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Hospitals' car parking price hike

Commander CMG

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Car parking charges at two Nottinghamshire hospitals are going up by as much as 50%.

The charges for a six-hour stay at Kings Mill hospital in Sutton-in-Ashfield and Newark Hospital are going up from £3 to £4.50.

An hour's parking rises by 30p to £1.50 with the prices fixed for two years.

Hospital managers said the cash generated would pay for new spaces and increased security, including more CCTV and patrols.

Full story here

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I probably spend more time in hospital car parks than most as my son will spend up to 20 days in hospital each year.

The stays are generally a couple of days a month, but my thoughts on hospital car park pricing, and yes I have my fair share of grumblings on the subject….

1. What you want are hospital visitors, and not people using as a convenient stop to get their shopping done.

2. Weekly and monthly tickets are available from my experience, which reduce the cost dramatically.

3. If you have a cut finger, you are less likely to park at the hospital and waste hospital time, which would be better placed elsewhere.

4. You do not have to visit relatives or family in hospital.

5. Grab a taxi, or bus. The hospital I use has excellent transport services (although prior to 10pm). Unable to speak for other locations.

6. Tickets are transferable between cars (depending on you ethics).

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