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  1. 16 points
    Well, it's been two years but I'm back. Missed a lot of people here, apparently kmt the most. Bummer.
  2. 14 points
    The longest drum solo was 10 hours and 26 minutes... And it was performed by the child sitting behind me on Delta flight 963 from LA to Tokyo.
  3. 13 points
    My wife told me I was immature... So I told her to get out of my pillow fort.
  4. razman

    London rail apologises for 'ladies and gentlemen'

    Man , whats this world come to?
  5. 12 points
    So, yesterday my daughter rushed up to the hospital. Here left side of her face was drooping, her left arm was weak and her left leg was weak and sore. After 5 hours in emergency it was determined she had a hemiplegic migraine . So fricking scary.
  6. 12 points
    We can land a robotic remote control exploratory vehicle on Mars with exact precision, but I'm still struggling to get this vending machine to take my wrinkled dollar.
  7. 11 points
    Cats always look at you like you just asked them for a ride to the airport.
  8. 11 points
    I'm gonna be on the TV and become rich and famous! Ever since I mentioned the Scientologists in a few of my updates, I've seen cameras and zoom lenses everywhere. They must be making a documentary about me! Some kind of tribute.
  9. 11 points
    I stare into the void. It is deep and lonely. It makes me feel empty inside. Like a longing that cannot be filled. The void hurts and I can barely stand it.....then I realize I'm just staring into a bag, I ate the last chip. Now I need another bag.
  10. 11 points
    Well the good news is that the lungs and heart are fine but the bad news is that I have more arthritis in my spine. That would explain the numbness in my legs and feet...
  11. Violence is OK if it comes from the left. That is what we are being taught. Sexual harassments' OK if it is done by a democrat (Cuomo).
  12. 10 points
    Who the hell is Caitlyn Jenner? She looks like a man with a wig on!
  13. 10 points
  14. 10 points
    Good morning.
  15. 10 points
    Me: "Have you got any Shakespeare?" Bookseller: "Which one you looking for?" Me: "William."
  16. Prediction. If they split none will be re-elected because the republicans will just dump a lot of money into campaigns to replace them. #no faith in the system edit: If they are smart they'll dump trump regardless.
  17. 9 points
    I just took a photo of our cherry tree because it's extra fat and juicy this year. It looks like big candy floss to me *I think this year's lockdowns are getting to me*
  18. 9 points
    Being a parent has its ups and downs. Looking at my youngest I got a little sad, wasn't that long ago I said "hey" to her for the first time. Now she's grown.
  19. 9 points
    You have to be kidding me! There's a city in Florida named Frostproof!
  20. A strange boat-shaped 'satanic' rock has been discovered in an Icelandic cave and Vikings likely used it to ward off the apocalypse 1,100 years ago, study suggests. The discovery is in a cave near a volcano that erupted almost 1,100 years ago at a time when the Vikings had recently colonised Iceland. Within the cave there was a boat-shaped structure made from stone and a series of trade goods from the middle east, likely placed to try and avert Ragnarok, an end-times event where the world would be engulfed in flames. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-9522247/Mysterious-boat-shaped-satanic-rock-structure-discovered-Icelandic-cave.html Archaeological work shows that after the lava cooled, the Vikings entered the cave and constructed a boat-shaped structure made out of rocks. Within this structure, the Vikings would have burned animal bones, including those of sheep, goat, cattle, horses and pigs, at high temperatures as a sacrifice. This may have been done in an effort to avert Ragnarok. https://www.livescience.com/viking-boat-structure-ragnarok.html Ritual responses to catastrophic volcanism in Viking Age Iceland: Reconsidering Surtshellir Cave through Bayesian analyses of AMS dates, tephrochronology, and texts. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0305440320302363
  21. 9 points
    I guess this is the forums graveyard shift. What i have to tackle tomorrow ( sunday ) is close to 2 years in the making due to all kinds of things outside my control my nerves are really getting stupid on me, i need to crash but a nap earlier is making me restless, anyway hopefully when i get done tomorrow ill get to make a great post about it.
  22. 9 points
    Trying out my phone camera at night
  23. That's what I thought too. What they mean is: here is a list of relatively unknown archaeological sites. They call each one mysterious, but there's the world of difference between a people who behave mysteriously and a people who are undocumented. There is a lot of speculation about why most of these peoples disappeared 'suddenly', usually attributed (with little justification) to drought, disease or invasion. Again, just because we don't know yet doesn't make it strange or mysterious. If we were to draw up a list of the genuinely strangest civilisations ever I would suggest we include the British Empire of the 19th century. One small nation grew to be the first global superpower, invading and colonising and subjecting peoples at will, driven by their unquenchable self-belief that it was their duty and destiny to run the entire world. A mere handful of civil servants managed the affairs of entire countries, whereas nowadays it would take sixty thousand of them to organise a pi$$-up in a brewery. The Empire sucked in wealth from every corner of the planet while at home millions lived in desperate squalor. And all ostensibly in the name of a Queen who ruled a nation where women had no rights to property or suffrage. Surely a nation of such contrasts and contradictions merits the epithet strange?
  24. 8 points
    It's totally amazing that Voyager 1 is still working well, 40 years after its planetary mission ended. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voyager_1
  25. rashore

