parcoul-Chenaud in Dordogne." Full monty at Manx Radio UK: Link BBC: Link
  35. It appears that President Trump has brokered a deal between Serbia and Kosovo, including recognition of the state of Israel , with Serbia actually moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem !! https://thehill.com/opinion/international/515125-serbia-kosovo-agreement-results-from-trumps-different-brand-of
  36. Israeli archaeologists have discovered what they say is evidence of a "magnificent" palace from the era of a Biblical Jewish kingdom in Jerusalem. Elaborately carved stone structures and other relics associated with such a building were found about 3km (2 miles) south of Jerusalem's Old City. The archaeologists say some of the artefacts had been neatly buried, although they do not know why. The palace is thought to have been built around the 8th or 7th Century BC. Among the remains unearthed in what is now the East Talpiot neighbourhood, also known as Armon Hanatziv, were three ornate stone capitals - carvings which adorn the top of columns - as well as items from lavish window frames. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-54006773 More pics. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-8698075/Archaeology-Remains-2-500-year-old-royal-palace-buried-outside-walls-Jerusalem.html
  37. Sherapy

    What is spirituality to you?

    For me, meditation, yoga and living mindfully is my spirituality. I meditate for the peace and clarity it brings...I practice yoga or run. Both are meditative. I will be going on my first silent retreat with the Neurologist I work for which for me is a bucket list type adventure, my boss has researched and been a part of studies on meditation. I am getting quite an understanding that has helped me grow, I couldn’t ask for more.
  38. Noteverythingisaconspiracy

    The Atheism Delusion

    And here you are bickering about the bickering. I forgot how much you hate it when people don't agree with you. If I didn't have an interest in the debate why would I be here in the first place ? Its just that you haven't provided much to debate. You never really provided any evidence for you opening post, only personal opinion. The point of the spirituality vs. skepticism section is to discuss these things. Based on the evidence (Or rather lack of) I do tend towards there being no god, but I would never claim that as a fact. If there indeed was a god I would surely want to know, so your claim that I don't want there to be a god is simply not true. What is it with you guys and straw man fallacies ? (See above)
  39. 7 points
    For some reason Google is putting all the youtube ads in my feed in spanish. One of their programmers or data entry people must have mistaken New Mexico, USA for Mexico.
  40. A woman fell out of a moving car on the M25 while leaning out of the window to film a video for Snapchat, police said. She fell from the car into a "live lane" between junction six and the Clacket Lane Services at 01:30 BST, Surrey Police traffic officers tweeted. The woman was not badly hurt but police said it was lucky "she wasn't seriously injured or killed". She was treated at the scene by paramedics. No arrests have been made, police added. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-surrey-54217327
  41. 7 points
    I hope everyone has a good weekend.
  42. A facial reconstruction has depicted the "impish" features of a powerful churchman whose skeleton was dug up at St Albans Cathedral. The remains, unearthed in 2017, were found to be those of Abbot John of Wheathampstead, who died in 1465. Reconstructed by university experts, it is claimed to be the first face of a 15th Century figure to be revealed in this way since Richard III's in 2013. Abbot John's burial site remained undiscovered for centuries, until excavation work uncovered his remains. His skeleton was unearthed along with three papal bulls - a type of public charter issued by a pontiff - that Pope Martin V had given him 40 years before, confirming the papal privileges he gained in 1423 - and providing the key to his identity. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-54058301
  43. diddyman68

    Kanye West makes the ballot in Mississippi

    Katy perry - in charge of nuclear bombs
  44. What is a sky disk you ask? A very basic astronomical map SciTechDaily: New Dating of Nebra Sky Disk Makes All Previous Astronomical Interpretations Obsolete. https://scitechdaily.com/new-dating-of-nebra-sky-disk-makes-all-previous-astronomical-interpretations-obsolete/
  45. 7 points
    Good morning folks. Here's the news for today:
  46. OverSword

    What is spirituality to you?

    It is the feeling of being connected to something deeper than what we can see or proven to exist in the physical realm, including but not limited to religious beliefs.
  47. 7 points
    Did you know a group of pandas is called an embarrassment?
  48. Hanslune

    The Mystery of the Tumuli

    I remember a detail from a penal colony. To clear an area of vegetation, trees etc., so as to making it suitable for cash crops. They would bring prisoners in put in/up a pole to which long chains were attached so the men could work in a certain radius - with no hope of them running off and cutting down the number of guards needed it they were able to roam freely. As an area was finished they moved the 'restraining' pole. That might explain the concrete, the hole and random locations. Just a speculation based on something from a 19th century French book i believe.
  49. 7 points
    It’s been a rough year. I have an uncle who killed him self. Two close friends, husband and wife who both died of an over dose. They found my step brother dead in his bed at 47 years old from some mystery illness. Last week my 14 year old rottie died. And to top it off I just found out my Dad has colon cancer. Things have got to start looking up soon. Need some balance in the force here.