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  1. Well ‘pop star’ offends me so I will refer to them instead as ‘Insignificant cretins’ now I will move on.
  2. The sad thing is the media actually gives him a moment.
  3. Good for her! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9375963/Asian-woman-76-leaves-man-bloodied-stretcher-attacked-San-Fransisco-street.html Xiao Zhen Xie said she was standing at a traffic crossing on Market Street on Wednesday when a man punched her in the face The 76-year-old grabbed a stick to defend herself and began beating the man She then lunged at him again while he was being taken away on a stretcher The 39-year-old man has been arrested in connection with Xie's attack as well as another against an Asian man on Wednesday Xie yelled at him in Cantonese: 'You bum, why did you bully me?' The incidents come amid a rise in attacks on Asian Americans and Asians living in the United States
  4. Harte

    R.I.P kmt_sesh

    Sent this message to them. Harte
  5. Charlie Watts, the long-time drummer for legendary rock band The Rolling Stones, has died at age 80, his publicist said in a statement Tuesday. Watts, who played with The Rolling Stones for more than 50 years, “passed away peacefully in a London hospital surrounded by his family,” according to publicist Bernard Doherty. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jemimamcevoy/2021/08/24/rolling-stones-drummer-charlie-watts-dead-at-80/?sh=47555e0d63d1
  6. third_eye

    Should Pelosi be Impeached?

    For being anti Trump, hence against God, thus witchcraft... ~
  7. A school has won a court battle, allowing it to use electric shock devices on students. The Judge Rotenberg Educational Center in Massachusetts, US, reportedly introduced the controversial practice to deal with aggressive or self-harming behaviour in adults and children. The US Food and Drug Administration had previously banned the use of such devices, however, a 2-1 ruling by the US Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit saw the ban overturned. According to the school's website, it caters for 'both emotionally disturbed students with conduct, behaviour, emotional, and/or psychiatric problems, as well as those with intellectual disabilities or on the autism spectrum'. Parents and guardians of pupils, as well as the school itself, are said to be pleased with the ruling. https://www.ladbible.com/news/news-school-wins-legal-battle-to-electric-shock-children-20210708 https://www.reuters.com/legal/litigation/dc-circuit-overturns-fda-ban-shock-device-disabled-students-2021-07-06/
  8. Even more problematic are the facts that Pontius Pilate, as a Roman Prefect, was under no obligation to mete out any punishment in support of Jewish law or custom and the name “Barabbas”, strictly speaking, means “son of the father” convoluting the story even further. Sounds like an ancient case of “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullscheise” IMO. cormac
  9. Life is so much better without a mind prison. Belief will not save you, only limit you, and complicate the precious few years you get to live.
  10. So how the hell does she know what terms offend aliens? Can we please stop making our idiots famous?
  11. The number of deaths by COVID19 in the USA will rise to the point that whole cities will be blocked: no one in, no one out; Because of this the already volatile situation in the US will give birth to massive outbreaks of violence. Just a bit short of a civil war; Some self promoted 'messiah' will stir the masses, but will be gunned down, as is tradition in the US; China takes advantage of the situation in the US, and will send warships to Taiwan. It will be Russia who shall prevent this to escalate, with the help of Australia; We will receive odd signals from the direction of Saturn, or better, from one of its moons; A woman's head will be severed from her diseased body, and kept alive. She will be on tv, speaking to the people while being kept alive via a hearth-lung machine. It will be the Oprah Winfrey show where she will show up; Oprah Winfrey will be killed by some religious idiot who thinks that the 'talking severed head' is a blasphemy; Other religious idiots in the USA will destroy the containers where people are stored in cryogenic suspension (or whatever it is called in Angry-Saxon); A major archeaological discovery in the centre of the Amazonian rainforest. Erdogan, the president of Turkey, will be caught by an angry mob, and hanged in a plaza in the centre of Izmir; A famous Turkish businessman will be the new president, and the religious fanatics who had supported Erdogan will flee to the mountains; In some country - I can't see which one - a dam will burst, and the resulting flood will kill many villages; A very heavy earthquake in the Carpatians. Thousands will die; A cure will be found for rheumatism. A real cure, that is. Old people crippled by this disease will dance in the streets; Betelgeuse, a giant red star, finally explodes. It will be visible even during the day. People will be scared, but at the end it will turn out to be nothing but a beautiful heavenly spectacle. Of course not after thousands, under the spiritual guidance of yet another messianic nutcase, have killed themselves; Finally: nuclear fusion will be achieved. A company, called Convectron, will be the one publicly announcing their success. Their fusion process is based on bol lightning. They will also announce that it will make travelling to the stars a realistic goal. Why? They will announce another discovery... Thanks for your attention, and I wish you all a Happy New Year!
  12. razman

