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  1. onlookerofmayhem

    Religious posts turns negitive?

    No. It seems that some people come onto a discussion forum expecting to enjoy an echo chamber. You mean searching for validation from people who agree with them and tell them what they want to hear. Unless you consider heated debate to be a conflict. Go to most comment sections anywhere and you will find it rife with horribly disgusting things. These boards are moderated and kept pretty civil considering the heavy topics that are constantly commented on. In my experience, people simply have different ways of getting their point of view across. Some more coherent and some that seem bat crap crazy. It all depends on your perspective and how you choose to react to what has been written. You have just joined the site and I've seen you post some pretty bold claims. E.g. There's only one true god. You know Jesus was real for a fact. You have paranormal activity at you house that you temporarily abate with the power of god. You've captured supernatural orbs, etc. Those types of statements are fully debatable. If you expect to proclaim things in an open forum then you should be ready to be inquired upon. Not everybody here believes the same things regarding the topics covered on this site. Not everyone is going to deal with these topics with white gloves. That's the point.
  2. An eight-year-old found a pre-Viking-era sword while swimming in a lake in Sweden during the summer. Saga Vanecek found the relic in the Vidöstern lake while at her family's holiday home in Jönköping County. The sword was initially reported to be 1,000 years old, but experts at the local museum now believe it may date to around 1,500 years ago. Full tale: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-45753455
  3. Daughter of the Nine Moons

    Pets Gallery

    Just came in from a quick walk. It's dropping to a bitter -30 C with the windchill tonight.
  4. zep73

    my idiot neighbours

    Look at Italy, Spain and New York City. They have so many dead bodies, they don't know where to put them. That's what your rebellion will accomplish.
  5. kmt_sesh

    Need some help

    Hello, all. I'm turning to our community here for assistance. As most of you probably know by now, I suffered a nasty stroke. I was in the hospital and rehab for a damn long time. Now I'm waiting for a government program to find me a new, handicapped apartment. My previous apartment wasn't handicapped accessible, so it had to go. Now to my need for your help. While I was in the hospital the docs told my sister I probably would not live. My sister has power of attorney for me and she's been amazing. The only real beef I have with her is that she left my library behind when she cleaned out my old apartment. She left instructions to the building management to let the other tenants take what books they might want. My sister has no idea how valuable my library was, nor how advanced. I can't see regular people having much if any interest in my books. I looked up some of my favorite books at Amazon and quickly learned my library amounted to several thousand dollars, so it's not realistic for me to replace them. I recently got myself an Amazon Fire tablet and have been downloading inexpensive e-books. This has enabled me to return to my routine of nightly reading, and I'm rather liking that. But I've pretty much picked up all the Amazon e-books related to ancient Egypt and the Near East. My question to you folks is, where else might I look for e-books on the ancient Near East? I'd appreciate any help rendered. Thanks.
  6. 18 points
    Update on my mom-in-law: She had a heart cath today and her kidneys are stable, which we were all worried about. They discovered a clot on the right side. She is being given some strong blood thinners to dissolve it. She will be tested again on Monday or Tuesday to see if it helped. If not, a stent will be put in. She is in good spirits so please continue the healing thoughts/prayers. I thank you all in advance.
  7. one of the best tactics to get the upper hand on your enemy is publish all your best most top secret training.
  8. Farmer77

    Women are losing mother side?

    Breathe easy. Women have been having abortions for thousands of years and you can still find wonderful "motherly" women all across the globe. An uptick in abortion talk for political purposes is not a sign of the apocalypse. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_abortion
  9. micahc

    Trump "aces" cognitive test

    When he got back from Walter Reed, Melania put a gold star on the test and pinned it to the Fridge. Little Donnie got 4 scoops of ice cream that night. He is such a little smartie.
  10. Noteverythingisaconspiracy

    Inexplicable proof of man in Shroud= Jesus.

    The bible was created by men. So was the shroud. There I showed you what an ignorant atheist can say...... wait that didn't come out right.
  11. They shouldn't be allowed to tattoo eyeballs. Period!
  12. itsnotoutthere

    Merry Christmas

    Just want to say ......Steve, hetro, Bee, Setton, Raymo, Mongoose, Dumbledore.......everyone......and all our overseas friends......wishing you all (and your families) the very best christmas and a happy new year. Look forward to more lively banter in 2020 ......all the best.
  13. 17 points
    Had my third evaluation today at physical torture therapy. I have increased by several points in all areas. That gave me some much needed encouragement as I don't always see the progress. Guess there's something good about being a "stubborn old broad" as my hubby says.
  14. XenoFish

    One God - Three Religions

    All of them are terrible. Islam can't get out of it's terrible 2's and Christianity is a moody know it all teenager.
  15. blackstarraven

