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  1. Noteverythingisaconspiracy

    Inexplicable proof of man in Shroud= Jesus.

    The bible was created by men. So was the shroud. There I showed you what an ignorant atheist can say...... wait that didn't come out right.
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  3. Wrong evolutionary branch. Queenslanders are a case of convergent evolution and developed from the line of the rat to the weasel, eventually leading to the Yorkshireman.
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    Trying my hand at baking....it's alright as long as the smoke alarm doesn't go off, right?
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    My neighbor just got arrested for growing marijuana. I guess my property line isn’t where I thought it was.
  6. Well ya, the stones don't want their image tarnished by association. Can't blame them for wanting to use the music ,but, ya can't always get what ya want
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    How do you milk sheep? Release another iPhone
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    The finished product. I hope it tastes as good as it looks!
  10. A wedding ceremony in rural Patna a fortnight ago where the groom was running high fever and died two days later his wedding, with his body cremated without being tested for Covid-19, appears to have set off the biggest infection chain in Bihar so far, health department officials said on Tuesday. More than 100 people have tested positive in Paliganj sub-division of Patna district, about 55 km from the state capital, in the last few days, out of over 350 who have been tested upon contact tracing, they said. Fifteen of his relatives who attended the wedding tested positive for the contagion and apparently infected others. On June 15, the date of wedding, he was running high fever and wanted the ceremony to be deferred, but relented upon the insistence of family members who made him swallow paracetamol tablets and go through the rituals. https://www.hindustantimes.com/patna/wedding-in-bihar-sets-off-biggest-covid-infection-chain-groom-dead-over-100-infected/story-xyF3JxZMXJmRjsjYsTCvXI.html
  11. She's had many months to assemble an A-Bomb of info in a dossier and hide it with a "dead man's switch". They may well fear to kill her if they think everything would hit the net within hours.
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    The Doors, 1971, Riders On The Storm the last song recorded and released by Morrison and the band
  13. I don't think she was in France with that whole EU stopping American travel because of Coronavirus thing.
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    Experienced sleep paralysis for the first time last night. Had a hideous woman looking figure sitting on my chest strangling me with long dirty fingers. This morning I swear I can still hear her shrieking and scratching at the walls upstairs...
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    (Drunkard one) Did you get any breakfast (Drunkard two) No not a drop.
  16. Manwon Lender


    Yea you may be right, I suppose that's why the European Union just banned entry to Americans as of 01 July 2020, because the threat is just a hoax. Peace
  17. Captain Risky

