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We are going to begin pre-production of a full length feature film in January 2004 and I am curious to see what will happen.

It is based on my own experiences with my 'ghost' who was someone I knew in 1716.

He is somewhat famous...not like George Washington famous, but at least 80% of the population will know who it is.

There is a lot of information out there about him, but none as complete or accurate as mine. Sure..it will open up all sorts of commentary and argument. I will be called a lot of things...I suppose! grin2.gif But I don't care!

I feel that the public deserves the truth. Now, whether or not they believe it? It's up to them.

This 'ghost' of mine typically reacts badly to people knowing about me and him. It is a protection issue. But he has known my intentions for some time now. From the notes, to the writing of the script, to seeking funding, and now receiving it! He is about to become a 'household name'!

NO, there is no fear of anyone coming to harm, just little things happening. It will be interesting anyway and certainly NEVER a dull moment!

The site is down at the moment, but...check it out in a couple of days--technical issues, you know.


Go to the MOVIE PAGE.

NO...this is NOT an advertising gimmick for me. Trust me, we don't need one. This thing will care for itself! And if you have any questions or comments? Feel free!!! thumbsup.gif

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