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    Sitting by myself outside the hospital with no one to talk to. My daughter had convulsions, was taken to hospital by ambulance and I can't be in there with her. All the selfish people who ignored the recommendations and would not wear masks i blame for the way hospitals have to take precautions. They never think how it will affect others around them for them to have their 'rights'
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    They've spotted bears running from the fires. I can't close my eyes hard enough.
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    I hate waiting for deliveries, but I've ordered a ton of food, which may or may not arrive in the next two hours. I'm filling my cupboards, before the Covid/Fludemic begins, the New Civil War starts in the US, and the EU invades Britain in January.
  4. Swede

    Göbleki Tepe ‘decoded’

    1) Science is self-correcting. 2) In science, a theory is an explanation for facts or natural phenomena that has been repeatedly confirmed through numerous methods. Despite the science-driven attempts to falsify major modern theories, they are rarely falsified. You may be confusing one of the principles of science. “Truth” is a matter not actually addressed in scientific research and the nebulous topic is best left to philosophers. 3) To detail: · Question : Acceptable · Research: Your first reference is not accessible. Your second reference is a Wiki page. Your third reference includes a very vague and temporally typical allusion to an astronomical event that can in no way be considered to be definitive. Very poor research. Fail. · Hypothesis: Conditionally acceptable. · Experiment: Utilizing Biblical genealogies of the relevant time period are of no worth in regards to establishing a utilizable date due to the grossly inaccurate calibrations of individual lifespans. Fail. · Analysis: Due to the highly flawed “data”, any analysis is pointless. Fail. · Conclusion: No ability to definitively support hypothesis. No credible corroborative data. Very poor research skills. Fail. It has been quite apparent that you are unfamiliar with legitimate research methodology. May this explain your fear of such? Edit: Format.
  5. RoofGardener

    Is America under attack ?

    There is an idea from the 1920's called 'Cultural Marxism'. The marxist thinkers of the time where puzzled that Europe seemed immune to a communist revolution. They theorised that social factors prevented the European prolatereat from rising up. These where: respect for family values, respect for the Church, and respect for government (and Monarchical) institutions. Their solution was Cultural Marxism; to gradually get their people into senior positions in universities, and use them to indoctrinate students to feel contempt for these three things. And to themselves become Professors, and to pass the indoctrination on. Hence, over the decades, these three ties that bind our society together would be weakened, paving the way for a communist revolution. Ever notice how - in the 1950's onward - most comedians and musicians became heavily anti-establishment, and highly critical of government and the church ? Then Marxism died, but Cultural Marxism - its Frankenstein Monster - carried on regardless. And it is still highly prelevant today, manifesting in everything from 3rd wave feminism to militant transgender rights, to promotion of Islam over Christianity (including by the current Pope).
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  7. Eldorado

    American journalism getting worse

    Related... The 2016 Election and the Demise of Journalistic Standards Hillsdale College: Link
  8. Scientists have discovered what they believe to be the oldest fossilised animal sperm from around 100 million years ago. The “spectacular find” was unearthed by an international team of palaeontologists preserved inside a female ostracod – a type of tiny crustacean that resembles a mussel. Researchers believe the female mated shortly before becoming trapped in the resin. Full story at ITV news UK: Link
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    Watching a documentary by Dan Snow..... Apparently, Tutankhamun's aunt was his dad! (Something like that, anyway)
  10. Radio signals don't get weaker over distance. The issue is the inverse square law which states that the amount of signal detected from the original transmission is smaller by over the square of the distance. And no, the signals do not mix in with the background noise. The issue is whether or not the signal can be distinguished from the background noise. The background noise is not equally spread across the spectrum and it differs depending on the direction. For example, the background noise is higher in the direction of the galactic center. Another example is the cosmic wave background. It is not uniform across all frequencies.
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    As the deaths rate and infections continue to go unchecked then the biggest hoax and false news is Trump and his enablers...
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    I hope everyone has a good weekend.
  13. HollyDolly

    Is America under attack ?

