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  1. Some people pair wines and cheeses, others pair whisky and cigars, todays topic I will pair the beer as well as the cryptid the alcoholic drink is named after. Note: I am in no way a paid spokesman or sponsored by the beer companies that I am featuring. Please drink responsibly which includes waiting until you’re the legal age in the state, country, or territory in which you live. The first cryptid on today’s list is Batsquatch. Batsqwatch is a washington state cryptid that has been described as such: 9 feet tall, with blue-ish fur. It has a wolf like face, yellow eyes, tufted ears and a large mouth filled with sharp white teeth. Its feet were described at bird like and on its back were two wings, attached to the shoulder. According to legend Batsquatch is tied to the 1980 mt. Saint Helens eruption but has been sighted in Oregon, California, and even Pennsylvania. I just wonder if you can get frequent flyer miles on Batsquatch Airlines. Next on the list of pairings is the Gumberoo. The Gumeroo has been described as follows. Roughly similar in size to a black bear, this Fearsome Critter is thankfully rare. With a smooth black skin, the Gumberoo is completely hairless except for a bushy beard and thick eyebrows. They are reported to be spread all along the coast from Washington State right down to California, and make their lairs in the hollowed-out remnants of cedar trees. One of the most unusual attributes of the Gumberoo is its incredibly tough hide. Possessing a high degree of elasticity, the animal’s skin makes it nearly impervious to harm; bullets and arrows simply bounce off, and are more likely to ricochet back on the attacker than to do any actual harm to the Gumberoo. It’s only real weakness is fire, and one of the main reasons why Gumberoos are so rare is the frequency of forest fires I think this hairless bear might be pals with the wide ranged and roaming, mangy coyote named Chupacabra. Just don’t let him catch you in the woods past summer or he’ll take your coat. We would be amiss when discussing cryptids and booze if we didn’t mention sea serpents. Lets all bring in a warm welcome to Colossal Claude who is also named Marvin the Monster. Colossal Claude is described as follows. Colossal Claude is said to be 15 to 40 feet long, with an 8 foot long neck. It has a round tan body with a snake, horse or camel-like head and a long serpentine tail. [1] Sightings Colossal Claude was first reported in 1934 by L.A. Larson, first mate of the Columbia River Lightship. He described what he saw as a 40 foot animal with a "neck some eight feet long, a big round body, a mean-looking tail, and an evil, snaky look to its head." Other crew members on the Lightship watched the creature with binoculars. Just remember to strain the scales from this beer . And now for the heavy hitter with the north west’s most well known cryptid. That’s right, the one and only lovable furball with two names. Bigfoot or Sasquatch, he likes both. Does anyone truly need a description of this A list, top tier, member of the official olympic hide and seek squad? Well just in case here we go. Sasquatch, also called Bigfoot, (from Salish se’sxac: “wild men”) a large, hairy, humanlike creature believed by some people to exist in the northwestern United States and western Canada. It seems to represent the North American counterpart of the Himalayan region’s mythical monster, the Abominable Snowman, or Yeti. This concludes my cryptid beer pairing episode. Hope you’ve enjoyed and once again, please drink responsibly.
