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  1. The sad thing is the media actually gives him a moment.
  2. Even more problematic are the facts that Pontius Pilate, as a Roman Prefect, was under no obligation to mete out any punishment in support of Jewish law or custom and the name “Barabbas”, strictly speaking, means “son of the father” convoluting the story even further. Sounds like an ancient case of “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullscheise” IMO. cormac
  3. Aman Tuleyev — one of President Vladimir Putin’s longest-serving regional leaders — has copped to arranging bogus sightings of the yeti to attract tourists in Siberia, East2West News reported. Tuleyev, 76, who was governor of Kemerovo Oblast from 1997 to 2018, ordered a tall bureaucrat to wear an Abominable Snowman outfit so he could be spotted in the bushes by visitors to the cash-strapped Siberian region. But despite the Bigfoot-like stunt, the former presidential candidate said he doesn’t rule out the mythical creature’s existence. Full story at the NY Post: Link
  4. It's gives people reassurance for their anxiety. But can turn into a crutch and a detriment when used as a excuse not to act to better the world.
  5. I’m not so arrogant as to put my personal relationship with God above the needs of my fellow man.
  6. ExpandMyMind

    Rogue's Gallery III

    Expanding the family.
  7. I vote no to this research. Bad idea.
  8. Piney


    *Piney is currently bleeding from the eyes right now and will return when his sight has recovered*
  9. science allows us to break out from the restrictions imposed by religions. Religions want us to bend the knee to the doctrine. Science encourages us to explore the universe for what it is. without dogmatic restraints. Religion is used to control and reaffirm the status quo, science to challenge and change it.
  10. That's what I thought too. What they mean is: here is a list of relatively unknown archaeological sites. They call each one mysterious, but there's the world of difference between a people who behave mysteriously and a people who are undocumented. There is a lot of speculation about why most of these peoples disappeared 'suddenly', usually attributed (with little justification) to drought, disease or invasion. Again, just because we don't know yet doesn't make it strange or mysterious. If we were to draw up a list of the genuinely strangest civilisations ever I would suggest we include the British Empire of the 19th century. One small nation grew to be the first global superpower, invading and colonising and subjecting peoples at will, driven by their unquenchable self-belief that it was their duty and destiny to run the entire world. A mere handful of civil servants managed the affairs of entire countries, whereas nowadays it would take sixty thousand of them to organise a pi$$-up in a brewery. The Empire sucked in wealth from every corner of the planet while at home millions lived in desperate squalor. And all ostensibly in the name of a Queen who ruled a nation where women had no rights to property or suffrage. Surely a nation of such contrasts and contradictions merits the epithet strange?
  11. I call it corruption. That's why we need to clean house in the Senate and the House every 2 to 4 years, get rid of all of them until it is no longer a viable career option.
  12. Business came to a standstill at Lyantonde Hospital when a family from Bujjubi-Kiweesi village, Kalungu district, stormed the facility to exhume the remains of their family member who was buried at the cemetery at the hospital entrance 100 years ago. It is said that Paul Kivumagana died from a strange ailment in 1921 and his body was buried in the hospital cemetery after failing to trace his family members. But the family now says that the spirit of the deceased is haunting them, as he demands a decent burial. Full monty at Dispatch Uganda: Link
  13. onlookerofmayhem

    Creationism can be taught as Science

    Creationism is in no way, shape or form scientific. "Goddidit" is such a useless thing to teach children. What a bunch of morons.
  14. DieChecker

    Rogue's Gallery III

    15 years. He's a chuck...
  15. Xeno-Fish

    Masculine men make better fathers

    My dad had me help him whenever he was doing stuff when I was a kid. Fixing the car, I was there. Building something, I was there. Going fishing, I was there (mostly). The only time I ever saw my father cry was when my brother was stillborn. He did the best he could to be a good dad. Now I do what I can for him. He taught me self-reliance, and determination. To honor my word and fulfill my promises. I did my best to do the same to my kids. If I was fixing or building something I asked them to help. But I also had my hair braded (when it was long) and had my nails painted by them, all because they wanted to. Plus several fridays of watching toonami with them. For what it's worth I tried to be a good father.
  16. Maybe after handling 9 covid corpses in one week and about 25 as a total in one month when I average one old age death and overdose a month is getting me a little p***ed at all the alternative medicine trash. I hope you don't get sick Weeg.
  17. What a idiot the BMW driver is/was. Bet he won't do that again!
  18. South Alabam

    Nike sues over Satan's Shoes

    The devil went down to Nikes, he was lookin for a sole to steal. He was in a bind' cause they we're suing his behind And he was willin' to make a deal
  19. I'll tell you what's obvious: the moment anyone stands up to you with a simple, logical argument that destroys yours, you shut your mind and look for reasons to ignore common sense. Sometimes you like to pick holes in trivial points, such as the 'thousands of years' business. Does it really matter who used a certain phrase first, if if correctly describes what you claim to believe? Sometimes your interlocutor is so intelligent and savvy that they haven't fed you any such easy pickings. (Oh - gosh! - is that me I'm writing about?) So your pathetic response is the puerile 'it's obvious you haven't read my posts'; a reply so lame a six-year-old would deem it childish. Just to remind you of the points I disagree with most: You say psychic abilities are real. I say they're not. To prove me wrong all you need to do is produce a single, verified example of a psychic ability - something nobody has managed to achieve in thousands of years. You say psychic abilities disappear when subjected to 'sceptical' scrutiny. I call this reply b0ll0cks and unworthy of challenge. Events at a quantum level are affected by the presence of an observer, because the act of measuring an event requires a physical interaction with that event. (How else would we know something has happened?) But humans do not exist at a quantum scale. (Apart from your evidence for psychic powers.) You say homeopathy works. I say perhaps, but not for the reasons homeopathists think. It is impossible for water to store some 'impression' of a chemical that's been diluted so many times it's no longer present. Water molecules travel approximately 590 ms-1 (1300 mph) and collide with other molecules about ten million million times every second. Any 'pattern' or 'impression' would be destroyed in the first 0.000 000 000 000 1 second. Homeopathy, like hypnotherapy, crystal vibrations, reflexology, faith, etc., works on the placebo effect - if you believe you are getting a wonder cure you are likely to feel better.
  20. I think empathy is key. Consideration for others feelings and experiences, and using that to guide your own path is what makes a person decent. In my opinion being religious is inherently selfish, ultimately saving your own soul for its deliverance to whatever afterlife is believed in. And note I separate religion and spirituality here, belief in god/s or whatever is different in my opinion, to following a religious doctrine. I offer an example. A very close friend and colleague of mine is a Buddhist. A couple of years ago she took the opportunity to go to Tibet for weeks retreat with her local group. When she came back she mentioned this one thing in particular that had got her excited, the conversation went a bit like this: Colleague: I got to go up the mountain and saw the cave where this senior monk (can’t remember the name or title) has been living for almost 2 years now in isolation. Me: Why is he in a cave on his own? Colleague: He’s meditating and reflecting on his life. Some say he’s the closest anyone has come to true enlightenment. It was so inspiring. Me: What good does that do anyone? Colleague: He inspires others to go and do good. Me: Oh, How does he survive? (Expecting some sort of, mystical explanation) Colleague: There are loads of Buddhists that climb the mountain to bring him food and water and fresh blankets. I left him a bar of chocolate I had bought at the airport. Me: So this guy, goes off into the mountains contributes nothing to his very poor country or society and has an army of providers that waste six hours of their day (3 hour hike each way) donating food, blankets and water from their own pockets. It certainly sounds like he’s gained enlightenment, or is surrounded by fools, If I went and lived in isolation and expected others to provide for me I’d be called a dead beat and rightly so. Then I added (She is a youth worker): Gayle you do more good in the first 5 minutes of your day when you sit down and think of how you structure your day to fit in as many young people as possible. I then spent the rest of the day apologising and making her lots of tea because empathy. But yeah, just thought I’d share the madness I perceive in religious devotion.
  21. It has always seemed to me that if psychics and channelers were real, there would be no unexplained mysteries.
  22. I agree, it is telling. The causes, not so much. Until roughly 20-30 years ago, this kind of tragic nonsense was very rare. The availability of firearms was even less controlled than now, yet we weren't experiencing frequent deadly rampages. Since removing nearly 400 million guns is impossible, perhaps we need a national discussion on how to come to grips with this while protecting 2A.
  23. jmccr8

    The Dove and Holy Spirit

    Hi Guyver Devils are a dime a dozen but a good demoness is hard to come by. jmccr8
  24. Liquid Gardens