    Support for Brexit is collapsing

    Support for Brexit is collapsing as poll finds big majority of British people want to be in the EU A newly released survey found just 35% of British people supporting Brexit, with 57% wanting to rejoin the European Union. The nearly 60% of people who told the European Social Survey that they wanted Britain to be in the EU was far greater than the 48% who backed Remain in 2016. Support for EU membership has risen across Europe, the survey said https://www.businessinsider.com.au/brexit-poll-most-british-people-want-to-rejoin-eu-2020-6?r=US&IR=T
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    The Nigerian football team were so disappointed with Tuesdays performance that they have said they will personally refund all expenses to fans that travelled to support them. All they need to do is send bank details, sort codes and PIN's, and they will transfer the money directly.
  19. Dear UM, I will try and break this post into sections that are more easily digestible as it covers a huge amount of information. These will be as follows: 1. Facts pertaining to the incident that proves we are dealing with something unknown. 2. The skeptical view and the counter argument- The debunking videos produced by Mick West and Thunderf00t and the rebuttals to their rebuttals will be posted here. This section is key to understanding why this case remains unexplained. 3. A list of other sources, articles and interviews that corroborate any statements I might make in this thread. I will attempt to stick only to the facts as the case is presented. This information is not new, I have already posted most of it in other threads, but i feel it was lost amongst the noise and hope that this post clears things up for everyone. 1. The Nimitz Carrier Strike Group This was an incident that took place off the coast of mexico in 2004. It involved an entire strike group which was out on a training exercise. Pilots and Radar Operators alike, including some of the most experienced personnel available at the time, were involved in an engagement with a UFO and a USO. The following video is an excellent summary of the case and its background, if you only know part of this story I highly recommend you watch this as a refresher: 1.1 The Official Announcement https://www.defense.gov/Newsroom/Releases/Release/Article/2165713/statement-by-the-department-of-defense-on-the-release-of-historical-navy-videos/ "After a thorough review, the department has determined that the authorised release of these unclassified videos does not reveal any sensitive capabilities or systems, and does not impinge on any subsequent investigations of military air space incursions by unidentified aerial phenomena. "DOD [Department of Defense] is releasing the videos in order to clear up any misconceptions by the public on whether or not the footage that has been circulating was real, or whether or not there is more to the videos. The aerial phenomena observed in the videos remain characterized as 'unidentified'." 1.2 The Videos https://www.navair.navy.mil/foia/documents To clear up any confusion regarding who recorded these videos,and when, it is as follows: FLIR.mp4 - This was recorded in 2004 by pilots sent to investigate the unexplained radar returns seen by the USS Princeton, part of the Nimitz Strike Carrier group. The object was first confirmed visually and then recorded optically by the FLIR camera of an F-18 sent out on a second intercept mission after the return of the eyewitness's who had engaged with the object initially. GOFAST and GIMBAL - These were recorded in 2014 and 2015 respectively by pilots flying out from the USS Theodore Roosevelt during training exercises. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2. The skeptical view and the counter argument: Since the release of these videos there have been a number of attempts to explain what is shown in them by independent scientific investigation of the available data. This is to be applauded as it is a vital role in discovering any potential hoax or miss-identification before classifying these as truly unknown objects. This is where Mick West, and to a lesser extent Thunderf00t, enter the stage with an attempt to explain what is being recorded in these videos. I highly recommend watching these but I must also issue a word of caution. Following these videos there will be a rebuttal of them by Dave Falch, a FLIR expert consulted by Mick West in order to make his video. Please listen to both sides before you make your conclusions: 2.1 The Mick West:explanation 2.2 Thunderf00t: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfhAC2YiYHs Mick West appears to make a solid argument, however upon digging a little deeper we find that all is not as it seems. The first and most obvious of the problems with Mick West's theory on the GIMBAL video is that he consulted a FLIR expert named Dave Falch in order to get his expert opinion of his afterburner theory, but unfortunately for Mick West, Dave Falch did not agree with his findings. Dave Falch produced video footage, recorded by himself, of an F-18 afterburner as seen through a FLIR camera in order to show Mick West that they are not a match. Dave Falch went further by explaining in detail why this cannot be the case in this video but this was ignored by Mick West, who took that footage and misrepresented it in the debunk video as actual proof of his theory. This resulted in a breakdown of the friendship between them, after months of work, and a public rebuttal being issued by Dave Falch. For more information regarding other flaws in both Mick West's and Thunderf00t's debunking efforts I highly recommend watching the following: For the full interview and explanation by Dave Falch, including a large amount of FLIR footage for yourselves to make comparisons against please watch: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. A list of other sources, articles and interviews The following videos contain interviews with the actual personnel who were involved in these incidents. I will start with the Nimitz Encounter. Commander David Fravor - Head of the Black Ace 1 Squadron and one of four eyewitnesses to the initial call to investigate: 3.1 Short clip confirming the video is of the same object he encountered Full Interview: The video above is an interview with one of the pilots and the following is an interview with a consultant to the AATIP program: 3.2 Further reading: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/26/us/politics/ufo-sightings-navy-pilots.html https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/28231/multiple-f-a-18-pilots-disclose-recent-ufos-encounters-new-radar-tech-key-in-detection https://aerospaceamerica.aiaa.org/features/mystery-of-the-damn-things/ And so my question to you, Dear UM, is, what possible explanations are there? Any answer should fit all of the available data without omission. Please be precise if you wish to dispute the facts related in any of the above, namaste!
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    While I'm on Hugh Cornwell, check out this Latin version of Golden Brown, with the man himself on guest vocal! https://youtu.be/zy8Y3R4dXyc
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    The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection.
  22. 6 points
    What an idiot is Boris Johnson. If you are re-opening bars and restaurants, with social distancing and other procedures to figure out, you do not do it on a Saturday (the busiest day) .
  23. Cookie Monster

    Gislaine Maxwell arrested in New Hampshire

    With Mr Orange it would certainly explain the behaviour of the left towards him. Not if he was involved, but if Bill Clinton and other lefty leaders used Epstein`s services. It would explain the obsession with getting rid of him via any means possible.
  24. How many kids attended who will be damaged for life?
  25. susieice

    Lennon or McCartney?