    You are absolutely right.Look at YAHOO, you can't post comments any more. I'm hungarian -german. Some of my father's relatives in Germany were for Hitler and others against him. My dad's father was bavarian, his mother's people from Eastern Germany (Pomerania) and Riga in latvia, they were baltic germans who had been there since the Middle Ages. They got to live under the commies. My mother's parents came to the US in 1919-1920 from Hungary to escape the communists of Bela Kun. They also wound up live under the Soviets. So I am aware of what these ANTIFAS and their well heeled supporters like George Soros want to do. We would be living under the American version of the Gestapo, NKVD, Inquisition you name it.
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    The Big Stink has returned again this afternoon, although it was much stronger last night. Source as yet unidentified. It smells like a well-used cesspit, but with a hint of baby puke, and a metallic aftertaste reminiscent of Oldbury. birminghamlive
  15. I wouldn't like to have put it to the test!
  16. jmccr8

    Göbleki Tepe ‘decoded’

    Hi Orestes Personally if you put together a comprehensive proposal without limiting our intelligence in you mind we would be further progressed into your proposal but having someone who is not prepared for a reasonable discussion makes it hard to move forward. You seem to think that because you are questioned that we are somehow incapable of understanding complex ideas. Some of the members here are far more informed than you are willing to accredit. Even to someone with limited education such as myself if find your attitude about our comprehensive abilities somewhat insulting and have been politely holding my tongue in hopes of you realizing the company that you are in. Grow up, step up and spit it out. jmccr8
  17. A New View of Jupiter's Storms
  18. But the mask isn't to protect you. It's to protect others. If the mask is contaminated, they're only going to reinfect themselves. Not good practice but I don't see that as a huge issue.
  19. New research has suggested that you might actually stand a chance of escaping a rampaging T. rex. https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/news/339506/can-a-human-outrun-a-tyrannosaurus-rex
  20. A dig has revealed "one of the largest" temple buildings in Roman Britain. The 2nd Century temple site at Caistor St Edmund, near Norwich, has been known about since 1957, but its true scale has only just emerged. It was built by the Iceni tribe, best known for their leader Boudicca who rebelled against the Romans in AD61. Archaeologist Prof Will Bowden said its size, 20m by 20m (65ft by 65ft), showed "how important this cult was to the Iceni". https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-54031373 https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/roman-temple-found-in-caistor-st-edmund-1-6835623
  21. Swede

    Göbleki Tepe ‘decoded’

    It would appear that he has four primary motivations: Draw attention to his web site. Avoid presenting credible information with a passion. Attempt to drag out his presentation for so long that it no longer draws critique because no one has any more interest in the ramblings (his attrition "strategy"). Somehow "prove" that the Bible accurately predicted eclipses (!). He also appears to have a fear of proper research/presentation and those familiar with such. Quite the typical fringe profile. Edit: Typo.
  22. What's disturbing to me is the mindset of people that believe in Bigfoot and think shooting one is good. If there was such a rare creature, which there isn't, then shooting one would be a crime against nature.
  23. I saw this article, and the headline caught me. It is obviously incorrect and seems to be a trend of online articles I read. Horrible lack of edit, misspellings, or correction or whatever they are doing, they seem to lack writing skills. I am posting the headline with a link, not because of the article itself, but just to show how bad the headline is. Trump Stoked Police Violence, and It Cost May Have Him the Election https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/opinion/trump-stoked-police-violence-and-it-cost-may-have-him-the-election/ar-BB198M0N?ocid=msedgdhp
  24. Lighten up, Susie .. I was making no point and just offering up some comedy, given my avatar. You'll be pleased to know I haven't given up my day job..
  25. "Burger King is famous for its, well, burgers, but the company might have taken things a bit too far with the introduction of a chocolate-covered Whopper. "Burger King teased the arrival of the Chocolate Whopper a couple of years ago in a video shared on YouTube, though its April Fool’s Day arrival date made clear the company wasn’t really considering its introduction at the time. "Evidently, things change." Full monty at Unilad: Link Twitteroo:
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    Today I've decided, with help and support from friends to come out and announce something that's important and has until now been secretly cherished about me behind closed doors. So I'm quite sure that my friends on UM will congratulate me and pat me on the back when I reveal my secret.
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    When will Boris, and the rest of the clowns, sort out this virus testing? Some testing centres are overwhelmed, while others are empty. (actually empty!) Even some key workers can't get tested now. metro.co.uk
  28. https://www.sciencealert.com/here-s-how-we-know-coronavirus-was-not-made-in-the-lab
  29. Holy crap!!! Glad I don't live there!!!
  30. stevewinn

