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asteroid impact

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thruout the earth's long history, it has been bombarded by asteroids.. some small, but other huge ones responsible for the permian extinction that brought about the rise of the dinosaurs...and the late cretaceous one that brought the rise of mammals.. might have helped keep the plate tectonic movement going...on the surface the earth looks solid.. but it's just a cake of thin rock covering over a sea of molten lava... if left undisturbed, the continents would not move much, if any from the solidification of the rocks.. however, once in a while when a huge asteroid strikes the earths shatters the cooled cover layer, the forces of the impact breaks apart the thin cooled outer crust, stirring up the flowing molten lava underneath.. drifting the continents apart from the epicenter of the blast. impact cracks the once solid steady ground and now send them drifting. carried along by the lava underneath until they collide into other continents or until the cracks cool down and becomes solid again.... imagine the south pole..with the frozen ice being the cooled lava and the sea being the molten lava.. you know the sea is flowing underneath but unless you crack the ice on top you will not know or feel it... if an object slams into the ice you stand on and hits it hard enough to break entire shelf of ice.. you'd notice the ice will drift and collide and continue to do so until the newly exposed fissures and surfaces freezes on and so on....

just a thought.. have you ever wondered why the continents look the way they do today? and remember the impact site of the last great extinction?? like looking at a game of just look like something struck the land so hard around the land of the yucatan area that it split africa from south america bumped antarctica to the south..along with australia..with australia moving south east.. and the law of physics..where 2 things cannot occupy the same space at the same time.. it pushes india up north west and collides with asia to form the himalayas.... whie north america splits from europe..all the white drifting north..

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