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  1. I remember when i was young we used to live way out in the hills east talmadge hill waverly N.Y. just up the road from us used to be this place every one new as lovers lane my brother and i used to go there to play with our GI joe's and toy cars, one afternoon just before dusk we were walking up the lane to the clearing when just to the right beside a tall pine tree stood something tall all in black with a white ashy face it looked like it had period clothing like from the 17th century or something, it's head started to slowly turn our way i told my brother not to look at it in the face, we ran as fast as we could and ran i slipped in a ditch and cut my leg pretty bad, but we finally made it back home, we don't no what we saw but it scared the heck out of us we still tell the story and i don't think we will ever forget it.
  2. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2021/09/five-ways-donald-trump-tried-coup/620157/
  3. Hello everybody. First of all , I'm French , so sorry if my english is bad. I want to clarify that i'm a big skeptic. So let's start. The other day, i was chatting with my big brother (he's a skeptic too) on that event that both remember , an event that happened during our youth. I was 7 year old (I'm 23 at the time of writing this post) my brother was 12 years old. We have a family that move a lot , 18 times now. At this age , we move into a village named "Levoncourt" that far far away from any other big city , this is a village lost of middle of nowhere that we called "Sungo" at the Swiss and French border (around 100 inhabitants). One day, my big brother asked me if i wanted to come with him to the little play park on the top of a kind of little hill. I accepted . On the way , we weren't confortable , we felt we were watching. When we were at the foot of the small hill , we saw 2 figure looking at us. We were no more worried because we thought they were children from the village that we had already met before. But when we got to the little park (As write this , i'm still little terrified like my big brother) , the 2 figures were not children of the village. There was a person the same height, same age as my brother, but also exactly the same clothes (The shirt with the same dragon motif, the same pants and the same shoes) but the face was not the same, it was blond with blue eyes while my brother has black hair with black eyes. However it was not this most surprising person, because with him he had another person, he looked like me like a twin , same height , same hair color , same eyes and eyes color, AND SAME CLOTHES ( i had an overall with white t shirt and cheap basket) . There was a long moment of silence where we looked at each other , without saying anything. And my brother suddenly pulled me and we started running towards the house , panicking. I turned around during the race , and I saw again these two figures, which did not move and which looked at us from the top of this small hill. We were so scared that we didn't sleep all night. We never saw them again. I have no explanation so far apart from the coincidence or the false memory ( But me and my brother are sure it happened). There, I just wanted to share this story , if someone have an explanation ? Thanks for reading.
  4. The murder of two boys for allegedly shoplifting in Colombia has evoked memories of some of the country’s darkest days of armed conflict. The pair, who were 12 and 18, were allegedly trying to rob a clothing store in Tibú, a small town near the Venezuelan border, last Friday when they were apprehended by bystanders who taped their hands together, according to witnesses quoted by local media. CCTV footage showed that soon after, two men armed with pistols arrived on motorbikes and seized the boys, both believed to be Venezuelan citizens. Hours later their bodies were found on the roadside at the edge of town, with bullet holes in their heads. The youngest was reportedly left holding a handwritten sign with the word “thief”. Venezuela’s attorney general, Tarek Saab, has called on his Colombian counterpart to determine who was responsible for the murders. https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2021/oct/13/killing-of-two-boys-for-alleged-shoplifting-shocks-colombia
  5. Just to be clear: So you think that being a straight gun-owner is the only normal way to be?
  6. A panel of former USAF officers will be presenting evidence that UFOs tampered with US nuclear weapons. https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/news/351444/usaf-officers-ufos-tampered-with-our-nukes
  7. China is destroying our world, literally. The nation that spews the most pollution while currently building hundreds of coal-fired power plants all over the world is also the one that dumps the most plastic and unrecoverable garbage into our oceans and eco system. China is doing all this while winning accolades from the media about joining the fraudulent “Paris agreement” and from NGOs like Greenpeace and WWF for its efforts to “fight global warming” and “steer an eventual path away from fossil fuels”, all being ridiculous lies. Since 2011, China has consumed more coal than the rest of the world combined. China's carbon dioxide emissions passed those of the U.S. in 2005, and by 2012 had surpassed the combined contribution of both the U.S. and the EU. Should recent trends continue, China will be responsible for the most atmospheric carbon dioxide in less than 20 years. Chinese apologists and the media are always trying to mask China's pollution by using the ridiculous criteria of “pollution per capita”. Why is it ridiculous? Using this criteria makes Luxemburg seems like a bigger polluter than China. https://www.dispropaganda.com/single-post/2019/09/15/china-is-destroying-our-world-and-no-one-seems-to-mind
  8. Or perhaps he has seen soldiers on his streets enforcing "stay at home" orders against grandmothers. However you excuse it, maybe your values don't align with western freedoms.
  9. third_eye

    Heaven and Hell

    Oh oh... ~
  10. Extreme flatulence can signify that you are experiencing depression or other mental ailments, according to new research. International scientists at the Research Institute of the Rome Foundation in Raleigh, North Carolina, came across the fart findings in collaboration with Danone Nutricia Research in France. Speaking to Gizmodo, Olafur Palsson, a clinical psychologist of the University of North Carolina School of Medicine (who worked with the scientists for the study), said that the gas has “negative effects on people’s physical and emotional wellbeing.” MSN Gizmodo (I imagine it's also depressing for anyone next to you)
  11. A 3.5-tonne slab of distinctive rock found during the construction of a bypass could be an "unusual" find. The Hertfordshire puddingstone was discovered by workers constructing the county's A120 Little Hadham bypass. Dr Tim Sands, an expert in physical geography at the University of Hertfordshire, said this type of rock "is rarely found where it is formed". But this could "represent a piece of in situ puddingstone" broken off by road workers. He said a boulder of this size was "relatively rare". Hertfordshire puddingstone is a geological formation consisting of flint gravel bound in a silica cement-like material, giving the appearance of a fruit pudding. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-58678683
  12. Ronnie Montrose picked him up and threw him into the van after he freaked out. He put the seatbelt on him and turned on the radio. That was pretty much...the abduction.
  13. Thats been fact checked and we have confirmed that 2.30am is the early morning, so this story is mostly false
  14. Br Cornelius

    'The UK, and its values, stolen'. [David Puttnam]

    Puttnam is surgically accurate in his analysis of what is been deliberately established in the UK. A quasi-dictatorship is the ultimate intent. Br Cornelius
  15. Hanslune

    G1 Thermal Anomaly Hoax?

