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Hard Evidence Of The Yeti Found

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The team of people who visited Butahn recently in an attempt to find evidence of the Yeti, were followed by a TV documentary last night called To The Ends Of The Earth : Hunt For The WildMan.

The programme was very good indeed, and after seeing the forests in which they were trekking, it's not difficult to believe that a large man beast could be living there. The forests are rich, diverse and very isolated, the ideal habitat for a creature such as the Yeti, which is yet unknown to science.

The team came up with some amazing things. They discovered a fresh Yeti footprint, and after much searching, found what the tracker claimed to be a Yeti Lair. In the lair, they discovered a single hair, which was sent away to be DNA tested.

The lab which tested the hair discovered that the DNA in the hair could not be matched to any known species of animal. Is this at last conclusive evidence of the Yeti's existence ?

Does anyone know anything else about this - has the hair been tested again by someone else, and have any official conclusions been made ?

Heres a link to a news article on the find.,,2-108351,00.html

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