    London rail apologises for 'ladies and gentlemen'

    Man , whats this world come to?
  13. Doug1066

    The Harm Done By Religion

    On the north end of Boulder, Colorado back in the early 1990s was a “gentleman’s club” known as the Bustop. It was owned by an elderly gentleman whose health was failing and could no longer run it. He put it up for sale and after several months on the market, a young man offered to buy it. But he couldn’t get a bank to lend him the money. The old man suggested an owner-financed sale. In return for a set monthly installment, he would deed the club to the young man, keeping a lien on it until it was paid off. Things went along well for a couple years, but the old man’s health was still declining so he had a will made up, leaving everything, including the mortgage to the club, to the Presbyterian Church. When the old man died, the church inherited the mortgage on the strip club. But business was not what it should be. The young man could not make a go of the club, so he underwent voluntary foreclosure and gave it to the church. The church thought of closing down the club and selling the property, but their real estate agent advised them that an operating business would bring a much greater price than an empty building. Thus, the Presbyterian Church became the operator of a strip club. After a few months of selling out their ideals, they found another buyer and could once again adopt their holier-than-thou attitude. I have never known a religious institution that couldn’t sell out the Lord for the right price.
  14. JVG

    R.I.P kmt_sesh

    This is very sad news. I enjoyed reading John’s post he was a very knowledgeable gentleman...
  15. They had HUGE plants - and not just for Softing Stones.
  16. Norm Macdonald, whose laconic delivery of sharp and incisive observations made him one of Saturday Night Live‘s most influential and beloved cast members, died today after a nine-year private battle with cancer. He was 61. I always thought he was the funniest Weekend Update person. Hilarious when he was on Letterman. Wow! Sad when talent goes. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/entertainment/tv/news/norm-macdonald-dies-influential-comedian-and-former-snl-weekend-update-anchor-was-61/ar-AAOrnmK?ocid=hplocalnews&li=AAggFp5
  17. Link I too was very surprised. No women in the Taliban government??? How is this possible in a modern bronze aged culture? Just...wow.
  18. A flat earth with half a round one - the bowl world.
  19. For me, it was my Samsung Galaxy. My awakening is set for 8 am but I rarely surface before 8.30 am.
  20. Aman Tuleyev — one of President Vladimir Putin’s longest-serving regional leaders — has copped to arranging bogus sightings of the yeti to attract tourists in Siberia, East2West News reported. Tuleyev, 76, who was governor of Kemerovo Oblast from 1997 to 2018, ordered a tall bureaucrat to wear an Abominable Snowman outfit so he could be spotted in the bushes by visitors to the cash-strapped Siberian region. But despite the Bigfoot-like stunt, the former presidential candidate said he doesn’t rule out the mythical creature’s existence. Full story at the NY Post: Link
  21. DieChecker

    Rogue's Gallery III

    15 years. He's a chuck...
  22. A furious farmer took revenge on a driver who blocked his gate by building a metal fence right around their BMW. The driver of the BMW was left empty directly in front of the gates to farmland in the countryside. So the farmer decided to send a message to visitors - by rigging up a makeshift fence to block the vehicle in. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/cars/news/furious-farmer-takes-revenge-on-driver-who-blocked-his-gate/ar-BB1faV0N
  23. It's gives people reassurance for their anxiety. But can turn into a crutch and a detriment when used as a excuse not to act to better the world.
  24. Occupational Hubris

    U.S. House passes two Democratic-backed gun

    Forget gun control. We need term limits, campaign finance reform, and an end to jerrymandering
  25. Noteverythingisaconspiracy

    Nail 'from Jesus' crucifixion' found

    Considering the number of nails that are claimed to have been used in Jesus' crucifixion he must have looked like a porcupine.
  26. spartan max2

