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    "Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that." Martin Luther King Jr.
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    I just got an advert in the mail - 14,000 acres of timberland for sale, just 2 hours from where i live... Only $950 per acre - so that's about $1,330,000.... (Checks pockets for change)... Hmmmm... I appear to be a bit short...
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    My commute was interrupted tonight by a mass shooting exactly where everyone familiar with downtown Seattle knows it will take place. Sadly one dead and seven injured with no suspects caught. They wont consider implementing stop and search because of fears of racial profiling. Is it racial profiling to assume the people in the standard Bloods clothing commonly seen on that block where all the opioids are sold are criminals? They better do something because this is becoming common and whatever they do better be effective long term because I am sick of this **** and our weak government.
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  6. But make sure you wipe any jam off it first, or you could come to a sticky end ......
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    It's never a good feeling when you confess a feeling to a therapist and they can't even muster up a response to help you refute it or redirect it into a positive. Tearful ride home....let's go.
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    Stray cat with no ears finally adopted after shelter worker crochets her a pair of purple ones. This is so sweet, and I love positive news stories! Our world is full of good people who care about other living creatures!
  9. It's Trump, looking for Ukraine on a map.
  10. XenoFish

    Eze from wyoming

    Good. Because quite honestly I do not like the preachers of veganism all that much.
  11. jypsijemini

    Comfort Foods

    We have a small bakery display at my work filled with delicious pastries. I've become addicted to the caramel slice so I decided to try my hand at making it this week. To top it off, instead of melting and setting chocolate on the top, I tried making ganache for the first time and it worked. I'm going to be a potato on legs by the end of the year at this rate. But my god, it's worth it. Effortless, Simple Yet Addictive AF Caramel Slice Preheat oven to 425/210 degrees. Pour two tins of sweetened condensed milk (do not scrape out insides of tins) into a small casserole dish or pan. Set inside a larger dish or pan that is half-filled with boiling hot water. Cover the small tin with foil. Heat in oven for 1 and a half hours. (Creates caramel or "dulce de leche") Crush half a packet of plain sweet biscuits/cookies. Stir in 100g of melted butter and the leftover condensed milk. Combine well. Press into lined brownie pan. Refrigerate while caramel cooks. Transfer cooked caramel into a mixing bowl and stir with hand mixer for one minute. Pour over biscuit base. Refrigerate. Either melt chopped milk chocolate shards in a bowl (on stove over water or in microwave) or heat 1/3 cup of thickened cream in microwave, add chopped milk chocolate and stir until melted to create ganache. Pour over caramel and refrigerate. You're welcome <3
  12. A few years ago I worked at my local hospital and walked down this corridor many times to get from the old maternity ward to the main filing room which (rumour has it) was originally the morgue about 60 years ago and was later converted into a filing room. During one evening I walked down the corridor just as normal and began to hear footsteps approaching from behind. I thought it was a nurse judging by the sharp echo of her heels on the floor and her rapid walk coming up from behind. As her footsteps approached I instinctively stood to one side to let her pass, but just as she reached me there was suddenly silence and I immediately turned around and saw nobody here. It left such an impact with me (hairs standing on the back of my neck), that I hesitated to go down that corridor again, but each time I had to go there I had to sing and hum to myself to take my mind of it. It was luckily a short-term contract and I was kind of glad when it was over. I was reluctant to mention what I had experienced until I heard other people mention their experiences in this alleged haunted corridor with rumours of a maternity nurse / midwife who killed herself. I took this photo the day I left. Anyone relate to a similar experience?
  13. Hammerclaw

    Did Jesus Exist?

    No, they're disinvested of arguments based on irrational and unsubstantiated supposition arrogantly foisted upon them with extreme prejudice, something, I might add, at which you excel. The concept of the art of persuasion ever eludes you.
  14. between condoms thru the nose, and eating tide pods, lol, this one is a herd thinnner
  15. Not A Rockstar

    Footsteps Behind Me - Nobody There!!!

    I have had similar experiences when I worked overnight in a locked down airport in nowhere for a few years. I'd be working on my college work or reading and suddenly hear a voice or steps and have to get up and check as I was security, to keep the place safe while closed. Nearly never found a soul anywhere around. I think active places with a lot of energy during the day, like transit hubs or busy hallways, retain something of it and can do this at random. If you add in suggestibility - that a suicide happened there, it used to be a morgue, and your own tiredness, it's far less random to happen What is neat is when you are still and can record the footsteps. Useless as proof as the naysayers will insist it was an echo or someone else was off camera doing it for a fake, but, you can prove it for yourself, which is all that matters, really. False Arrival is also interesting, but, I am not sure they are the exact same thing. Great picture. It suits a sort of 1960's Twilight Zone set.
  16. ESA opens oxygen plant – making air out of moondust
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    Worry no more about me for I am alive and free. Life is good but the end we will sometimes never see... Unknown...
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  19. Noteverythingisaconspiracy

    Did Jesus Exist?