    Wasting Time with GOD

    Please do not insult an entire nation of people of being lazy, illiterate, Johnny come latelies. It is inaccurate as well as being incredibly rude and rule bending on your behalf.
  26. A team of researchers has discovered a fossil they are describing as a leftover fall event in which one creature was in the process of eating another creature that was not consumed. In their paper published in the Swiss Journal of Palaeontology, the group describes the fossilized find and what it taught them about behavior between ancient cephalopods and vertebrate predators. Over the course of many years, archeologists have unearthed fossils of creatures that were interacting at the time of their death—one such type of interaction involves a predator capturing prey. Prior researchers have called fossils of creatures just prior to being consumed "pabulites" (Latin for "leftovers.") In this new effort, the researchers studied an ancient crustacean pabulite that was about to be consumed by an ancient squid-like creature called a belemnite. https://phys.org/news/2021-05-fossil-ancient-squid-crustacean-eaten.html https://sjpp.springeropen.com/articles/10.1186/s13358-021-00225-z
  27. A pair of exchanged lockets might look like evidence of an illicit romance. But two such “highly personal and private” tokens of affection – one containing a lock of Charles Dickens’s hair and the other of his sister-in-law, Mary Hogarth – are actually proof of something more tragic and complex, according to the curator of an exhibition to open next month in Dickens’s former central London home. “We are enormously pleased to be showing these previously unseen items, which we acquired last year, for the first time,” said Louisa Price of the Charles Dickens Museum in Doughty Street. “They tell a story that had a direct influence on at least one of his best known works – Oliver Twist – which he was writing when his sister-in-law, Mary, suddenly died.” https://www.theguardian.com/books/2021/may/09/unseen-lockets-reveal-grief-that-haunted-charles-dickens-writing
  28. Sir Wearer of Hats

    the ark of the convendent

    Is that the monstrosity that Ken Hamm inflicted upon the world? If so, I apologise for him as an Australian.
  29. 8 points
    did some 3am paintings..
  30. 8 points
    The playlist has turned back to retro... [00.03:17] ~
  31. Women from all over the country are reporting changes to their menstrual cycles post vaccine. https://abc7news.com/covid-vaccine-and-menstrual-cycle-side-effects-women-coronavirus-period/10551643/ https://abc7news.com/covid-vaccine-menstrual-cycle-clinical-trials-and-side-effects-women/10557707/ https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/coronavirus/does-the-covid-vaccine-affect-your-period-survey-launched-after-some-report-changes-to-menstruation/2494064/ https://6abc.com/10559703/?ex_cid=TA_WPVI_FB&utm_campaign=trueAnthem%3A Trending Content&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR1bxaDwnx80alsThW5Udms9h8_WpO_QOJkO8jvUGD7yKDMCPdfZuN6mbXc
  32. A woman in Florida claims her security camera filmed a baby dinosaur running across her backyard in Palm Coast, Florida. Thank goodness it wasn't a big one! https://www.fox13news.com/news/video-florida-woman-says-she-spotted-a-baby-dinosaur-running-through-yard Here's the video on YouTube.
  33. Sherapy