    So individually gifted. I don't know of any other band that broke up and every member hit a solid solo career. People move from band to band but these four were really talented in their own right. No wonder they changed music like they did.
  26. Manwon Lender

    European Union bans American Travel to Europe

    It is a two way street at this point, starting 01 July 2020 they will not be able to travel here either according to their Governments Guidelines. Peace
  27. OverSword

    New Chinese pandemic could hit us

    Oh Hooray!! A new swine flu. Just what we need
  28. Isn't the point of entertainment to escape reality? Does it actually matter who voices who. I don't care if an albino midget voices Bruce Banner, so long as they do a good job. How many of us put much thought about who voices what character? I know I never did. PC culture sucks.
  29. A 55-year-old keeper at Zurich's zoo was killed by one of the park's Siberian tigers, officials in the Swiss city said Saturday Horrified visitors raised the alarm after seeing the tiger attack the female keeper inside the big cat enclosure shortly after 1 p.m. (1100 GMT) Saturday, prompting staff members to rush to her aid. They were able to lure the Siberian tiger, named Irina, away from their colleague and out of the enclosure while first responders tried to revive the injured keeper. “Sadly all help came too late. The woman died at the scene,” Zurich police spokeswoman Judith Hoedl said. Link to Source and Full Article : https://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/swiss-zookeeper-dies-tiger-attack-inside-enclosure-71611112
  30. If you can’t visit Stonehenge, perhaps you can get a ring with the UNESCO landmark inside of it! There is an old adage that says, “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight that counts; it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” In other words, it’s irrelevant how big the animal is; if he’s blessed with a fighting spirit, even a tiny one, like a Chihuahua, can take on a pit bull and be victorious. So when a British jewelry designer, Theo Fennell, created an 18 K gold ring with a mini version of Stonehenge under its “lid,” its size may have been small but its value was huge — 22,000 pounds, or about $27,000 (USD). https://www.thevintagenews.com/2020/07/04/stonehenge-ring/
  31. Piney

    Trump Mount Rushmore

    Indian Healthcare Act Indian Child Protection Act to protect us from the Mormons Indian Religious Freedom Act Now go back to beating your rocks until your called for.
  32. 5 points
    So flat earthers have conceded that the world is round but only because it is swollen from the covid virus and has a problem social distancing but do expect things to level out
  33. Hankenhunter

    Gislaine Maxwell arrested in New Hampshire

    I do. I read some very damming information that I can't post yet. Ferreting out info can be fun, but frustrating, as Susieice can confirm. It takes awhile to put the pieces together. More big news is coming. But, I've been saving this for a special occasion.
  34. Kittens Are Jerks

    Gislaine Maxwell arrested in New Hampshire

    With Epstein gone, she's now at the top of the investigation. She may 'sing' to strike some kind of deal because if found guilty, she will face a gazillion years in prison.
  35. Oh yea, those inconvenient "facts".....
  36. Hi Xeno I am going to go with if god doesn't have the cure for the pandemic then god is likely self isolating to save us. jmccr8
  37. 5 points
    The huge amount of money that Mexico paid for The Wall was diverted into the President's very own hard rock vanity project. Despite protests from Sioux leaders, he will travel to South Dakota on Friday, to officially unveil his likeness at the newly renamed 'Mount Trumpmore'. --- Metchley Gazette.
  38. God is an idea and the only one listening is your subconscious, which then rearranges awareness leading to confirmation bias. The thinker thinks and the prover proves.
  39. acute


    Don't bother asking! It won't get you anywhere. I have been asking Monty for a link to an article or website (anything I can read, watch, or listen to) about his recurring 'Bill Gates covid vaccine/virus' theme, but without any success. I can only assume these are his own Conspiracy Theories.
  40. Manwon Lender


    Honestly where do you get your information from, is there an article you can post, or a link you can post, I would like to see it personally. Peace
  41. Jerry Gallo

    Trump to help fostering program

    To the contrary, same sex couples can do what they want, they just might not be able to do so where they want. Trying to force faith-based organizations to violate their conscience and principles is an act of war on religion.
  42. jaylemurph

    Peruvian stone walls

    That might have been a little more cutting were it not delivered /three months/ after its posting... --Jaylemurph
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  44. Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jun/27/loreal-to-remove-words-like-whitening-from-skincare-products And here: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/06/27/business/loreal-removes-word-whitening-fair-skincare-products/index.html Okay.... so "white" and every word associated to it, is becoming something bad? When will it become so bad, that being white is unacceptable? WIll the next step then be to avenge historical wrongdoings? To start a white holocaust? You might think that the above sounds crazy, but history tells a different story. It's not only possible. It has happened several times. Just not to white people. Yet.
  45. Sherapy

    You don't have a soul

    You were not proven correct, it was shown that your memory is not infallible. Chrlz put the time and effort into showing this. You claim expertise in Psychology, yet do not know account for the limits of memory, well now you do. I personally thank Chrlz for his efforts in this area.
  46. Dejarma

    Oak Island Solved

    it's a fantasy thing I guess- & why not? Some folk like living in fantasy, they need it- personally I like the real world.. I find it more interesting