    For Will its not important if a statement means something, whats important is that it sounds profound.
  20. XenoFish

    Did Jesus Exist?

    He's a fictional character.
  21. Hammerclaw

    Did Jesus Exist?

    You are a prisoner of your own device and the key is in the lock on the inside and only you can turn it. Your ticket out of that little hell you've exiled yourself to, is learning how to accept people the way they are with all their flaws and blemishes and imperfections, instead of demanding they be what you think they should be. You're only hurting yourself.
  22. How ****ing stupid are kids getting?????
  23. rashore

    Michigan Legends?

    Some more, starting out Grand Rapids way... Hells Bridge off Friske road of course. Also out that way is the Rockford Dam Overlook, home to a ghost boy. Rockford RR Tracks has dark figures, strange sounds, and a pair of little ghost girls that might be seen or even give you chase. The Ada Witch has a large area out on 2 mile road. Brewer and Cannonsburg out past Plainfield has a young lady that just stands and endures the elements, never hitching for or getting a ride. Pickerel Lake has a drowned child that wants to push you in the lake too. Out by Alton is Whites Bridge and Fallsburg Bridge. Legends overlap between the two, of hung witches and suicides. The Mill Street Railroad Tracks by Ionia hears screams from a long ago train accident. Out by Saugatuck is the Junction Asylum, though it's debated as to it's existence at all, it's said to be demolished... and the spirits and strangeness still linger. And the ghost town of Singapore on the shores of the lake that may not have existed either. Though The Yellow Motel outside Bravo is no more, legends of when it stood for Capone and his crew are still popular. As is the legend of when it was painted blue, it turned back to yellow by the next day. Today, tales of strange lights and orbs, black things that run in the woods, whispering voices and nefarious occult activities are said to still be happening. South of Battle Creek are the Four Mile Road Fields, where a train that does not exist can be felt and heard on tracks that are not there. Luna Pier has the sad Camp Lady of the Lake. First she lost her children, then a whole campground burned down, making the camp councilor kill herself in despair. The lady is said to be seen still, though the children are just screams. Objects get moved with no one there, and people have been pushed or attacked by the unseen. The Ghost Trestle off Gorman Road outside Madison is purported to be the site where a wife and child were struck down by a train trying to get help for their burning farm that the farmer died in. Now it's supposed to be a place where one can contact the spirits with more ease than usual. Church Road between Osseo and North Adams has another crazy farmer that killed his family. He still likes to chase off the living with his pitchfork and its rumored even public services are afraid to go plow snow there. On Seven Gables Road outside Dansville there lived a witch. She cursed the land- if you hear a scream you must jump the fence. Last one over the fence is doomed to die. Later a man went insane there, burning his family alive before hanging himself from a tree by the road. Today the curse is worse.. it includes those seeking the house are likely to be in bad auto accidents, perhaps to die, or if they get too close to the pond, they are almost sure to drown. Bancroft has Knaggs Bridge, site of smallpox wiping out the native population, more murder besides, and a legend of buried treasure that is still to be found. Outside Vernon on Geeck Road is a Halloween appearance of a large orange orb/fireball at midnight. Rosevear Park near Corunna has ghosts, moaning voices in the summer and fall, creepy fogs, witchcraft and sacrifices. Millington Hills by Otter Lake sees it's legends spawn from the great fires of 1881. Indian burial mounds, screams and rythmic sounds.. howls and odd lights, shadow people and other shadow things, apparitions in white, faces in the woods. The feeling that someone is following you, menacing, sounds of pursuit literally chasing you, glowing green almond shaped eyes. It's bad in the daylight, but worse at night. Drydens Casey and Rochester Roads had a bad accident of a car full of boys whos screams and crash can still be heard, and they seem to follow you if you walk down the road. Shoefelt Road out by Clyde has a crazy old man that shoots a shotgun at you, and will circle your car and yell at you and shoot at your car. And that's another section of the states road lore... still one more to go as we get into the areas getting closer to Detroit.
  24. RoofGardener

    Trump gets re-elected, then what?

    Well, one things for sure. The Democratic Party will split. The shrieking radical far-left elements will demand another impeachment, or civil protest (e.g. street violence). They will go absolutely apoplectic. The moderate mainstream of the party will see this, and react against it. They will blame the radicals - and the leadership - for the failure to block President Trump. I will predict a bloodbath of the DNC leadership. Whilst this is happening, the DNC may also go bankrupt as rank-and-file members withhold dues. The party will ultimately survive, but it will have a very rough couple-or-three years, and will look VERY different when it re-emerges from The Pit.
  25. Habitat

    Tinder Hookup Gone Wrong

    By his own account, he held her captive in the apartment, why he wasn't at least charged with that, seems odd.
  26. eight bits

    Did Jesus Exist?

