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  1. They shouldn't be allowed to tattoo eyeballs. Period!
  2. 16 points
    I would like to personally thank @acute for making me blow turkey corn soup out of my nose and all over my Lenovo.
  3. 14 points
    For the greater good..... FFS, stay at home, self-isolate, and eat your relatives.
  4. I hope I don't need to go buy myself a bra; or worse, go stealing one. Maybe this is why it's old guys who are dying most.
  5. 12 points
    With all the barbers closed because of the virus, I'm starting to look a bit like a hippie! I was thinking I might tie my hair back in a pony tail or something, but then I remembered this disturbing picture, and quickly changed my mind. Link.
  6. Over a minute of film of a thylacine at the Hobart Zoo, shot sometime between 1933 and 1936, has recently been rediscovered by a group of researchers. I believe @oldrover was involved.
  7. 12 points
    So, I was in the chemist earlier and I asked the assistant “What gets rid of coronavirus?” She said "Ammonia cleaner." I said "Oh sorry, I thought you worked here...”
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    Good morning.
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    Today I will try not to think about the coronavirus. We will enjoy good food, and see Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I love that film!
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    We should take a leaf out of Bigfoots book and we will survive the Corona Virus because his Social Distancing skills are second too none. Stay safe everyone and don't forget to wash behind your ears x
  11. acute

    Rogue's Gallery III

    CORONAVIRUS!!!!! .....and it's a big'un!
  12. "A picture of two drunk male elephants taking a nap is going viral on the internet. "Posted on the microblogging site Twitter by an IPS officer HGS Dhaliwal, it portrays the two elephants who consumed corn whiskey after they deviated from their herd in Yunnan province, China." Full report at Republic World: Link Twitter:
  13. 11 points
    Well, I had an exciting very early morning... I awoke at quarter to four this morning to the soothing sounds of a majestic waterfall.... In my living room... I live in an apartment and a water pipe broke in the apartment above mine... We got the water shut off eventually but for the past 4+ hours I've been watching the water in the ceiling drain out to my floor... So much fun!
  14. Saru

    Could be a big hoax

    So you are saying that more than 7,000 people from countries all around the world have decided to drop dead just to stick it to Donald Trump ? Try asking the families of those who have died, or those currently infected, whether this is a hoax or not. I'm going to close this thread, it's in very bad taste. Closed.
  15. I have a doctor friend from New Orleans. He called me last night to see how things are going. He is working with a lot of people who have the virus, and 13 deaths so far, but it is not being reported because they were not tested for the virus. yet they did in fact die from it. They are running out of ventilators and telling people not to come to the hospital unless they have trouble breathing. there is no room. So I guess the United States is not being all that honest either. Perhaps to forestall panic. The number of deaths in Italy is disturbing. Peace Mark
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    **** all you ****s who are buying all the toliet paper.
  17. 11 points
    Now that I've been possibly exposed to the Canola Virus I decided to mail the underwear I was wearing and a Manchester United jersey I sneezed in to @acute I call this "Prince Rupert's Revenge".
  18. 11 points
    The Magnificent seven. On itv now its just not the same without: Yul Brynner as Chris Adams, a Cajun gunslinger, leader of the seven. Steve McQueen as Vin Tanner, the drifter. Charles Bronson as Bernardo O'Reilly, the professional in need of money. Robert Vaughn as Lee, the traumatized veteran. Brad Dexter as Harry Luck, the fortune seeker. James Coburn as Britt. This new cast can not do the cowboy stare, the cool cowboy walk or ride a horse as cooly as the original cast. Such a shame they are all dead.
  19. 10 points
  20. I am a Purchaser too. Aircraft Industrie. Got layed off yesterday but was able to register for EI right away. Will be a tough time for all but we are all in this together, no differences, and good luck to all. I have also my AZ/CDL with experience and if needed I can pitch in to help. As for my Hair, yeah, wifey cuts it since over 25 years now. Please stay home people. In this case please listen to the doctors and scientists. Money we can replace, our lives and the lives of our loved ones we cannot.
  21. But this website seems to attract a very mature, sensible and intelligent bunch.
  22. 10 points
    homemade chicken soup is on the stovetop... i do believe it is time for some fresh made lemon/ginger tea with a dab of the good honey
  23. It's zoonotic. Bad animal husbandry practices will influence it's growth. That's common knowledge among biologists and other scientists. As for climate change affecting diseases. The warmup at end of the last glaciation period probably did create new diseases which contributed to the decline of the megafauna in the Northern Hemisphere. Some Columbian mammoth bones show signs of this. The plague, which is also zoonotic first appeared among the Proto-Indo-Europeans, quite possibly due to horse and/or cattle domestication. It reappeared and mutated into the Black Plague compliments of a over abundance of rats.
  24. 10 points
    @third_eye We need some Malay pet recipes. @acutes ideas are just way too boring on the palate. Seriously, boiled beagle and potatoes? Terrier and cabbage??? Chihuahua and chips????
  25. 10 points
    Good morning, UMsters.
  26. Kittens Are Jerks