    The Road to Brexit

    We were told by msm Boris would struggle to get the vote through. 77 majority. Their not reporting facts anymore and just reporting what they hope happens. It's also sad to see 200 plus MPs voting for a foreign power to hold sway over our magnificent country.
  31. Peter B

    Nuclear explosions on Mars

    Okay, so you subscribe to the idea that all the world's scientists (including in countries hostile to the USA) just do and say what NASA says? How does NASA prevent these thousands of scientists from telling the truth? Now could you please explain: 1. How is it that Mars's red colour was a Thing for people who looked at Mars in the night sky with either their Eyeball Mark 1 for the last thousands of years, or through a telescope for the last 400-odd years? Are you saying that astronomers since Galileo have been perpetrating a conspiracy of silence about the True Colour Of Mars (TM)? If so, why? If not, then why doubt what they said about the colour of Mars? 2. How is it that other space agencies haven't pointed out the error? In other words, why do you build your conspiracy around NASA (and, now, all the world's scientists) but leave out all the world's other space agencies and scientists who studied Mars in the days when spacecraft didn't exist? Was Galileo part of the conspiracy? Herschell? Lowell?
  32. Michelle

    Trump Admits Intent to Mislead on Virus

    While everyone is speculating on what should have been done to stop the spread, stopping the protests and riots has not once been mentioned. If people are so concerned about what is being done, why are they not condemning these mass gatherings in Democrat cities? The media made fun of people protesting not being able to open their businesses as stupid Trump supporters. Apparently, only people who own their own business or have jobs are Trump supporters. I guess they assume everyone at Sturgis supports Trump too. Debunked "super spreader" from there, but no "super spreaders" from the riots.
  33. South Alabam

    Perpetual uncertainty

    The irony is, it is more than likely Trump voters who view this as a hoax and refuse to wear mask and possibly die before the elections helping Biden in the long run. Tens of thousand of Trump voters dead.
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  35. eight bits

    On not needing God to be good

    A survey of 3,000 Americans, supposedly a representative sample of the whole adult population, was conducted recently on behalf of a Christian evangelical group. There were several interesting findings. Most startling to me personally was that the Arian heresy, thought to be extinct since ancient times, is apparently a majority view among Americans: Jesus is the first and greatest being created by God. (Agree 55%-30%) Of some relevance to the “not needing God to be good” topic: in this poll, Americans do generally look forward to supernatural retribution for bad people: Hell is a real place where certain people will be punished forever. (Agree 56-28) There will be a time when Jesus Christ returns to judge all the people who have lived. (Agree 62-23) but on gentle terms for deciding who is bad: Everyone sins a little, but most people are good by nature. (Agree 65-28) Even the smallest sin deserves eternal damnation. (Disagree 25-66) and maybe the settling-up is not in this life anyway: God will always reward true faith with material blessings in this life. (Disagree 36-51) For the technical aspects of the poll, see http://lifewayresearch.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Ligonier-State-of-Theology-2020-White-Paper.pdf To look at all 35 questions and response percentages with a simple interface, plus a filter system if you want to look at selected groupings of Americans: https://thestateoftheology.com/data-explorer/2020 At the upper right corner of that page, you can toggle between this survey (“US 2020”) and a similar survey with mostly the same questions taken in the UK in 2018 (“View UK 2018 Data”). Spoiler alert: the UK was less religious in 2018 than the US in 2020. I don't think Brexit and COVID will have changed that greatly. But you know what they say, there are no atheists in quarantine.
  36. jaylemurph

    Göbleki Tepe ‘decoded’