    My Grandfather's NDE

    I work for Hospice and I have not observed anything or any reason to think NDE’s are anything more than hallucinations. I think what touches my heart is the actual death journey it is one of great freedom and to share in this as the topper for a life well lived has been a great honor for me.
  34. Is THIS still a thing? Oh brother, you'd think that with the internet and all the entertainment available on demand, we'd finally have forgotten about the 'moon hoax' non-sense. Oh well, the flat earthers are still around, so...
  35. 8 points
    I just gave UM a severe stress attack! Quoting someone, I added a non-bolded character next to a bolded word, and it went completely hatstand!
  36. 8 points
    Come and get your... [00.03:28] ~
  37. if your thread header holds any validity then maybe you could do me a favour & give some of the writers/ TV production companies etc a bollocking for insulting my intelligence regarding the utter crap they vomit onto my screen!!! <The Black List> <The Walking Dead franchise> to name a few of many!!! Do they think we're fekin stupid!?!??! GRRRRR
  38. Brandy333

    Mother Stabbed Son And Daughter

    (1) Mother Stabbed 10 Month Old Son And 8 Year Old Daughter - Bing News What kind of monster is this thing? She stabbed her son to death and daughter is in critical condition in hospital with 50 stab wounds.
  39. 7 points
    Fireworks at 1:30 am. Woo-hoo! Happy Eid al-Fitr, everyone!
  40. The only thing thats odd here is your inability and/or refusal to look for the information you are frequently asking for here. Even a sloshed chimp would find that information within minutes.
  41. itsnotoutthere

    They kicked Trump off twitter

    Well as you're implying that the leader of a recognized terrorist organization is some how not as bad a person as someone that more than half the American population voted for as their president....I'd say your logic is very warped.
  42. 7 points
  43. Ozymandias

    The Council of Europe

    The Council of Europe (French: Conseil de l'Europe) is an international organisation founded in the wake of World War II to uphold human rights, democracy and the rule of law in Europe. Founded on 5 may 1949, it has 47 member states, with a population of approximately 820 million, and operates with an annual budget of approximately 500 million euros. Its headquarters id based in Strasbourg. Today, 5 May, is the 72nd anniversary of its foundation with the signing of the Treaty of London. The treaty was signed in London on that day by ten states: Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom, The Council of Europe cannot make binding laws, but it does have the power to enforce select international agreements reached by European states on various topics. The best known body of the Council of Europe is the European Court of Human Rights, which enforces the European Convention on Human Rights. Symbol: the European Flag with 12 golden stars arranged in a circle on a blue background. Its musical anthem since 1972, the "European Anthem", is based on the "Ode to Joy" theme from Ludwig van Beethoven's ninth symphony. Anthem of Europe (Latin/English) - Bing video Article 1(a) of the Statute of the Council of Europe states that: "The aim of the Council of Europe is to achieve a greater unity between its members for the purpose of safeguarding and realising the ideals and principles which are their common heritage and facilitating their economic and social progress." Membership is open to all European states who seek harmony, cooperation, good governance and human rights, accepting the principle of the rule of law and are able and willing to guarantee democracy, fundamental human rights and freedoms. Council of Europe - Wikipedia
  44. and then

    Is France descending into Civil War???

    Their media has given them the impression they can create their own reality and ignore everyone else...even compel them to go along. I think there's a psychological diagnosis attached to that kind of thinking.
  45. Nothing surprises me anymore, I just dont understand how the police can even think their actions are remotely justified. Everyday when I turn the news, it's either another minority that has been treated in a less than human manner, another minority that's been killed, and now the Police are manhandling the mentally ill and laughing when they have caused the person bodily harm. If this story is completely true, all the officers present when it occurred need find a different line of work. Because they have completely forgotten that it is their duty to Protect and Serve the communities that they work in. This crap really makes me sad, very very sad!!!!!!!
  46. 7 points
    @JVG There was a bomb threat about 2 hours ago at Knoebels. They just opened yesterday for the weekends before Memorial Day. Not much info. What is wrong with people? https://www.wnep.com/article/news/local/northumberland-county/police-investigating-threat-at-knoebels/523-3ec88b87-2b77-4932-bc33-5b0edee57739?fbclid=IwAR34fUW2qlPeqFCN7ZD64zGgkzSpDaRlTfay1Rh5RNuEcAaqYxsqNqJuF9c
  47. 7 points
    I had my first dose of vaccine yesterday and today my shoulder is pretty sore. Much more so than from a flu vaccine I think.
  48. We have members all around the Globe.- Flat Earth Society.
  49. preacherman76

    Police shoot and kill 16 year old girl

    The break down and dismantling of the family creates most of the problem.
  50. jmccr8

    The Dove and Holy Spirit

    Hi Guyver Devils are a dime a dozen but a good demoness is hard to come by. jmccr8