    'The Gray'?

    Grayish skin is a result of a lack of oxygenated blood. It is an indication of one or more health problems, such as congestive heart failure, late stage terminal cancer, pneumonia, or renal failure (to name a few). Not all people with grayish skin have a blue tinge to them, nor are they all elderly. As for the so-called Gray phenomenon, either your sibling is pulling your leg, or this Eugene Lee Yang guy and his family are stupidly superstitious. No one dies as a result of seeing such a person. I've seen several, and I'm still here.
  27. onlookerofmayhem

    19 years of Unexplained Mysteries

  28. 9 points
    It's a beautiful day, so I've headed to the coast to relax, while the gullible idiots are going stir-crazy in self-imposed detention. Walking down to the beach right now. It will be amazing to have the place all to my- Huh? Dammit!
  29. I think they were being...polite...
  30. Today was my girls birthday. They turned 4. We got them up and took them to their daycare/learning center. They go 2 days a week year round since they were 18 months old. I couldn't stop thinking about this shlt today and told my wife I wanted to pull them out for a couple of weeks. So we did. I went in and talked to the owner and told her and this lady looked completely frazzled. They only had ¼ of the children they usually have. We talked about how nobody knows what's going on with any of this right now and that they weren't sure what they were going to do. Later tonight they sent a mass email stating that they're closing until at least the 31st and that they were only asking for 50% tuition during that time. Hmm. Ok but we don't have a contract and we've had a billing dispute in the past that they were wrong about. Sadly, they're going to lose a lot of business imo and maybe a few employees. I'm not even sure they're legally allowed to require payment in this situation. This is all ridiculous and I'm not paying. Worst case is the girls don't go back and they have a long break til they start kindergarten when they are 5. One of my girls got a big scrape on her chin at school today. Tripped chasing a ball. We couldn't take them out to eat anywhere or anything else fun or go visit grandparents for their birthday and asked them what they wanted to do instead. Hamburger Happy Meals it was! We also took them to Target and let them pick out a couple of toys. Had cake and icecream later on, just us that I had picked up earlier. Then we had decided to cancel their birthday party that we were supposed to have on Saturday. They handled it wonderfully like big girls and held back some tears. Then they interrogated us with "why's". They deserved the truth so we had to explain to them what a virus was and why that means their grandparents and family shouldn't be around us for a while. I think they got the gist though they asked a lot of silly curious questions about viruses throughout the night. Quite an interesting birthday for them and us. I know that's all long and personal but these are certainly a few ways we've been affected on just this day and it feels good to lay it out here.
  31. 9 points
    My husband and I refuse to panic, we will be alert instead. We don't know when he and his coworkers will be able to go back to work - so we will just enjoy our time together and help people around us when we can. Stay safe everyone!
  32. 9 points
  33. This is pure crackpottery. DNA studies certainly show a relationship between species.
  34. 9 points
    Anytime you feel like the dumbest moron on the planet, just remember Kim Kardashian played poker wearing mirrored sunglasses.
  35. I think he's beating around the bush to Spartan about his idiotic book.
  36. Last night my daughter called me at 11:30 (woke me up) and said she was wondering if I could go to the grocery at 7 in the morning (when everything is stocked and only old people are allowed in) and get a few things because she read that the governor is going to announce that schools are closed until next fall, which caused her concern that everyone would panic zombie style again and she would not have a chance to buy what she needs for next week. I did, got to the store at 6:58 and the line was past the grocery to the gym next to it. On the way there people passed me like demons racing (35 mph street, I was going 40 mph and they whizzed by like their cars were on fire). Guess where I saw them next, pulling in to the shopping parking lot just ahead of me, they saved a full 2 seconds driving like idiots. I got to the line before they did. Anyway, there was some TP and I heard a lady tell someone else "I got the last one." I stocked up on canned goods for my daughter and things for my grandson. lots of crackers as there was no limit to how many you bought of those, and the goldfish were on sale. I would not have gone as I don't need anything but I worried about her. My adventure out into the world for the week I guess.
  37. "One day into the world’s largest coronavirus lockdown, Indian state officials were sending mixed messages to a population of almost 1.4 billion struggling to adjust to the prospect of three weeks confined to their homes. "Health and law and order are devolved matters under India’s federal system, and in the southern state of Telangana the chief minister warned that extreme measures would be taken if people did not observe the lockdown. "“If people do not listen and stay indoors, we will be forced to implement a 24-hour curfew,” said K Chandrashekar Rao. "“If people continue to be on the streets, then the army has to be called out and shoot on sight orders may be issued.”" Full story at the UK Independent: Link And at Gulf News Asia: Link
  38. 8 points
    Do you remember before the internet when people thought that stupidity was due to the lack of access to information? Yeah. It wasn't that.
  39. Those two frausters! Betty and Barney Rubble would be more credible story tellers.
  40. XenoFish