    You've skipped a step. First, I might wonder whether the speaker believed their own story. Only if I felt it worth exploring the possibility that they didn't believe it, would I consider fabrication. Even then, there are competing hypotheses, like wishful thinking. Fabrication does come up in connection with Mark because it is so exquisitely crafted from Jewish Bible and other written antecedents. Fabrication also comes up with the other synoptics, since so much of them is lightly edited copypasta from Mark. John is also exquisitely crafted; its relationship to Mark is subtler than the two complementary synoptics. Note further that Paul had promised rewards for faith (which is not belief, but rather persistence in a consistent credal stance) and specifically for espousing his teachings. It is entirely possible to keep faith with a proposition despite lacking confidence in its truth. As to Paul himself, I can't find anything in his letters about Jesus that would be out of place on the dream board here at UM. I don't think the posters there are "fabricating" their dreams, and some of them do express various shades of confidence that their dreams reflect the future or a past life or in whatever way a different reality than the dreamer's waking situation. Finally, the fruits of communication are on both parties. While evidence of fabrication is plentiful in Mark, there is not even a hint of an intention to deceive. I cannot infer whether or not "Mark" beieves the basic story is true, whether he ever believed it and perhaps doesn't any longer, or only finds it of human interest that Paul apparently believed things for which Mark is one possible backstory. Butch and Sundance, the Early Years. We do know that some of the readers of Mark accepted it as a religious text. Two of those readers, "Matthew" and "Luke," improved the work to make it more religiously focused. "Luke" even describes his religious intentions in doing so. Some later readers expressed their own belief that Mark was chronologically rearranged notes on the teaching of Peter (who, in turn, is portrayed as an eyewitness and participant in many of the events in the story - no such role for Peter is found in Paul). You're simply wasting your time trying to explain these readers' reaction based on any intentional behavior of "Mark." His intentions are completely lost to us, and equally important, unavailable to his early audiences so far as we know. On a point arising, there was no particular danger in writing an entertaining story about Jesus. The earliest credible dates for Mark are at the very end of Second Temple Judaism; those authorities had other problems to occupy them, like being the target of assassins while surrounded by a Roman army, or weren't authorities anymore. For their part, the Romans cared about secret closed meetings among unrelated individuals, swearing private oaths and refusal to participate constructively in public life. None of those things are even depicted, much less advocated in Mark.
  27. Rlyeh

    Did Jesus Exist?

    You mean some people said thousands saw Jesus.
  28. As official Khan of the Academic Cabal, I'm now banning your Limerictions. They are causing too much harm. Several people had to be treated for bleeding from the eyes and ears and Hans tried to commit Death by Bigfoot by punching one of Mt. Shasta's bionic guards in the nuts.
  29. You're using the wrong tool. You can't use astrological software because it shows planets and signs you can't see at night. In order to match your scenario (someone with the ability to understand the sky (a Babylonian astronomer-priest) telling stories) you need a map of the sky as it can be seen. That tool is here: https://www.fourmilab.ch/cgi-bin/Yoursky You will need to convert to Julian date (which is pretty simple) https://sciencing.com/calculate-julian-date-6465290.html Also, you can't use the "12 houses" because they had 18 "houses') https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babylonian_star_catalogues#Zodiacal_constellations The planets would be seen in the qualities of the gods: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babylonian_astrology#Planets_and_gods ...again, you can't use astrological tools. They're giving you the wrong answer.
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  31. I am certain it was a mistake But it was also right on target! I hope whoever was responsible doesn't get caught. peace
  32. If I'm ever probed, I'm asking for mercy, not lottery numbers. Sometimes there's things that money just can't buy. I'll happily stay skint.
  33. What a way to go, though, doing what you love and seemingly almost instantly.
  34. onlookerofmayhem

    Did Jesus Exist?

    Nope. Must have gotten lost in the mail...
  35. Desertrat56

    What's for dinner?

    I got stuff to make mega nachos for the superbowl party I won't have or watch, it seems like I may have missed it so I will make the nachos to eat after work. (velveta, sharp cheddar melted with rotel and ground elk meat, with saute'd onions and garlic.) Corn chips and tortillas to dip into it.
  36. Liquid Gardens

    Did Jesus Exist?

    The difference of course being that this one random picture of Elvis does more to establish his existence than the sum total of all the evidence for Jesus does for him.
  37. Kittens Are Jerks

    Any concrete evidence?