    The Dove and Holy Spirit

    I just happen to have earned my PhD in Hendrixology, and I'd be careful about Wein as a source. You are absolutely right that they were right smack dab in the middle of psychedelic and New Age culture, but as 'far out' as the general hippie population was, Jimi and Wein were a whole other level of 'farther out' from that. The main sources for the Urantia book tie-in are that there's a quote from maybe Wein that Jimi carried the book with him 'everywhere he went', and if you google Jimi and Urantia you will see this comment repeated all over the place, as well as a list of the books Jimi liked that has been copied and repeated over and over on various Urantia sites. Wein was a 'master astrologer and alchemist', I think he did have degrees from Harvard in maybe comparative religion and psychology, but is most known for directing the 'Rainbow Bridge' movie. It's a pretty terrible movie, meandering with no known actors or plot, typical hippy-dippy fare. However one of the financiers of the film was Jimi's slimeball/criminal manager, and he got Jimi to participate in the film to try and get something out of his investment. The film is still terrible, but it's saving grace is that is has Jimi music and some footage at the end of his outdoor concert in Maui next to the Haleakala (sp?) volcanic crater I believe. It's some of the best footage (what there is of it) of Jimi in existence and the music is great, it's a small crowd (organized by astrological sign by Wein to enhance the vibes) and Jimi is loose and pressure-free and having fun. Pretty much the last time he seemed this happy prior to his death a couple months later. Regardless, Urantia is listed in a list of Jimi's books that's all over the web, along with sci-fi and things like the Tibetan Book of the Dead which from what I've read was a much more popular book for the 60's hippie crowd. How much he was into Urantia it's tough to say, I found an interview with Wein and he doesn't say anything about Urantia, although he mentions how Jimi thought he was from outer space (at the time he was talking with Wein; if you were doing what Jimi was doing at the time he was doing it, you'd probably think you were from outer space too). I don't doubt that Jimi read Urantia, it's just that I don't see much supporting that he was 'into it' any more than he was any of the other sci-fi books. He was just very much about imagination and the spiritualism of music. I think our main confounding factor here is that Urantia groupies/devotees obviously like to connect their book to famous people, leading to a lot of unverifiable repetitive claims. Jaco Pastorius I think would be tough to evaluate as far as the depth of his connection to Urantia, he had definite mental problems made worse by drug use and towards the end of his life his playing had definitely suffered from it. He had a habit of starting bar fights and did it with the wrong person who beat the hell out of him leading to his eventual death at a relatively young age. He's one of the only people that I'd agree with the idea 'it's not bragging if it's true'; he did self-proclaim that he was the greatest bass player in the world and for a while he pretty much was. But given his mental state I'd hesitate to say to what extent Urantia was a part of his life, but I'm not as well-versed in his biography. SRV is a whole other boat. It sounds like he also had some intersection with Urantia but again like with Jimi it seems to be other people who comment about SRV and Urantia, not Stevie. Stevie had a Christian upbringing and re-strengthened his faith in it as part of his drug recovery (an extremely serious, debilitating drug problem... as in throwing up blood because he'd literally dissolve cocaine in his morning drink of Jack that he'd have for breakfast...). For me however SRV may be one of the best examples of the benefits of spirituality, I have little doubt that religion helped him recover and get and stay clean. I saw him a few times after he was sober and have watched a few vids and cleaning up actually improved his guitar playing and raised his music to a new level. To semi- get this in topic, Stevie would also include a short rap in all his concerts after his recovery talking about it, here's one of them that his mother posted from one of his shows and sounds a lot like what he'd say when I saw him: To me there are fewer clearer expressions of true spirituality than the above, it applies and can be understood by everybody, and isn't accompanied by an insistence that you need to believe in any particular supernatural thing to attain it and live it. I think most religions are trying to say the same thing, it's just too bad they have to clutter it with so much other mumbo-jumbo.
  25. Sir Wearer of Hats

    Albion College- Racist hate crime

    I love how the death threat was polite, that’s the sign of a good education.
  26. Sir Wearer of Hats

