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UFO's battle! - July 6, 2007 - Kelowna, BC

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QUOTE(dcman @ Jul 17 2007, 07:50 PM)

Also an update and another clip after she appeared on the Montel Williams Show with World-renowned psychic Fraud Sylvia Browne . HBCC UFO Research's personal thoughts is that Sylvia Browne was way off the mark on her take on what took place with the two ladies.

Close the book on this one......End of story thumbdown.gif

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Nick Pope said that the RAF has tried to shoot down UFOs over Britain, but they never got one. I don't know if anyone ever has got one, or how they would do it. He claims there were even "dog fights" with UFOs from time to time.

I know the US military has often chased them, and sometimes tried to fire on them, but I don't think they ever hit one.

I'm still not convinced that all the ETs are hostile, though, since they seem to avoid attacks and confrontations with us.

Is it a good idea to just start blazing away at these UFOs without really knowing their motives and intentions?


A long time in Mexcico a plane crashed with a U.F.O near the border with U.S.A. The Americans recovered the U.F.O after the Mexican Army somehow 'died'.

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Sounds like a weather balloon to me.

Best reply all week! Ya can always tell a Texan!

We gotta stick together us Texans!

post-68971-013671900 1281906905_thumb.jp

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The E3D Sentry (the aircraft sighted) wouldn't be much use at all. Its eyes not ears. Its just RADAR - Enemy aircraft can fly underneath ground based RADAR - this removes that advantage.

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