    You often attribute fear and/or defense mechanisms as the driving forces behind the anti-paranormal point of view. It's an absurd accusation. There's no fear of the paranormal whatsoever. Why be afraid of something that does not exist? It would appear, based just on the nature of various posts on this site, that the only people who live in constant fear (and paranoia) are those who believe. Those of us who don't are just peachy. Ghost hunting shows exacerbate that fear by seemingly capturing evidence of the paranormal when, in fact, each and every one of those programs have captured zilch. And yet, here we are still talking about the veracity of so-called evidence from a bunch of pseudoscientific ghost hunters who rely exclusively on totally useless equipment and melodramatic pretend psychics.
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    What strikes me strange is the Republican support for Trump. This narcissistic person would throw anyone of his supporters under the bus if it would help him continue his illegal ways. If you don’t believe that go to anyone who has questioned him and see his nasty reply. The country deserves better than this self serving president. We need to get back to the real American way of life. In my humble opinion.
  39. That's gimmick infringement. I expect you'll be hearing from his lawyers soon...
  40. Not even close. The weak force was suggested over a quarter of a century after special relativity was proposed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weak_interaction#History Special relativity has nothing to do with unifying the 4 forces that are known since two were not known at the time. The strong force was hypothetical and unknown in 1905. Special relativity does not apply in strong gravitational fields. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special_relativity Therefore it doesn't attempt to unify because it does not apply.
  41. bee

    Trump gets re-elected, then what?

    I think they are going to do everything they can to rig the vote against Trump.... EVERYTHING So Schiff is already turning it around.... whatever the Democrats have been up to.... they twist and use and say Trump is doing it..... so the extremely annoying Schiff is, like you say.... already setting the scene for if they still can't rig it to win dishonestly... they are planning to be unfair themselves no doubt... I saw something the other day... that chap who was a whistleblower about how Google can shift millions of votes in the Democrat's direction with the algorithms and search engine... Someone Epstein... (not Jeffrey) ... his wife has been killed in a crash and there is the usual ummmmm ... is that a ''''coincidence''' or not... that's just ONE way that the colluding Big Tech and Big Media can rig voting... But anyway.... Schiff is so horribly dishonest and deceitful it's mind boggling .... He has a nerve talking about fair... The LAST thing on the Democrat's minds is being fair... at this point it feels like they would sell their soul to the devil to defeat Trump in November... end of rant
  42. joc

    Did Jesus Exist?

    Given that: the only way anything Biblical makes any sense is in viewing it in the context of the Bible...(no Biblical scholar will ever explain it better than this) ...Sacrifices were supposed to be sacrificing something that was most important to you. Which is why Cain's sacrifice was rejected. He basically scooped up grain and laid it on the alter and said ...there! Happy? But Abel took his most beloved calf and sacrificed it. And Abraham showed God he was willing to sacrifice his only son if told to do so by God. Sins were not forgiven by God...merely 'covered up' so he would no longer see them...generally described as "Yeah, okay, nice sacrifice, I'm overlooking your sins this time!" But then...God Himself came to Earth, not as a cyclone, but as an actual baby. Who grew up without any sin , therefore nothing to overlook. Who took on the sins of the entire world as a sacrifice for all. No more overlooking anything...just forgiving everyone of everything. On the cross...God Himself became that sacrifice experiencing Humanity at it's very best and very worse, in real time. When Jesus said, Father, why hast thou forsaken me?...he didn't actually realize that God Himself was experiencing the exact pain, anguish and humiliation that Jesus was...and that he hadn't forsaken him...in fact, he had become him...on the cross. So...enter the era of man where Yahweh himself has intervened in his own creation that dissed him in the beginning and has forgiven that creation. That's a lot of s t o r y to believe. But we are told by the Biblical scholars of the day that...if you don't believe it...you will not be forgiven and will burn in hell for all eternity. So....you choose...can you believe it? Can you believe that you will burn in hell forever if you don't believe it? Doesn't really sound much like forgiveness does it?
  43. Habitat

    can spirits whisper?

    By speaking very softly ?
  44. Of course they were. And so were the fringe news sites. Nothing drives ratings and clicks more than a tragedy. This is why all news should be non profit and have no advertisers. We will never get the true story from anyone as long as there's money to be made by bending or skewing or even not reporting a story.
  45. tcgram

    What's for dinner?

    Pan seared t-bone steaks, butter parmesan noodles, veggie blend, corn, and spinach.
  46. Sir Wearer of Hats

    The Bible is an atrological record (Decoded!)

    And on both of those forae (IIRC) you were met with educated skepticism, universal misunderstanding and at least one Doctor Who reference.
  47. Not sure that this requires any (new) comment. Again: Their not explicitly making this claim shows that it is not something they emphasise - and certainly they make no claim for the truth of the Surid tradition, or that the “Coptic oral tradition” contains reliable information going all the way back to the builders of the pyramids. We have seen that a candidate for being a tradition which really does go back to ancient Egypt is the assignment of pyramids to specific individuals - and of course you have chosen (again) to ignore this entirely. I must say also that your vehemence here is hard to reconcile with this recent statement: