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  1. QAnon is not the only movement getting worked up over Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis. Conspiracy theorists on the extreme fringe also suspect that Trump—who they believe might be an immortal alien—might have contracted coronavirus in an attempt to shed his mortal flesh and shapeshift into something else. Steenberg started an online petition three years ago called “Disclose: Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us.” His website highlights the bulk of his theories and with nearly 30,000 Twitter followers and over 10,000 signatures on his petition, Steenberg is confident he knows the truth. Full monty at Vice Magazine:Link
  2. The sad thing is the media actually gives him a moment.
  3. Why is this small group of doctors and scientists to be believed over the countless thousands worldwide saying the complete opposite, especially given that the evidence would seem to contradict much of what they are saying ?
  4. 19 points
    Good news! I found out yesterday at my doctor's appt. that after 2 weeks of bone scans, blood work and an aspiration I do not have any infection in my hip or leg!! Now for the fun part, trying to figure out what's causing the pain. I see another doc on Sept 8th to see if it could by my sciatic nerve.
  5. Liquid Gardens

    Atheists versus facts, truths, and goodness

    "Altheists" is misspelled in your title, that is a fact.
  6. Good for her! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9375963/Asian-woman-76-leaves-man-bloodied-stretcher-attacked-San-Fransisco-street.html Xiao Zhen Xie said she was standing at a traffic crossing on Market Street on Wednesday when a man punched her in the face The 76-year-old grabbed a stick to defend herself and began beating the man She then lunged at him again while he was being taken away on a stretcher The 39-year-old man has been arrested in connection with Xie's attack as well as another against an Asian man on Wednesday Xie yelled at him in Cantonese: 'You bum, why did you bully me?' The incidents come amid a rise in attacks on Asian Americans and Asians living in the United States
  7. 18 points
    My wife asked me today if I had seen the dog bowl... I said I didn’t know he could!
  8. 18 points
    Sitting by myself outside the hospital with no one to talk to. My daughter had convulsions, was taken to hospital by ambulance and I can't be in there with her. All the selfish people who ignored the recommendations and would not wear masks i blame for the way hospitals have to take precautions. They never think how it will affect others around them for them to have their 'rights'
  9. 18 points
    Hubby is feeling better, had to come home for a bit as he's having his temporary port put in and then dialysis for 3 hours, which I cannot visit at that time. He will hopefully get to come home tomorrow, they are keeping him another night. I am so fortunate to have such great friends, one of them offered to fix supper for my son and I this evening.
  10. Link The dwarf planet Ceres – long believed to be a barren space rock – is an ocean world with reservoirs of sea water beneath its surface, the results of a major exploration mission showed on Monday.
  11. Noteverythingisaconspiracy

    Inexplicable proof of man in Shroud= Jesus.

    The bible was created by men. So was the shroud. There I showed you what an ignorant atheist can say...... wait that didn't come out right.
  12. zep73

    my idiot neighbours

    Look at Italy, Spain and New York City. They have so many dead bodies, they don't know where to put them. That's what your rebellion will accomplish.
  13. Harte

    R.I.P kmt_sesh

    Sent this message to them. Harte
  14. micahc

    Trump "aces" cognitive test

    When he got back from Walter Reed, Melania put a gold star on the test and pinned it to the Fridge. Little Donnie got 4 scoops of ice cream that night. He is such a little smartie.
  15. Even more problematic are the facts that Pontius Pilate, as a Roman Prefect, was under no obligation to mete out any punishment in support of Jewish law or custom and the name “Barabbas”, strictly speaking, means “son of the father” convoluting the story even further. Sounds like an ancient case of “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullscheise” IMO. cormac
  16. 16 points
    I tried calling the Tinnitus Hotline today but it just kept ringing.
  17. OverSword

    Plot to kidnap Governor of Michigan

    Did he say kidnap the governor? Get real. They are responsible for their actions not trump.
  18. OverSword

    Looting in Minneapolis

    Weak. I think that's why you are so focused on little crap you can not change. Because you feel powerless. You can't change trump, but you can change yourself. You can focus on yourself and taking positive action in the world like me. What you do now is let rage consume you leaving you more and more impotent every day. You know what I did after I witnessed my city getting trashed on Saturday night? I woke up Sunday morning, went to the store, bought a push-broom, bleach and scrub brushes, walked downtown and joined my fellow people of positive action in scrubbing graffiti and sweeping glass. What did you do? You got on UM and and made farcical, senseless, impotent rage posts. Powerless.
  19. The number of deaths by COVID19 in the USA will rise to the point that whole cities will be blocked: no one in, no one out; Because of this the already volatile situation in the US will give birth to massive outbreaks of violence. Just a bit short of a civil war; Some self promoted 'messiah' will stir the masses, but will be gunned down, as is tradition in the US; China takes advantage of the situation in the US, and will send warships to Taiwan. It will be Russia who shall prevent this to escalate, with the help of Australia; We will receive odd signals from the direction of Saturn, or better, from one of its moons; A woman's head will be severed from her diseased body, and kept alive. She will be on tv, speaking to the people while being kept alive via a hearth-lung machine. It will be the Oprah Winfrey show where she will show up; Oprah Winfrey will be killed by some religious idiot who thinks that the 'talking severed head' is a blasphemy; Other religious idiots in the USA will destroy the containers where people are stored in cryogenic suspension (or whatever it is called in Angry-Saxon); A major archeaological discovery in the centre of the Amazonian rainforest. Erdogan, the president of Turkey, will be caught by an angry mob, and hanged in a plaza in the centre of Izmir; A famous Turkish businessman will be the new president, and the religious fanatics who had supported Erdogan will flee to the mountains; In some country - I can't see which one - a dam will burst, and the resulting flood will kill many villages; A very heavy earthquake in the Carpatians. Thousands will die; A cure will be found for rheumatism. A real cure, that is. Old people crippled by this disease will dance in the streets; Betelgeuse, a giant red star, finally explodes. It will be visible even during the day. People will be scared, but at the end it will turn out to be nothing but a beautiful heavenly spectacle. Of course not after thousands, under the spiritual guidance of yet another messianic nutcase, have killed themselves; Finally: nuclear fusion will be achieved. A company, called Convectron, will be the one publicly announcing their success. Their fusion process is based on bol lightning. They will also announce that it will make travelling to the stars a realistic goal. Why? They will announce another discovery... Thanks for your attention, and I wish you all a Happy New Year!
  20. 15 points
    Something horrible just happened to me... I was eating lunch and had a mouth full of food, when I suddenly sneezed. The food came out my nose!!! That hurts!
  21. 15 points
    NASA: We can’t send an astronaut to the sun. He’ll burn. D.Trump: What if we send him at night?
  22. 15 points
    National Pizza Day
  23. 15 points
    AAAACCCCUUUUTTTEEE!....... AAAACCCCUUUUTTTEEE!....... @ACUTE..........Where you at Round Boy?????
  24. seanjo

    Will Donald Trump cause a Civil War?

    Trump wont cause civil war, left-wing zealots that can't accept democracy will.
  25. 15 points
    Today I learned... You can tell the difference between an alligator and a crocodile by paying attention to whether the reptile see's you later, or in a while.
  26. Jodie.Lynne

    History Channel spanked

    Soooo you are 100% OK with stating that any non-white civilization, could only have prospered with outside assistance? The Britons could construct Stonehenge, but the Mayans couldn't construct pyramids?
  27. Waspie_Dwarf

    my idiot neighbours

    Come to the hospital where I work and see the four refrigerated containers holding the bodies because the mortuary is full. It might just sink in how truly imbecilic and dangerous posts like your really are, but I doubt it. There are always those prepared to let the innocent die because of their own political or religious views.
  28. 14 points
    Me: [donating body to Science] Science: [donates my body to Goodwill]
  29. 14 points
    Mark Zuckerberg has denied being a lizard. Exactly the kind of denial a shape-shifting extraterrestrial reptilian would come out with.
  30. JVG

    R.I.P kmt_sesh

    This is very sad news. I enjoyed reading John’s post he was a very knowledgeable gentleman...
  31. They had HUGE plants - and not just for Softing Stones.
  32. 14 points
    I lost a good friend who I have known for over 40 years to the virus. His family could only say goodbye by phone. I hate this virus and can only think it could have been prevented early on...
  33. jaylemurph

    Roman coin found in Montana?

    Roman coins turn up all over the place. Rather the same way humans do. Probably some link between those two things. —Jaylemurph
  34. 14 points
    A man was found guilty of overusing commas. The judge warned him to expect a really long sentence.
  35. 14 points
    Check in Status: I'm doing well. Dealing with extreme fatigue and body aches. Cough is getting a little more frequent. Fever is holding steady around 99.4 with meds. The person that exposed me to it was hospitalized last night and they're talking about possibly putting her on a ventilator in the next couple of days if she doesn't show improvement. My kids are showing no signs of sickness. Hoping this is the only thing in this post that continues on it's current path.
  36. 14 points
    Good day. Soooo....the heat and humidity's back.
  37. 14 points
  38. 14 points
    Good morning again.
  39. 14 points
    Word of the day Kids!!1 Covidiot. A unmasked woman in a crowded protest with a unmasked infant MasterBlastered to her back is a Covidiot A unmasked redneck in a crowded protest wearing a bullet proof vest and carrying a Build-a-Bear.....ahem...a Bushmaster AR-15 (Like it will protect him from the virus huh?) is a Covidiot A knucklehead who buys hundreds of bog rolls and now has to eat them because he forgot the food is a Covidiot
  40. Aman Tuleyev — one of President Vladimir Putin’s longest-serving regional leaders — has copped to arranging bogus sightings of the yeti to attract tourists in Siberia, East2West News reported. Tuleyev, 76, who was governor of Kemerovo Oblast from 1997 to 2018, ordered a tall bureaucrat to wear an Abominable Snowman outfit so he could be spotted in the bushes by visitors to the cash-strapped Siberian region. But despite the Bigfoot-like stunt, the former presidential candidate said he doesn’t rule out the mythical creature’s existence. Full story at the NY Post: Link
  41. 13 points
    Nailed it!
  42. It's gives people reassurance for their anxiety. But can turn into a crutch and a detriment when used as a excuse not to act to better the world.
  43. Occupational Hubris

    U.S. House passes two Democratic-backed gun

    Forget gun control. We need term limits, campaign finance reform, and an end to jerrymandering
  44. spartan max2

    Supreme Court dismisses Texas AGs Lawsuit

    I told y'all the supreme court was going to punt this case. Hopefully now everyone will calm down. Trump is lieing to you guys. Let this sink it. A conservative majority supreme court (3 of which are not just GOP appointees but Trump appointees) There is no fraud.
  45. *Do what you will, but do no harm*
  46. 13 points
    Cape May. Been to that lighthouse a lot of times. The land going to the right is an Audubon bird sanctuary and a major stopover for Monarch Butterflies.
  47. 13 points
    Good morning folks. Busy?
  48. Wrong evolutionary branch. Queenslanders are a case of convergent evolution and developed from the line of the rat to the weasel, eventually leading to the Yorkshireman.