    Supreme Court dismisses Texas AGs Lawsuit

    I told y'all the supreme court was going to punt this case. Hopefully now everyone will calm down. Trump is lieing to you guys. Let this sink it. A conservative majority supreme court (3 of which are not just GOP appointees but Trump appointees) There is no fraud.
  27. Guardians of students at a high school in Canada’s Ontario province have started a petition to remove the principal, who is a fan of heavy metal music, because of the “satanic symbols” involved. Signed by over 500 people, the petition by parents of Eden High School in St Catharines demanded the removal of principal Sharon Burns after she posted pictures on her social media account showing her support for British metal legends Iron Maiden. “As concerned parents with impressionable children at Eden High School... we are deeply disturbed that the principal assigned to the school blatantly showed satanic symbols and her allegiance to satanic practices on her public social media platforms where all the students can see them under @edenprincipal (not her personal account),” the petition stated. Indy 100 report at MSN
  28. Archaeologists conducting excavations in a prehistoric settlement in Ebreichsdorf, Austria, have discovered a golden sun bowl dating from 3,000 years ago. The bowl was found close to the wall of a prehistoric house and is decorated with a sun motif depicting the rays of the sun. It is made of very thin sheet metal, consisting of approximately 90 percent gold, 5 percent silver, and 5 percent copper. Inside the bowl was coiled golden wire wrapped with organic material clumps that was originally fabric sewn with gold thread. The research team suggests that the fabric could have been decorative scarves, used during religious ceremonies for the worship of the sun. https://www.heritagedaily.com/2021/10/discovery-of-a-lifetime-golden-sun-bowl-discovered-in-prehistoric-settlement/141559 https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/discovery-of-a-lifetime-golden-bowl-unearthed-in-austria-180978806/
  29. maybe that's the sign that it's the real thing???
  30. Luxor, 19th century: Today: Karnak: Kom Ombo: Just a few examples for reference as to the state in which much of Egypt was found in modern times. Ruined and buried sometimes as much as 15-20ft. The Temple of Kom Ombo was built in the Ptolemaic Period between 180-47BC, a little more than 2,000yrs ago, yet look at the state in which it was found in the 19th century. Ruined and buried more than halfway up its columns. Luxor and Karnak, with construction lasting from the MK though the Late Period found 2,000yrs later buried more than halfway up their columns leaving the vast majority of these complexes completely obscured. By the Roman period, and perhaps long before, so much sand and debris had accumulated at Giza they apparently were unaware the Sphinx temple was even there. All over ancient Egypt we see the state in which these monuments were found in modern times in various states of ruin being partially or even completely buried under sand and debris. And this is often just after 2,000yrs. There are some, however, who believe these monuments were built by a lost civilization thousands of years before the beginning of Dynastic Egypt which we can only imagine the state the ancient Egyptians would have found them leaving it a wonder after so much time had passed they could have found much of them at all. Look again at this photo: The AE would have found Luxor, for example, after thousands of years even more buried than this which given the different climates of the ages waxing and waning from desert to savanna some of the layers would have been hard pack dirt not just sand. With perhaps the tip of the obelisk poking out of the ground, all of this would have been completely buried: So if in fact this was built by an LC thousands of before the Dynastic Egypt, the AE would have found it all but completely buried with barely the tops of the obelisks sticking out of the ground-assuming they were even still standing. If we accept such things were built by the LC so long ago, this means the AE would have had to have excavated this entire site for square miles all the way around to get it to its original floor level which would have included all roads to the site. Yet after thousands of years -what state did they find the structures? Something similar to Kom Ombo if not worse: So after completing the massive excavation project, the AE would have started the daunting task of repairing and rebuilding the site. Restacking columns. Resetting lintels some 50ft in the air. Lifting back up an obelisk or two. Yet much of these blocks were damaged requiring the AE to quarry new blocks to spec and install them in the place of their damaged ancient counterparts. From one end of the Nile to the other, for 3,000yrs, the AE set upon the unimaginable task of excavating site after site. Repairing and rebuilding one ancient structure after another. Billions of cubic yards of earth and sand they removed to clear site after site to floor level. Millions of tons of stone they moved to rebuild complex after complex-restoring toppled walls, erecting columns, setting fallen lintels. How many tons of repair block were they required to quarry, dress, move and install all to appear no different than the original blocks that at that time we are told were already thousands if not tens of thousands of years old. The AE do not speak at length about pyramid building-fair enough. But where are all the tales of their excavating countless sites up and down the Nile for 3,000yrs restoring the great civilization of the "Lost Ones"? Where did all the untold billions of cubic yards of dirt, sand, and debris go that is otherwise indistinguishable from the natural surroundings today? To look at Giza, after thousands of untold years, the Sphinx, temples, and mastaba fields etc. etc. would have completely disappeared under countless feet of dirt and sand yet the 4th-6th Dynasty AE somehow cleared it all to floor level. If all of these things were built by the LC thousands of years before the Dynastic Egyptians-how do we explain this? How were the AE able to excavate site after site after site moving untold billions of tons of earth and sand and repairing each site all but good as new?
  31. 3.5 to 1 is the fuel/oil mix ratio for God's 2 stroke tractor and Rama's chainsaw. @acute
  32. ExpandMyMind