    Orestes clearly never questions himself. Why would he, when his entire argument relies on the rather amazing premise that he, alone, out of all humanity, correctly understands history? —Jaylemurph
  37. A woman fell out of a moving car on the M25 while leaning out of the window to film a video for Snapchat, police said. She fell from the car into a "live lane" between junction six and the Clacket Lane Services at 01:30 BST, Surrey Police traffic officers tweeted. The woman was not badly hurt but police said it was lucky "she wasn't seriously injured or killed". She was treated at the scene by paramedics. No arrests have been made, police added. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-surrey-54217327
  38. susieice

    RBG dead at 87

    I just saw this too. She was such a fighter. What a life she led. This is sad. My condolences to her family. https://6abc.com/politics/justice-ruth-bader-ginsburg-dies-at-87-supreme-court-says/6442638/?fbclid=IwAR0cI6BGNT9HzVai9jIMsgTOLCvlcfjS08RWtq_-FuBq-uUnq6pUCMBXWKs
  39. stereologist

    White House interferes with Testing

    Politicians should do what politicians are good at and that is not science or medicine or sports or construction or ... Get it everyone? https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/17/health/coronavirus-testing-cdc.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage A good politician gets people excited and ready to do their best. Here we clearly have people making sure that people are not doing their best.
  40. Scholar4Truth

    Mandela Effect

    I'm surprised people have fallen for the Mandela Effect. I admit when it first came out I was stumped but after research and using common sense I found it was due to my faulty memory. The changing of product labels, brands happen all the time, its how companies sell their products. When it comes to movie lines/films people forget some of them have been remastered and the audio quality has improved. So it should be no surprised lines are often misheard especially if the audio was poor when the films first came out which were later corrected. Also it could be that at times people use websites and search engines just to mess with people's heads to make them think they are seeing things that are not there because it gets hits and clicks to generate views and conversation.
  41. A rare Roman gaming piece has been discovered by archaeologists working alongside council workers on the Northgate development in Chester. The artefact, made from bone, was found with other Roman relics including a comb, a possible spearhead and a pin or broach. The lozenge-shaped gaming piece, just over an inch long (29mm), is highly polished, probably from use, and features a common Roman ring and dot motif. Experts link it to Ludus Latrunculorum, meaning the Game of Mercenaries - a two-player military strategy board game played throughout the Roman Empire, similar to draughts. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-54092196 https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/piece-roman-board-game-found-chester-england-180975793/
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    Ocular migraines should be called eyegraines.
  44. susieice

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    Again, Ghislaine's privacy doesn't justify keeping her depositions sealed. They should be released around the 22nd iirc. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-people-ghislaine-maxwell/epstein-accuser-says-ghislaine-maxwells-deposition-should-be-made-public-idUSKBN26031R
  45. Picking the kids up from school takes on a different meaning for crocodylian parents. In this photo, taken by India-based photographer Dhritiman Mukherjee, a male freshwater gharial shows us why. Bobbing in the waters of northern India's National Chambal Sanctuary, the croc waits as more than 100 of his month-old children clamber onto his back for safe passage. "Other crocs carry their young about in their mouths," Patrick Campbell, the senior curator of reptiles at London's Natural History Museum, told BBC.com. "But for the gharial, the unusual morphology of the snout means this is not possible. So the young have to cling to the head and back for that close connection and protection." https://www.sciencealert.com/this-overwhelmed-croc-is-piggybacking-100-babies-after-mating-with-7-or-8-females
  46. Oregon braces for a "mass fatality incident" as wildfires rage in western states https://www.cbsnews.com/news/oregon-wildfires-state-braces-for-mass-fatality-incident/
  47. spartan max2

    Kamala Harris Told Jacob Blake

    It wasn't even resiting arrest the got him shot. Resiting arrest got his tazed. Reaching for a weapon/looking like he was reaching for a weapon is what got him shot.
  48. OverSword

    Americans Chanting “Death to America”

    And there we have it. The real reason for the protests. It's never been about reforming or defunding the police. The real reason is a bunch of spoiled children got brainwashed in college by America hating leftist professors. Their goal is to tear down the system and replace it with a leftist utopia otherwise known as hell on earth. They will fail.