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  1. Hello everyone and for the Americans on the forum Happy 4th of July. While posting on the forum I am certain we have all at some point wondered what do other members Avatars signify and what do all the interesting Usernames actually mean. I don't know about anyone else, but for some reason my Username creates a lot of Speculation which I find humorous! Some people have commented that they thought Manwon means Man - Women which I think is a comical interpretation that isn't even close, however it's always worth a good laugh! Maybe some you have also had people ask you similar questions, well now is the time to clear up all the misunderstandings and set the record straight! Since I started the thread, I will go first. My username Manwon Lender which translates to Money Lender. In South Korea the monetary system is based upon Hundreds. The Korean Won is based upon monetary units called Jeon and 100 Jeon = 1 Won. The Jeon is no longer used in everyday transactions except for foreign exchange rates. There are only 4 units of paper money used in Korea today and they are as follows: 1000 Won = Chun-Won 5000 Won = Ochun-Won 10,000 Won = Man-Won 50,000 Won = Oman -Won The Korean 10,000 Won or Man-Won bill features maybe one of the most famous faces in Korean history King “Sejong the Great” (세종대왕). He was the 3rd king of Joseon Dynasty and he has a revered history and ever present stamp on Korea today because he designed and created written language known as Hangul Alphabet, which is the current written Laguage used today. King Sejong the Great was a very accomplished linguist and a very powerful and just King, below is a picture of the Korean 10,000 Won bill, better known as Man-Won!
  2. '...And Justice for All' was the last truly great album they released. Some of the stuff they released later was "okay", but overshadowed by better contemporary metal bands. I can practically hear fans of 'The Black Album' gnashing their collective teeth! The small venue is simply a Covid thing, although big bands often do small shows, sometimes under pseudonyms, sometimes pretending to be cover bands of their own music They were still getting 40-70,000 plus crowds in Europe pre-Covid: WorldWired Tour
  3. Kittens Are Jerks

    Seal pup dies after selfie snappers scare off its mother

    Oh and one other thing. If it was clear that the mother was not coming back and the pup was in distress and dying, why not rescue it? I don't understand why it was not picked up and sent for care and rehab at some facility. It's extremely upsetting that it was simply left there to die.
  4. ThereWeAreThen

    The Ark of the Covenant

    You just have to dont you. You'll be hearing from the lawyer who I most definitely can't afford.
  5. I saw an estimate from the American Heart Association that half of adults live with heart disease or a condition.
  6. lightly

    Was Jesus real?

    Ah, thank you Guyver, I should have known ..I did suspect that was probably the case. I see. From the original to Greek? And then the King's English ? Yup.. With a "latinized" version in between the Greek and the English. As this link shows..now why didn't I just do this in the first place ? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthew_(given_name)#Etymology
  7. I realize that our sences are experienced in our minds..through our bodies. Yes, the sense of touch (feeling the breeze) is a concious experience...which we have when we are touched by the breeze. Yes the sense of smell is a concious experience ...which we have when we encounter scent in the physical world. The scent actually exits..in the air..in the physical world. Exactly as "the breeze is there" . They are both physical states of matter, which can be experienced ...yes, in our minds. Where else? If "Of course the breeze is there"...then of course the sound is there....the light is there, the scent is there..everything is there ..and when we get there...we experience all of them...yes, in our minds. The fact that objective ,physical, reality is experienced by us ,in our minds, does not change physical reality. Or mean it does not exist..until experienced? If IT did not exist..we would not experience IT. That's how I see it anyway.
  8. There certainly isn't anything new that actually point to aliens that should warrant taking them more seriously than 10-20 years ago. The unknown is not evidence for anything other than something is unknown. Not that we should expect a US government report to tell us anything about UFOs being alien. I would assume they know what most of them are, and just won't admit it to not give away to our enemies we know what they have or things we have being discovered and released by sources that they don't want to release them.
  9. So the rotting corpse isn't generating a stimuli which is interpreted as the decay of flesh? Then I suppose all smells and other external stimuli don't exist and are only psychosomatic in nature. I guess burn victims didn't feel the pain of or the smell from their flesh cooking.
  10. Guyver

    Was Jesus real?

    All the names that we read in English bibles are transliterations or translation variances in original names from the original language. So, we say Jesus, but people of his day prolly called him Yeshua Ben Yoseph.
  11. Otherwise known as a slip fault, or slip joint if it doesn't occur on a faultline proper. The picture in the UM article is confusing as hell because at first glance, there's what appears to be a fracture surface that looks superficially like folded layers running in opposite directions to each other, perpendicular to the true layering as shown in Timothy's post.
  12. How, exactly? Naturally if it's in a place with high population of potential observers, it merely increase the chances of being seen. What might be mysterious or worthy of investigation would be if it showed some characteristics beyond a meteor/ite or terrestrial capabilities. Hinting that there be is more to it sounds a little like a tinfoilhat on too tight... Speaking of which... Mate, if you actually did some decent investigating or showed some decent knowledge, such a comment might sting a little. As it is, though, it is nothing but utter hypocrisy.