    It is believed that the upright 'stone' is a modern reinforcement piece made of concrete. Concrete and limestone have different densities and retain heat at different rates.
  16. Bless their hearts. If only they knew anything about actual Satanism.
  17. The oldest known footprints of pre-humans were found on the Mediterranean island of Crete and are at least six million years old, says an international team of researchers from Germany, Sweden, Greece, Egypt and England, led by Tübingen scientists Uwe Kirscher and Madelaine Böhme of the Senckenberg Center for Human Evolution and Palaeoenvironment at the University of Tübingen. Their study has been published in the journal Scientific Reports. The footprints from fossilized beach sediments were found near the west Cretan village of Trachilos and published in 2017. Using geophysical and micropaleontological methods, researchers have now dated them to 6.05 million years before the present day, making them the oldest direct evidence of a human-like foot used for walking. "The tracks are almost 2.5 million years older than the tracks attributed to Australopithecus afarensis (Lucy) from Laetoli in Tanzania," Uwe Kirscher says. This puts the Trachilos footprints at the same age as the fossils of the upright-walking Orrorin tugenensis from Kenya. Finds connected with this biped include femurs, but there are no foot bones or footprints. https://phys.org/news/2021-10-oldest-footprints-pre-humans-crete.html https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-021-98618-0
  18. I'm sure the bribery and corruption make it a bit more manageable.
  19. Hello everyone, I would like to tell you about the substance to consider, and without exaggeration as the most dangerous material in the world. So what do you think is the most dangerous substance in the world? Some will tell me "Molten lava", it is true that lava is molten rock whose temperature varies between 500 and 1200 ° C. Yes but you can still stay away (of course a reasonable distance) without a problem. Some who know about it will tell me VX, for those who do not know, VX is the deadliest nerve agent in the world. Once released into the air it can kill in a matter of minutes, it even takes an astronomical amount to kill, but a simple Hazmat suit can protect you from it. So what is this famous substance I'm talking about? I'm talking about corium. Corium is much hotter than lava (around 3000 ° C) and does not cool on contact with air or water. (If you try to put it in contact with water, it will create an explosion). Corium can easily find its way into concrete or metal and you can't get close to it, otherwise you will die in excruciating pain over the next few days and not even a Hazmat suit can protect you from it. So what is corium, where does it come from? Corium is not natural, it cannot be found in nature, it is a totally artificial product. So you will say to me "But why does man create such dangerous substances?" the answer is that they didn't do it on purpose, even that it was a totally accidental product. There are only 3 places on Earth where it can be found, USA, Ukraine and Japan. What do these 3 countries have in common? Their nuclear disaster. Yes, corium is the core of a nuclear reactor which has not been cooled and which has melted. (Three Mile Island , Tchernobyl , Fukushima) When the core of a nuclear reactor is not cooled (as for example in Fuskushima which is due to the earthquake and the Tsunami that occurred in 2011), the fuel heats up so much that it melts and reaches a liquid state. It then becomes highly radioactive molten lava, and because it is radioactive: it creates its own heat. Rock lava exposed to air or water cools very quickly while corium does not. The extreme radioactivity of corium maintains its heat above 2000 ° C. The amount of energy in a corium is so high that if you try to immerse it in water to cool it down, it will vaporize the water instead. Corium can pierce through any material with terrifying speed. The only way to stop it is to make it solid by cooling it. But what can be done, given that the corium produces its own heat? It should be spread out, hoping that its chain reaction decreases and cools down enough to return to a solid state. And this is what happened, fortunately, in the cases I have cited above. But even cools, the disaster does not end there. Because yes, the solid state corium (which is now a mixture of uranium and full materials that has melted on its way) is EXTREMELY radioactive, so much so that even the robots sent later into the enclosure break down. . The known photo which is called "The Elephant's Foot" (see image below) is a photo taken by a man who was sent alone (Hazmat suit) to the Chernobyl compound, he only took one only photo of this corium structure resembling an elephant's foot and went up immediately, he died in the days which followed because of the too strong radiations. This photo claimed the life of a man. I am also putting you a video of the interior of fukushima seen by a robot in 2018, 7 years after the disaster, the multiple white dots that you will see there are not dust, no, it is due to the strong radioactivity . Diagram :
  20. Because Einstein was, of course, a famed aeronautical engineer and biologist ...... It would have made much more sense to ask Jacques Cousteau.
  21. Canadians must have a sense of humour. We all know they don't have FM radio yet.
  22. Haiti is a island in Caribbean's they can't just walk into USA, someone is helping tens of thousands of illegals to brake our laws.
  23. Willing to accept claims based merely on Uri Gellar claiming it with no supporting evidence? For many of us you are absolutely right we wouldn't accept it, we're not that gullible, that's a good thing. I couldn't find any explanation why he specifically was selected for this special clearance, I'm sure he's already made something up to explain that though too.
  24. In 1902, an Indigenous man plowing a field near the Tuxtla Mountains in the state of Veracruz, Mexico, unearthed a green stone the size of a large mango—a piece of jadeite with carvings depicting a stout human figure with a shamanic bird’s bill. Along its sides was a set of hieroglyphs. Before long, the Tuxtla Statuette (as it became known) made its way to the United States, and in 1903 to the Smithsonian. At first, archaeologists thought the statuette’s markings were Mayan; southern Mexico rests within the heart of the Mayan civilization, where Mayan dialects are still spoken today. But one observer felt unsure. Charles Pickering Bowditch—a Boston businessman, philanthropist and scholar of Mesoamerica who served on the faculty at Harvard’s Peabody Museum—compared the hieroglyphs with a card catalog he had assembled of all the Mayan characters then available. “I cannot find any real likeness between the two kinds of glyphs,” he wrote in 1907. Bowditch argued that the statuette carried an unknown indigenous language—one with no clear relative. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smithsonian-institution/secrets-jadeite-tuxtula-statuette-180978581/
  25. toast

    Haka banned under UK-NZ trade deal

    1970: Ministry of Silly Walks 2021: Ministry of Forbidden Dances Mission completed.
  26. With the protocols in place for any firearm on an active set, this is hard to imagine. How utterly devastating.
  27. Sherapy

