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How to induce an OOBE

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This has been taken from The Paranormal Investigators Handbook.

There are several means of inducing an OOBE, most of which involve what might be loosely termed relaxation, self-hypnosis or meditation techniques. One of the more successful of these is the ‘Christos technique’. This method was developed by an Australian journalist named G. Glaskin in 1974 and involves trying to displace your centre of consciousness from your physical body. You will ideally need two friends to help you out.

1.      Take your shoes off and lie down on your back in a slightly darkened room and get comfortable.

2.      Play some gentle music in the background.

3.      Next, get a helper to massage your feet and ankles. They will need to do this very firmly to get the full effect.

4.      The second person should also massage your forehead by placing the soft part of their clenched fist on it and rubbing hard. This needs to continue for several minutes.

After some time you will begin to feel slightly light-headed and even a bit disorientated. Your feet should start to tingle as well. If you are trying this alone, then the alternative is to use standard relaxation techniques.

5.      Try breathing in and out slowly and deeply while imagining that there is a warm relaxing sensation that starts at your feet and then moves up through your body.

6.      As this warm feeling passes up through your body, mentally describe the effect it is having on each part of it. By the time the feeling has reached your head your body will feel totally relaxed and incapacitated.

When you are completely relaxed, start imagining that your head and feet are stretching slightly and then returning to their normal shape. Keep doing this, imagining that your feet and head are stretching further each time you do it. When you can imagine that they are stretching your body length by another metre or so, start to imagine that your body is swelling up outwards until it fills the entire room.

One of your helpers (in their absence do it yourself) should then ask you to that you are outside your front door and to ask you to describe everything that you see there. They should then ask you that you float upwards to see a better view of the town or village.

To focus your mind and enhance the experience your helpers must get you to describe everything in great detail.

The session will normally end with you returning back into your body, but your helpers can talk you back down if need be.


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Ah, finally an alternative method! :)

Tried this myself once--using a different book with similar step-by-step methods. Didn't work for me, unfortunately, but as I read on I discovered that a success takes about a dozen attempts. I also had a bit of trouble with concentration because my room wasn't quiet enough, and at one point, my brother burst in, looking for a magazine, so that just about spoiled everything. ::)

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