    Patterns of evidence: Exodus

    Ya delivering the Jewish Perspective of this.... It's a joke. The vast majority of Jewish people just openly except that the Torah is a parable. It also kind of hurts the story of the Exodus that... #1: Native Egyptian based kingdom where never heavily slave based. Clearly not enough to warrant 600'000 families. (About 2 million people) That would have meant that Jews made up about.... 400% of the slave population at the height of slave populations in Pre-Roman Egypt. #2: The Egyptians where pretty good record keepers... and never mentioned it. And mind you that we know that the farthest back Jews could have even in been Egypt is about 300 years after the Constructions of the great pyramids. In full record keeping time. #3: There is actually no evidence of 2 million people ever crossing the sinia on foot. - And let's not even get me started on the Geographic problems with The Entire story of the Bible.
  16. OverSword

    Looting in Minneapolis

    Weak. I think that's why you are so focused on little crap you can not change. Because you feel powerless. You can't change trump, but you can change yourself. You can focus on yourself and taking positive action in the world like me. What you do now is let rage consume you leaving you more and more impotent every day. You know what I did after I witnessed my city getting trashed on Saturday night? I woke up Sunday morning, went to the store, bought a push-broom, bleach and scrub brushes, walked downtown and joined my fellow people of positive action in scrubbing graffiti and sweeping glass. What did you do? You got on UM and and made farcical, senseless, impotent rage posts. Powerless.
  17. 16 points
    I would like to personally thank @acute for making me blow turkey corn soup out of my nose and all over my Lenovo.
  18. 16 points
    I hate when I wake up late for work, get ready in a hurry and realize it's my day off....
  19. XenoFish

    Why not prove it?

    This has been something that has been pestering me for years now. I often read a claims of some extraordinary ability. Seeing ghost, telepathy, psychokinesis, etc. Whenever it is suggested that they offer to be studied, they refuse. Why? I mean if they can literally produce some supernatural/paranormal/psychic effect. Then they could change the worlds view on human biology and physics, yet nothing. It is almost if is the claim was false to begin with. So why bother making a claim in the first place? Do anyone else think about it this way? How such abilities would benefit humanities view of nearly everything. And why supposed gifted people never change the skeptics minds.
  20. kmt_sesh

    The mummy overlord is back

    So great to hear from you! I’ve missed everyone a lot!
  21. susieice

    Melania Trump's birthday photo divides twitter

    Twitter reflects the mentality of people today. Most social media does. I'll just wish her a simple Happy Birthday.
  22. Kenemet

    News on kmt_sesh

    I look every day to see if he's posting again. Be well and come back soon, John. We miss you.
  23. Gaden

    News on kmt_sesh

    Thank you, Saru, for the update. And Kmt_sesh, get well soon, your rational input is sorely missed.
  24. Jodie.Lynne

    News on kmt_sesh

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery. He is missed. Thanks for the update Saru.
  25. Atlantis is amazing. It manages to exist simultaniuosly on all continents and in every ocean and large body of water without ever having actually existed at all.
  26. Would a family photo suffice?
  27. Jodie.Lynne

    History Channel spanked

    Soooo you are 100% OK with stating that any non-white civilization, could only have prospered with outside assistance? The Britons could construct Stonehenge, but the Mayans couldn't construct pyramids?
  28. Often on these boards, we see an attitude of superiority, from both the believers and the non believers in religion, spirituality, or deity. I see a lot of signs of smug satisfaction on the part of believers, with a strong dose of sympathy thrown in. And on the part of non-believers, I also see an intellectual smugness, being that those folk are 'smarter than the primitives'. ( yes, I have been guilty of this myself, but I am trying to be better) For the record, I don't believe in any of the religions that man has concocted. Nor do I embrace 'spirituality', because it sounds just like religion, without the structure. Kind of like saying something isn't 'red', it's 'cinnamon'. Or "It's not a 'used car', it's 'pre-owned'." No offense is intended to anyone, just my own POV on the subject that changing the nomenclature, doesn't change the subject matter. In my life, I really don't care what anyone believes, as long as it doesn't harm or impinge on others. If a person wants to believe that they are better than others, because of their faith, or their skin colour, or who they identify as, or who they love, then that is their prerogative. AS LONG AS... they do not try to impose those views on others. So my question is..... Does you belief, or lack thereof, make you feel one up on those who think differently?
  29. Waspie_Dwarf

    my idiot neighbours

    Come to the hospital where I work and see the four refrigerated containers holding the bodies because the mortuary is full. It might just sink in how truly imbecilic and dangerous posts like your really are, but I doubt it. There are always those prepared to let the innocent die because of their own political or religious views.
  30. 15 points
    Good morning.
  31. Trump calls Trudeau ‘two-faced’, cancels press conference and leaves Nato summit early after video of world leaders making fun of him https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-trudeau-nato-summit-press-conference-macron-boris-johnson-latest-a9232496.html It's so satisfying to see World leaders treat him like the donkey he is. The US has lost all the respect amongst its allies that Obama spent eight years rebuilding after Bush, that reached levels of respect not seen for decades, if ever. The US soft power around the world was the highest it has ever been, I believe. But Trump has decimated that in under one term. Twenty Embassies don't have ambassadors, a third of Foreign Service positions are unfilled, Trump has appointed partisan hacks as ambassadors and tonnes of people have left due to the outright shambles of his administration with regards to World affairs. China has just overtaken the US in soft-power. Trump is single-handedly destroying foreign policy that the US has spent 70 years building. It's astounding. I'll bet Putin is walking about with a constant smile on his face. Whether deliberately or just as the most Useful Idiot to ever have existed, almost everything Trump does is exactly what Russia wants. Even Boris Johnson tried his hardest to avoid the muppet.
  32. Daughter of the Nine Moons