    Self Esteem and Religion

    I agree, a person has to have space in their lives to do what they please and what makes them happy. It is called self care. I would say we need more of this not less of it. I just took a self care day, hung out with a dear friend and we had a blast. It just exactly what I needed.
  28. jmccr8

    Self Esteem and Religion

    Hi Zep Given how many times he was stabbed would indicate to me that not everyone agreed
  29. why are we surprised? For few decades we teach that in schools, you can't fight back, you can't get involved, you get in troubles for standing up to a bully, or defending someone, it's discouraged , and frown upon.
  30. Buzz_Light_Year

    Has this video ever been satisfactorily explained?

    Cows can be just like dogs, even worse. LOL! We always named our cows to fit their personality and some of the names are not repeatable. As far as the dude running, I mean like who runs like that if they're being chased and they are in fear of their life? The cow appeared to be chasing after him and not chasing him. Probably was expecting some food handout.
  31. This pretty much applies across the board. Ghost, aliens, bigfoot, even atlantis on ocassion.
  32. The number of collision of US warship is high... they have leadership and crew problems in the US Navy and it's known. It's not the first time and it will end with a disaster at this rate. https://features.propublica.org/navy-accidents/us-navy-crashes-japan-cause-mccain/ https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/21/us/navy-collisions-history-mccain-fitzgerald.html https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/navy-ships/a24158/uss-san-francisco-mountain-incident/
  33. Doctors recently reported the case of a 56-year-old patient who experienced chest pain and breathing difficulties because of a piece of cement that had pierced his heart and lung. So how does one get cement stuck inside their heart? Well, in this particular case it was as a direct consequence of a procedure that the patient had undergone a week earlier. Doctors had treated what is known as a “vertebral compression fracture,” a painful condition in which part of a vertebra collapses into itself, most commonly as a result of osteoporosis. They had performed kyphoplasty, a procedure in which a special type of cement is injected into the vertebra to restore its normal height and keep it from collapsing further. Only in this case, the cement didn’t stay in the bone… https://www.odditycentral.com/news/man-complaining-of-chest-pain-had-4-inch-piece-of-cement-stuck-in-his-heart.html https://www.livescience.com/cement-heart-spinal-procedure.html
  34. There are many Soviet-era remnants scattered all over the Russian Federation, but few as blatant as this old Zighuli car covered in Persian-style rugs that recently went viral on social media. https://designyoutrust.com/2021/09/this-carpet-covered-lada-is-the-most-soviet-era-car-ever-made/
  35. 1) No, you did not. Your 2015 "prediction" was for a "heat transfer spot" (Clad, 7-25-15, #342). The apparent void would actually act as an insulator. 2) The apparent void was defined by muon tomography (muography). 3) No, they did not. Your record of Pyramid Text butchery is hardy credible evidence. 4) You have yet to demonstrate any degree of accuracy on anything pertinent to your delusions. .
  36. Deceptive headline. About half from both sides want to do it not just trump voters. Maybe California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia could form their own country. We'd probably have one of the highest standards of living in the world in under two years.
  37. Helen of Annoy

    Ex concentration camp secretary tries to flee

    I wouldn't offend that woman like that. She is possibly guilty of extremely serious crime, but there's a chance it wasn't voluntary or that she literally didn't understand what she's doing. On the other hand... All of you should seek professional help. But I love me some morbid humour so let me put it this way: you can't organize petrol transport or farming without Eastern EUropeans, but you'd dismantle EU? Sunshine, someone used you as the tool and dismantled your greater something while you were fantasizing about always winning.
  38. Well, the topic is: “Top 11 Reasons for COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy – First: Mistrust of Government”.
  39. Why It rarely works out well. A couple with ideological differences usually spend a lot of time arguing about their conflicting world views.
  40. third_eye

    The Harm Done By Religion

    Not to mention t'was them Gods that started the whole mess to begin with, or so they say... ~
  41. I've come to the conclusion that no matter what we do, life is 100% fatal.
  42. Hi Akez It shows you posted 26 minutes ago and never came back to let us know you didn’t die. It’s 25 minutes and 58 seconds later now so just thought I would check and see if you are still with us
  43. I personally know four people who died and one in the hospital from Covid. All of them vaccinated.