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  2. I personally am getting really tired of being forced to spend my money on other people just because the Corporations tell us we have to. Mandatory Holidays! You MUST buy a Turkey and eat it with your family. You MUST by presents and give them to each other. You MUST put lights on your house and pay $150 for a dead tree. Then you must buy champagne and stay up till midnight a week later. And then you absolutely MUST buy roses and chocolates and a card for your wife or girlfriend...and then you MUST buy chocolate bunnies and crap for your kids. And then it's Memorial day, and then it's the 4th of July and then it's Labor day and then it's Halloween and then it all starts all over again...there is never an end to the freaking holidays. What we need is a Holiday where all we do for 6 months is not celebrate Holidays. A holiday from holidays. It's just too much!
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  3. It’s a rabbit pope wiping with a clown bear.
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  4. Nessie was invented in the 1800s. Champ was originally the Horned Serpent but people start lumping monster descriptions because all hoaxers are too lazy to do their homework.
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  5. If a clown farts in a forest and nobody hears is it a girl clown? Wait, was it supposed to be a bear, not a clown? Or was it supposed to be a pope? Or does the pope wipe his ass with a rabbit? It's hard to tell jokes when you're drink, fekkit.
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  6. Although I attend specific committee meetings when I need to know or say something, I haven't been to a Quaker meeting for worship in 15 years.
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