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[Rule update] Medical & drug topics

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A couple of updates to the forum terms of service today.

The first is a paragraph added for clarification relating to topics about drugs:

2b. Illegal material: Do not post material which is violative of any law or which describes illegal activities such as taking drugs, the sale or promotion of weapons, hacking, downloading pirated software or music, participation in criminal offences or plans to enact criminal acts.

Note: To clarify; a discussion for example in response to a news item about drug legalisation is acceptable, but describing or promoting personal drug use, using the forum to organise the distribution of drugs or to promote, organise or undertake any other illegal act is strictly forbidden.

The second is a new rule covering the posting of topics requesting or offering medical advice:

2i. Medical advice: Do not use the forum to request medical assistance; while some visitors will offer their opinions on a medical question in an attempt to help out, most are not qualified to assist you and you are always best to seek the advice of your doctor. Discussions pertaining to medical topics, discoveries and research are acceptable so long as they avoid recommending treatments to specific members. Similarly, promoting or recommending alternative medications to visitors such as vitamin mega dosing, white powder of gold, psychic experience inducing drugs or anything similar is disallowed.

In other words, Unexplained Mysteries is not a medical or health forum, medical questions should be directed at your doctor.

Also, keep discussions on medical or drug related topics as general as possible; avoid bringing up personal drug use experiences, pharmaceutical recommendations to members or anything similar.


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