    The Earth and it's twin, the Moon

    While you’re absolutely right, we shouldn’t default to ridicule, this isn’t our first rodeo organised by the OP. Let’s just say, last time anyone who brought up dissenting ideas got called names by the OP.
  27. What a confused, gibberish article. Republican's - certainly in Georgia - where angry at the Major League Baseball trying to cancel severall major games out of Atlanta in a 'woke' response to Georgia's new law to make elections more secure, and for Woka Cola's public comments. Baseball has shot itself in the foot. This sort of Wokism has already caused a collapse in viewing figures in many US sports.
  28. What makes you think you know what scientists know? Literally everything you post screams against that. —Jaylemurph
  29. Coming from the cat who says covid precautions are starving people to death who rely on American for their food yet he was delighted with tax payers paying for a wall to keep starving people out. Trump appeals to the type who is lazy and a failure their type have to blame others for their own problems toss in a bit of doom and gloom coming if they dont get their way call it "prediction" because threats might get them a stay at the fed grey bar with goat boy, Trump makes an asinine easter speech braying blame at everyone for his failures and of course his subbjects eat it like peeps and chocolate bunnies as they are failures too, and they ran to make donations to his cause. But the rest of America was done with 4 of buffooning and in a proven by trump himself fair and square vote trump was booted out not so much they wanted Biden but they didnt want trump, ouch! no evil deep huge ct needed just thinking americans who knew america was great until mr marmalade got his tiny butter fingers on it, Now this is where one of his subjects in unhinged meltdown over trumps loss will post some riduclous meme about orange man lives free in peoples head because he cant afford to pay the rent.
  30. In a breakthrough proof-of-concept test, scientists have managed to take human DNA samples from the air, which could have applications in forensic investigations. Environmental DNA (eDNA) is an emerging field allowing scientists to conduct bio monitoring and ecological research by sampling the environment for DNA, which is later analysed. It has previously been used in aquatic environments, as well as from substances such as soil and snow, but now researchers from Queen Mary University of London have managed to successfully collect eDNA samples from the air. Sky news report Meatier article at Vice magazine: Link
  31. The mystery over two magnificent ancient Greek statues remains — almost half a century after the day they were recovered off the coast of the Italian region of Calabria in August of 1972. To this day, archaeologists and other scientists have been unable to identify with certainty who the bronze statues depict, when they were created — and how on earth they ended up in Calabria. Full short article at the Greek Reporter: Link The "Riace bronzes": Wikipedia
  32. Selective breeding by humans has led to some incredibly odd and unfortunate pets over the years, and the sauteur d'Alfort rabbit is among the strangest of the lot. This rare breed of bunny does not hop or walk like any other rabbit or hare in existence. When the sauteur is ready to go, it kicks its hind legs into the air and bounces forward on its front paws, like a human acrobat walking on their hands. While this may seem like an amusing trait, it sadly comes with other debilitating problems too. Now, the one bunny that can't hop properly has helped us better understand the genetics of hopping in mammals. https://www.sciencealert.com/this-bunny-walks-on-its-front-paws-because-it-has-a-defect-in-a-hopping-gene
  33. It's like dodge ball, except the ball is logic and you're doing everything you can to avoid it.
  34. Researchers have discovered an extinct kangaroo that adapted to climb through powerful adduction of the forelimbs and hindlimbs, grasping hands and strongly curved claws. The research, by Dr. Natalie Warburton of Murdoch University and Professor Gavin Prideaux of Flinders University, also found the new species differed from all other kangaroos in possessing a highly unusual pocket within its nose. "The specimens we analyzed—including several cranial and two near-complete skeletons—suggests this kangaroo species would climb and 'move slowly' through trees," said Dr. Warburton. https://phys.org/news/2021-03-extinct-climbing-kangaroo-species.html https://www.newscientist.com/article/2272165-large-extinct-australian-kangaroo-spent-half-its-life-in-trees/
  35. Entertainment. Its value is in it ability to make stuff up that people like. Science often does away with fervent wishes and cool stuff. Fiction and especially fantasy always outsells non-fiction.
  36. Oh, the snarky card eh? I guess you don't really know her do you?
  37. China is building destructive space weapons that will "blind" U.S. satellites, a new intelligence report has revealed. In an annual threat assessment report released on Tuesday, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) stated that, "China has already fielded ground-based [Anti-Satellite weapons] missiles intended to destroy satellites in [Low Earth Orbit] and ground-based ASAT lasers probably intended to blind or damage sensitive space-based optical sensors on LEO satellites." "Beijing is working to match or exceed US capabilities in space to gain the military, economic, and prestige benefits that Washington has accrued from space leadership," the report reads. China Building Destructive Space Weapons to 'Blind' U.S. Satellites, Intelligence Report Reveals (msn.com)
  38. What a load of horse-****e. You haven’t done any work worth bragging about. You haven’t shown you’re a genius so far. cormac
  39. Liquid Gardens

    Why Are We Here?