    Pets Gallery

    Never seen a cat with laser eyes.
  41. Kismit

    America has stupid stigmas?

    I don’t particularly like the tone of this thread.
  42. How many people throw away LEGO??? That's a mortal sin and blasphemy!!!!!
  43. That's not what Mark implied. He often drives people to hospitals, so I believe his stance is identical to mine - and yours, except the God part - we've got hygiene and medicine against the disease. He will pray for us all, I will too, no one will be hurt with that, but I assure you I will wash my hands, sanitize my workspace more than usual and no one will notice I'm praying as I do that. I do agree with you that no one should rely on faith only, since even those who believe in one or the other form of the higher power probably can accept the logical fact that God sends help in form of official medicine too. Churches in my country are opened, it would be awkward to close them, but older people started to refrain from physically attending the mass. Which is fine, being there in spirit is just as good as being there in person. Well, no, not in real life. We've got some emptier shelves over here, but there was no consumerist stampede yet. But we're Eastern Europe and we had war less than 30 years ago, so it's kinda difficult to make us panic just like that. I also think the cooperation my country has with neighbouring countries is satisfactory so far. If it continues like this, it should end relatively well.
  44. cormac mac airt

    Science vs. Religion

    I would suggest that its impossible for some to maintain love as their driving force when they are having a hard enough time reconciling the rather bi-polar, vindictive god of the Old Testament with the all loving god of the New Testament, particularly as it’s supposed to be the same God. Christianity might have been better off if the early church fathers had thrown the Old Testament out. cormac
  45. 8 points
    Oh dear, the shelves were completely bare of Bathroom Tissue down my local supermarket. Not to worry, I got a Daily Mail and a Daily Express instead
  46. Scientists believe that organic compounds known as thiophenes could be an indicator of life on Mars. https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/news/335195/mars-organic-compounds-consistent-with-life
  47. DieChecker

    Atheist vs. Agnostic Label

    I just skip over the long walls of exposition regarding Mr Walker, and skip to the wisdom of Xeno, Hammer, 8-Bits and Cormac. I dont always agree, but the posts are at least of a manageable length. When Psyche and I used to trade posts, sometimes one reply would run over into three separate posts. I just dont have time to read and reply to all I disagree with anymore. Though I do try to LIKE the bits of wisdom that do get posted.