    Rogue's Gallery III

    Expanding the family.
  33. Piney


    *Piney is currently bleeding from the eyes right now and will return when his sight has recovered*
  34. Sir Wearer of Hats

    Has any advance in science been as beneficial as religion?

    I’m not so arrogant as to put my personal relationship with God above the needs of my fellow man.
  35. The first dinosaur butthole ever discovered is shedding light where the sun don't shine. The discovery reveals how dinosaurs used this multipurpose opening — scientifically known as a cloacal vent — for pooping, peeing, breeding and egg laying. The dinosaur's derrière is so well preserved, researchers could see the remnants of two small bulges by its "back door," which might have housed musky scent glands that the reptile possibly used during courtship — an anatomical quirk also seen in living crocodilians, said scientists who studied the specimen. Although this dinosaur's caboose shares some characteristics with the backsides of some living creatures, it's also a one-of-a-kind opening, the researchers found. Full article at Live Science: Link
  36. psyche101

    Four deaths, 52 arrests made at US Capital

    After all the BS talk from posters saying how well behaved the Republican voters are. This incident surely cements Trump as the worst president in history.
  37. You said the "f word". Nancy will have you strung up by your unmentionable(s).
  38. And there you have it folks. That is the contradictory, ludicrous mindset of anger and hatred that the US has to deal with, somehow.
  39. third_eye

    Could Jesus have been a woman

    We know there is evidence of bearded ladies... ~
  40. These mistakes wouldn't happen if people didn't believe in censoring those they disagree with all the time
  41. Just hours after news of citizens being shot for protesting in Cuba, Black Live Matter (the organization) issued a statement supporting the communist regime and denouncing the USA's part in the protests. https://nypost.com/2021/07/15/blm-under-fire-for-defending-cuban-regime-blaming-protests-on-us/ So police brutality is bad. But black people being shot by communist regime police officers is fine, because communism. But black live matter is ONLY interested in black lives, not in promoting communism....
  42. I agree. We see the same thing here in America. Hard work is one thing but hard work for slave wages is entirely another.
  43. A man who thought fasting for 40 days and nights would result in God giving him a Lamborghini almost died after attempting the extreme fast. The 27-year-old church youth leader from Bindura in central Zimbabwe took himself off to a mountainous area where he hid out so no one would try and attempt to make him eat. He was rescued 33 days later looking 'frail and almost unrecognisable', Mbare Times reports. The man had been fasting in the hopes of getting a Lamborghini for his girlfriend, who told him it was her 'dream car'. https://www.ladbible.com/news/news-man-attempts-to-fast-for-40-days-so-god-would-give-him-lamborghini-20210525 https://mbaretimes.com/2021/05/dramaend/
  44. In a weird story out of England, cops were forced to briefly become ghostbusters after they received a call from a woman who accused her neighbor of sending a sinister spirit to her home. The odd incident reportedly occurred around midnight on Friday in the community of Haywards Heath when a resident phoned 999, Britain's equivalent of America's 911, with a rather bizarre complaint. According to Darren Taylor of the Mid-Sussex police, a concerned woman called the emergency number to report that "their neighbor had sent a ghost into their house to haunt them." https://www.coasttocoastam.com/article/woman-in-england-accuses-neighbor-of-unleashing-a-ghost-upon-her-home/ https://www.midsussextimes.co.uk/news/crime/haywards-heath-woman-calls-999-accusing-neighbour-of-sending-a-ghost-to-haunt-them-3246800
  45. YouTube said Wednesday it will begin removing any videos that falsely claim widespread voting fraud changed the outcome of the 2020 presidential race now that the deadline for states to resolve disputes over the results has passed. It's a policy shift that could put the tech giant at odds with President Donald Trump and his GOP allies in the remaining days of his administration, but one that will be welcomed by Democrats who have called for more aggressive action. Full monty at Politico: Link And at The Verge (tech): Link