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    Probably just a coincidence Tom Cruise’s car stolen while filming in Birmingham | Tom Cruise | The Guardian but @acute had new wheels for a day and dresses pretty dapper now, although his suits are a tad short on him, they must have shrunk at the dry cleaner's..
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    Singing in the shower is fun until you get soap in your mouth. Then it's a soap opera.
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    Did you know.... Elizabeth Blackwell (February 3, 1821 – May 31, 1910) was a British physician, notable as the first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States.
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    I'm packed and ready to leave for my vacation to Cape May tonight. I'll be coming back on Friday night. A couple days by the ocean. I love it!
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    Great Moments in American Medicine Milo Yiannopoulos diagnosis himself with Covid. Injects himself with Ivermectin and cures it. He now takes a weekly dose of Strongid to keep his homosexuality at bay until a cure is found.
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    Yesterday would have been my best friend's 53rd birthday. I made something at work and am going to take it to her resting place today.
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    My ex-girlfriend just told me she wants us to get back together again. MAN, I sure am LUCKY! I mean, first I win the lottery and now THIS!!!
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    A body like this doesn't happen overnight. It takes pregnancy, neglect, and extra slices of pizza.
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    I arrived early at the restaurant last night. “Do you mind waiting for a bit?”, the manager asked. “Not at all” I replied. “Good, take these drinks to table 9″
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    My Maine coon Wayne is unwell vomited yesterday and throwed up again several times during the night. It's such relief he was eating and drinking this morning and he has also been on His box. Pic of Wayne
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    Great grandma at the family BBQ. image
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    Today I saw a midget prisoner climbing down a wall, as he turned and sneered at me I thought, 'that's a little condescending'.
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    Funny story: I was sitting on the couch a bit ago with the critters, playing with my emergency hand crank/solar power radio. It gets weather band, am/fm/sw1/sw2 bands. I decided to tune into different stations across the bands just to see what i could pick up from inside my house. When i started scrolling through the FM band, i picked up a song that i recognized as a new song I came across about 2 weeks ago. For those that visit the "music you are listening to" thread on here, it is easy to notice that i do not listen to main stream music, so for me to find a song I listen to on the FM band, it was kinda shocking. I was happily listening along when it dawned on me, what was actually going on. In my car I have an FM transmitter that plays music from a thumb drive ( i typically change the songs every week or so). I always pull out the transmitter when i turn the car off , but my son drove the car last and forgotten to do so, with it being plugged into a lighter jack it transmits constantly. The FM station I had tuned to was the station that my transmitter was sending on. I had a good laugh at myself
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    Good morning.
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    So my vacation to Avignon was awesome. I also went to Arles for a day and saw the little colosseum there (the stone it's made of has fossilized sea shells in it!) But my one major complain is that there was no dancing on the Pont Saint-Benezet (the famous Pont d'Avignon) I'm currently trying to get my money back on grounds of false advertisement (j/k)
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    @acute I know it is early over there, but you might want to cover up bud. I dont think my eyes can take it anymore
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    Good morning. It's still raining hard here.
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    Bob has been in a relationship with Martha for 18 months. Bob works in the meat and poultry isle at Tesco's whilst Martha is a police officer. Bob has been wanting to propose marriage to Martha for ages. One lunchtime on his day off, Bob finds out where Martha is and then decides to drive their to pop the question. He spots her with another police officer and hits the horn before parking up right next to them. Martha's delight is obvious as Bob jumps of the car with a bunch of daffodils. He falls on one knee, asks the question and she accepts. Martha's partner, Nancy, congratulates them both before offering Bob a hug. Nancy then detects alcohol on his breath, Martha looks shocked and demands that Bob takes a breath test. Martha then realises that Bob was driving his mates car. Nancy and Martha then caution Bob before charging him with drink driving and driving a vehicle without valid insurance. Martha thanks Nancy for helping her dodge a bullet there with a potential and very shady criminal. Bob ends up demoted at Tesco's to Ice Placer(second class) on the fresh fish counter, but he does eventually learn to smile again. That was another heart warming Tesco's, story
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    Poorer UK towns found to have the most betting shops. BBC report: Link The bookie always wins!
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    The view of Greenwich across the Thames.
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    May contain egg, milk, sesame seeds. Produced in a factory that also handles wheat, barley, peanuts, almonds, pecans, fish, soybeans, hair, dandruff, saliva, nasal excretions, urine, fingernail fragments and nail polish.
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    It just amazing that I win a $50.00 gift card to Costco everyday. We do you have one in our area so I will just put these in the many lotteries that I win weekly or the inheritance from relatives I’ve never met that live in foreign countries…
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    I’ve literally been partying all day. And, I had a nap. Win.
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    Why is the Stanley Ford arson trial not resuming today? I ought to fire off an angry email to the Mayor of Akron. .....with the CapsLock on.
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    They sent a harp to destroy the metal, hah, but the harp just played along....
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    I'm watching an American show called 'It Takes A Killer'. This one's about a serial killer in "Peterburrow, England". That's five hours south of Eadinburrow, Scotland.
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    Sculpture of the Virgin Mary by Maria Scanu
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    Dead Can Dance: Chant of the Paladin
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    I just watched an interview with this little girl https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/canadian-becomes-the-youngest-author-to-publish-her-book-the-great-big-lion-by-penguin-random-house-india-813477371.html AURORA, ON, July 14, 2021 /CNW/ - Canadian author, Chryseis Knight, aged 7, has now officially become the youngest author to be published by an international renowned publishing firm Penguin Random House in India.
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    Why is the reverse cowgirl banned in Kentucky? Because you don't turn your back on family.
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    When it rains why does it always seem like people put on their "I don't know where I'm going, what I'm doing and can't read the speed limit" hats on?
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    Cure - Last Day of summer My cat moz died this summer. RIP Moz 2002-12-10 to 2021-05-10.
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    2am sky lay almost barren, save for a handful of will- o'-wisp clouds haunted by the unseen moon and summer's flashing herald announcing that rain is approaching. Soon, chattering midnight storytellers will take shelter under up-turned leaves, leaving a wake of silence in the calm before the storm.
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    It is really lucky that I had offered academical jobs at university. Even though my english is not perfect as native, Korean needs someone who teaches english!
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    I beat that grass like it owes me money.
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    West Midlands Police are missing a trick with the weapons handed in during their current "amnesty". Instead of destroying them, they could sell them to far-right extremist groups, in time for the rally in DC on Saturday.
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    'Blag' by Smile, recorded in 1969. Tim Staffell - Vocals, bass guitar. Brian May - Guitar, vocals. Roger Taylor - Drums, vocals. https://youtu.be/wkCcO1xXpQo
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    Looks like we'll be getting a little slap of ida.
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    WOW- I love this.
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    Lately there's been a lot of, 'Government UFO disclosure is going to happen ANY MINUTE NOW'. Is it wrong that I care less about the huge social, religious and political paradigm shift, and more that my shelf-full of UFO books will go RIGHT up in value?
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    @New_York state. Good luck for tomorrow.