    Ha, so I accuse you of essentially lying about what I think and you respond by lying about what I think. The above is something you 'remembered'? Thanks for yet more proof of how you just 'construct' memories out of convenience that have no basis in reality, not that it was ever much disputed. You're several layers deep now with your errors. This whole 'won't accept anything new' is another example of your confusion, you are confusing me with Nuclear who has previous experience with this topic and knew that at one point the general thinking was that fluid intelligence was largely immutable. I on the other hand had never really looked into the term 'fluid intelligence' before this conversation so I had no 'old' position to accept something 'new' for, it's all new. "You have failed to catch your mistake, you have made two errors...". Then you understand why I don't use the word 'proven' concerning the potential health benefits of spiritual beliefs that you asked about three sentences earlier. Just can't help lying about me, I guess it's easier than answering my questions. You seem to think that determining the 'scientific proof' of a topic comes down to which position has more studies/articles you can find on the internet as I suspected, which makes sense since you have no expertise in analyzing them any deeper. You just don't seem to recognize how insufficient that superficial method is. I don't necessarily expect you to since you are not a scientist, it's just that many people logically incorporate 'but I'm not a scientist' to temper the certainty of their conclusions. But for whatever reason you have trouble with humility (and I'm already pretty sure what that 'whatever reason' is).
  40. Eight medieval and late medieval treasures have been discovered in Wales, UK, all found by metal detectorists. These treasures offer anthropologists insights into the life of wealthy members of Welsh society in the medieval period. The gold and silver medieval treasures range in origin from the 9th century to the 17th century AD. These remarkable medieval treasures include a Memento Mori ring, a gold posy ring that resembles the fictional ring from "Lord of the Rings .” Full story with pics: Ancient Origins Article & nice pics at the UK Mail
  41. Kenemet is as we have communicated in the real world. There is also..... a very small chance she was a Portuguese soldier of Fortune named Manuel who was once a Subteniente in the Spanish Legion. She may have been involved in the attempt to steal the famous pressed duck recipe from the La Tour d'Argent restaurant in Paris during the latter half of 1987. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_Legion#Ranks https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Tour_d'Argent
  42. A £24,000 bronze statue of Greta Thunberg, which has been described as a "vanity project", has been unveiled at the University of Winchester. The controversial life-size bronze sculpture of the environmental activist has been placed on the university's campus, despite calls from the students' union and staff union to delay the unveiling. The university was criticised for the timing of the big reveal, with opponents believing that it should have been postponed after years of austerity. https://news.sky.com/story/greta-thunberg-statue-unveiled-at-winchester-university-despite-criticism-from-union-bosses-12261553 https://www.ladbible.com/news/uk-uk-university-unveils-24000-bronze-statue-of-greta-thunberg-20210331
  43. i do not see any history rewritten on his site, paranoid liberals are grasping at straws again, thou it would be a good idea, to write what really happened, cuz all we know is what lying liberal media told us,
  44. Noteverythingisaconspiracy

    Mind power helped move the Suez ship says Uri Geller

    Yet he have never shown his abilities in a controlled enviroment. I wonder why that is ? No you dont. You are infact one of the most close minded people here. Its just that your close mindedness is towards rational explanations.
  45. Same thing will eventually happen with race. All white students will be asked to stand up and say sorry for being white.
  46. Hammerclaw

    Are guardian angels real?

    Doesn't change the fact that you chose to ignore his request which was quite rude and ill-mannered, considering we all are guests on his site. What you are doing is agitating to produce posts you can report.
  47. Hyperionxvii

    gunman shoots up King Soopers grocery 

    When I was in high school, during hunting season, the parking lot was full of pickup trucks with entire gun racks full of guns, unlocked and no one thought anything about it. And no one was shot, I never knew anyone who was shot or shot anyone. Those were the same semi-auto rifles we have today. Some of them today are black with rails on them, but they were the exact same rifles. What's changed? It's not guns, must be society.
  48. psyche101

    Are guardian angels real?

    Someone thinks they wear a mod hat.