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  2. Sorry for the fright, Halloween is truly over. I would like to explore the darker side of Christmas with the German winter bogey named Krampus. But first, who or what is Krampus? At Britannica.com he is described as follows Krampus, in central European popular legend, a half-goat, half-demon monster that punishes misbehaving children at Christmastime. He is the devilish companion of St. Nicholas. Krampus is believed to have originated in Germany, and his name derives from the German word Krampen, which means “claw.” What a gruesome fellow indeed. My first introduction to Krampus was from a radio show called Ground Zero that is hosted by Clyde Lewis, which is very similar to the radio program called Coast To Coast that was created by the late Art Bell and now hosted predominantly by George Norrey. Both programs deal with aliens, the supernatural, and conspiracies. Listen at your own risk as many of their ideas are quite out there. Meanwhile back to Krampus, he has been the subject of many B-H movies as well as the television show called Pagans Peak. These shows can be found on streaming sites like Netflix and others as well as to purchase at retail stores that still sell physical media. These shows range from “Okay” to “I hope those people got payed well cause any future acting gigs are now closed to them. Forever!” So if your looking for a goofy to gory movie for Christmas I will point you to anything Krampus. Another popular television show that featured Krampus (at least by name) was Supernatural, season 3 episode 8 called “A very Supernatural Christmas”. On Dec 5-6 in Terrenz Austria is the annual Krampus run. People dress up as this famous anti-clause and run through the streets. Other Anti-Clause characters can be found below. 1) (Netherlands) Zwarte Piet or Black Peter. Traditionally a person would represent Black Peter by putting on black face, as of 2010 the character name has been changed by some to be soot Peter to be more culturally sensitive. 2) (sw Germany) Belsnickle, a crochety, fur clad Christmas gift bringer. Belsnickle is also preserved in Pennsylvania Dutch and Brazilian German communities. So the question I would like to pose is this. Do you think that Krampus was a good or cruel method to ensure your children’s good behavior throughout the year? To help answer that question I will post some older depictions of this anti-clause.
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  3. Choose to Hope Hope can be difficult to maintain, yet without hope all we have is despair. I struggle with this but choose to hope. Br.MD
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  4. At the time this drops it wll be past Thanksgiving so no tales of pin the scalp on the pilgrim that was a traditional game played when I spent that holiday on the res with friends. Perhaps those in a Turkey coma will awaken from their triptifan slumbers, stretch and yawn as they realize “Woah! I’m missing out on some nuggets of weirdness from NBM.” Well one can imagine can’t they? So I will do a single Christmas blog this season. To tell the long and short of it, I’m not a big fan of Christmas as I had worked many a year in retail and had seen first hand how people would act trying to get Gizmo X that year. Sure online shopping and the pandemic has toned it down a bit yet it’s still an annoyance. I will do a few things with this entry, list some other holidays that take place at this time of year, holiday movie recommendations, and perhaps post a few xmas icons. Kwanzaa Dec 26- Jan 14 - means “first fruits” and is based off an ancient African harvest festival. Fruits and candles are used in displays. Candles sit in a Kinara (candle holder). This holiday was created in 1966 by Mausang Karenge an African American activist. Kwanzaa is also celebrated in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe. Soyal Dec 22- A Hobi/Zuni winter solstice where they ceremonially bring back the sun. Las Posadas Dec 16-24th - Latin American and Spanish holiday where families, friends, and neighbors dress as Angels and Shepards. Two people dress as Mary and Joseph. Honorable mentions - Hanukkah, winter solstice, Christmas Movies: 1) Christmas In Connecticut 2) Miracle On 34th Street 3) It’s a Wonderful Life 4) A Christmas Carol 5) Christmas Story 6) The Lemon Drop Kid 7) Tokyo Godfathers. 8) Krampus 9) Nightmare Before Christmas 10) Bass Rankin - The Leprechauns Christmas Gold, Santa Clause Is Coming To Town, Rudolf’s Shiny New Year, Jack Frost, A Miser Brothers Christmas, Little Drummer Bou. 11) Die Hard (somI don’t get “What about the Bruce Willas Movie? It happens at Christmas.”) Should I do Christmas songs? Yea cause I can. 1) It’s the most wonderful time of the year. 2) I’m dreaming of a white Christmas ***(see hidden content) 3) Jingle bells. 4) Santa Clause is coming to town 5) Youtube Christmas list, because I’m being that damn lazy. Honorary Christmas peeps. 1) The Grinch 2) Mr. and Mrs. Clause 3) The clauses slave labor force, the Elves. 4) Little Baby Jesus. 5) Group mugshot of holiday hooligans. ****
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