    Pets Gallery

    Sunday morning walk.
  33. Piney

    Rogue's Gallery III

    6:30 am.........Without my firkin coffee.......
  34. Trelane

    News on kmt_sesh

    @kmt_sesh, I sincerely hope you are well and recovering in peace. Your calm and even tone is sorely missed by all of us.
  35. 15 points
    Went with my hubby to his annual post transplant appointment today 2 hours away. Everything looks good. We are so blessed that his kidney transplant has been doing well for almost 18 years.
  36. 15 points
    When someone says,"Hey let's go sledding!" they are pretty much saying," I want to push you down a hill and laugh as you scream and fall over."
  37. Mexico is paying for it, right?
  38. 14 points
  39. 14 points
    Word of the day Kids!!1 Covidiot. A unmasked woman in a crowded protest with a unmasked infant MasterBlastered to her back is a Covidiot A unmasked redneck in a crowded protest wearing a bullet proof vest and carrying a Build-a-Bear.....ahem...a Bushmaster AR-15 (Like it will protect him from the virus huh?) is a Covidiot A knucklehead who buys hundreds of bog rolls and now has to eat them because he forgot the food is a Covidiot
  40. Imaginarynumber1

    Are you o.k?

    I'm still working. GF is still working, but probably won't be much longer. Nothing really has changed except i can get any groceries at night. (I work 3rds) and everything is closed. I dream every day of getting to isolate for two or more weeks. If only...
  41. 'Walt' E. Kurtz

    Are you o.k?

    Im alright kind of used to social distancing.... I am also between Jobs which is fine at the moment hope to start my new job when this is over. Anyways Hope everyone else is fine.
  42. Kittens Are Jerks

    Are you o.k?

    Everything's peachy at my end. I have everything I need, as well as enough to keep me busy. My brothers and their families are up at their cottages but I stayed in the city so that my mom wouldn't be alone. She's my only concern at the moment as she's working extra shifts in acute care to give other doctors there a break. She sees her regular patients in emergency situations only. It's not like there are hundreds of COVID cases coming in, just people who think they have it because they sneezed a couple of times. Other than that, my brothers are driving me crazy with their constant texts reminding me to be careful. They're worried and upset that we're not up there with them and won't let up. But they are especially scared, as I am, that our mom will be exposed to it.
  43. 14 points
    For the greater good..... FFS, stay at home, self-isolate, and eat your relatives.
  44. 14 points
    A short poem loosely based on my experiences of playing rugby in p.e. at school. It's called, "The tackle." He's a big unit, Run or I'm dead, Seems I've woken up, In a hospital bed.
  45. "Oxford professor argues invisible aliens are interbreeding with humans." Full article at the Oxford Student: https://www.oxfordstudent.com/2019/04/26/oxford-professors-theory-on-climate-change-and-alien-abduction/ "A spacey professor at the austere British institution claims bug-like aliens walk among us, and says they’re having very close encounters with humans — interbreeding to create a new hybrid species that could one day save Earth from climate change and other disasters." Full monty at the NY Post: https://nypost.com/2019/04/27/oxford-professor-believes-alien-human-hybrid-species-will-save-earth/
  46. Jodie.Lynne

    Communism , Totalitarianism & Atheism

    Religion, in and of itself, doesn't bother me over much, although the more rabid believers who try to impose their particular god views on others makes me nervous. What I would like to see is the human race outgrowing the need for deific validation for their existence, and to learn to accept that we ourselves are responsible for our lives. I'd like to see people accepting people AS people, and not as some arbitrarily labeled constructs like 'theist', 'atheist', 'republican', 'democrat', 'straight' or 'gay', etc., etc. I'd like to see people mind their own business about what other people do in their bedrooms, and with whom, as long as they are consenting adults. I'd also like to see a second season of 'Firefly' and find a fat-free ice cream that actually tastes good.
  47. Farmer77

    The Trump Foundation dissolves

    Man this is really stunning from a historical perspective. The President of the United States has been found to be so corrupt that he and one of his senior advisors are going to be barred from ever serving on a non profit again.....the man with the nuclear codes....damn. https://www.cnn.com/2018/12/18/politics/trump-foundation-dissolve/index.html