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Has missing aristocrat Lord Lucan been found

Commander CMG

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A Briton living in New Zealand in an old car, with a pet possum, has denied he is missing aristocrat Lord Lucan.

Neighbours became convinced homeless Roger Woodgate was the vanished peer because of his "upper-class" English accent and "military bearing".

But he says he is a former photographer who happened to move to New Zealand in the same year Lord Lucan went missing.

The 7th Earl of Lucan disappeared in 1974 after the murder of his children's nanny in Belgravia, London.


Mr Woodgate lives in a battered Land Rover near the country town of Marton with a cat, a pet possum called Redfern and goat named Camilla.

Neighbour Margaret Harris said she became convinced he was Lord Lucan after seeing a picture of the peer in an old magazine.

She told TVNZ: "I spotted this piece and I thought 'oh my God, don't tell me that's who he is?'.

Full story here

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Doing a Luncan may not be as successful after all? :P

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Ive always been intrested in the lucan story. the guy in that pic looks kind young to be him, are they both the same age.

i cant see Lucan ending up in a car he was educated well enough im sure he knew how to make a living.

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