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An interview with Doug Yurchey: Part 1


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user posted image rDoug Yurchey: George Noory: Tonight we are going on a mystery cruise as we explore some ancient mysteries throughout this planet. Our special guest Doug Yurchey…he’s next with us on C2CAM [Coast to Coast AM, editor's note]. Doug Yurchey was born in Pittsburgh, PA. in 1951. While operating an art gallery, he encountered Katrina Statler, a psychic, who inspired him to dedicate his life to solving great mysteries. His research led him to the scientific genius, Nikola Tesla and because of his study and understanding of Tesla, Yurchey has literally rewritten history. The idea that our ancestors were technologically superior is a vital theme that he currently promotes. In 1990, Doug was hired as a background artist on the Simpsons television show and has become a successful Internet writer. Hey Doug, how are you?

Doug Yurchey: I am great. I am honored to be here. I am so happy to be here. I have tried to get on this show a number of times and I would never hear anything. This time, you guys came to me. I am pleased as punch.

G: You see how it works sometimes.

D: Yes, to not force something and just go with the flow. I guess someone on your staff heard about my ‘Atlantis Power Grid’ article.

G: Yes.

D: This has been spreading over the Internet. It was published in a beautiful, 100-page, British Magazine called Paranormal and also Society of Leyhunters. It actually started many years ago; I’ll back up and tell you a back story. I put it all together in an article called ‘Wireless World.’ This has been published through the 80s and 90s…it was in Official UFO, UNICUS, American Rebel, a number of other magazines, before I ever got to a computer. And I didn’t have the last 4 components. My grid is different from other world grids, has 13. There is something special about that number 13. If you would have read ‘Wireless World’ and came down to the last 4 components, the evidence is kind of scant…in Russia, ah, Sea of Japan, Brazil and Canada. I had hardly anything for those locations. Now, the most FAMOUS ones, the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge, Easter Island, the Incas, Plato’s Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean…those are common to other world grids.

G: Yes.

D: As soon as I saw this World Grid, obviously those were the ones in those positions…we knew what they were. It took years for me to find these other ones.

G: Explain to so many people who want to know what you mean by World Grid?

D: Well, I think I can give a case for the beginning, starting-point of the human race at these 13 different points. That changes everything. The map came from 1974. I was given this map. In 1978, I made the first realization…I was married to a psychic that channeled this map. George, I’m sure we’ve all wondered if you were to meet an advanced life form, what would you say? What would you ask? Like if you were in Betty and Barney Hill’s shoes.

G: Oh my God, Doug. I’d want to know where they were from? How they got here? Why they got here? What their life was like? What their planet looked like? It would be endless for me.

D: What I did…I think this is because I was premature. All you 9-monthers; I came out in 7. I HAD to know what life was about. I was asking…where did the human race come from? How did humans get on this planet? It wasn’t really about them. It was about human history. And they told me two things…this entity, through the ex-wife. This is sort of on the order of ‘Seth Speaks’ and Jane Roberts.

G: Yeah.

D: I lived with that for 4 and a half years. What they told me, two things that were very important to humans is…Atlantis, we all go back there…and reincarnation. I’m going to be referring, a number of times, to Edgar Cayce. You know, Edgar Cayce would agree with me.

G: And he doesn’t get his due. I’m a fan of his work, Doug, and I’m sure you are too. You’ve provided us also for those who have computers, not only a link to your website: Yurchey…y, u, r, c, h, e, y.com, but the energy grid graphic. The wireless energy grid that we’ll be talking about tonight in addition to everything else about some of these mysteries. But, let’s go back a little bit. People are saying here’s this great background artist for the Simpsons and he’s done a lot of work in this arena, but how did this beyond the meeting with the psychic, beyond the ex-wife, what made you the expert here?

D: Because I’ve studied this for 33 years. Because the marriage actually ended very badly. You know what I think happened, George? She channeled not just one entity; she channeled so many…good, bad, for 4 years, something I lived with, that I think she lost herself. This wasn’t the woman that loved me or I loved…she completely lost herself; it ended very bad.

G: That’s sad.

D: Yeah and there was a child involved. I think what I did was throw myself into making the best of a bad situation, throw myself into this science that I was learning. Here’s the thing, I’m going to give you a quote what the entity said to me. I was given this map; I simply asked how did the humans get here? Right here, two feet away from me, is the same globe. What the entity did, to answer my question; the entity grabbed this globe I have…and marked 13 places on the globe. What I did was put a marker and then a sticker and that’s where it all began. All they said…was these are ‘computer-parts.’ It worked as one global network. That’s all they said. They never said one word about Tesla. This was ’73 to ’77. The marriage ended in 1977. I discovered the work of Tesla in 1978. Here’s the quote: ‘It will mean more to you if you find out on your own, rather than us handing you the answers on a silver platter.’

G: (laughs).

D: They knew I was going to make the Tesla connection and make this big deal and really it has changed my life. You asked: why am I an expert? This became an obsession and I had to find out. At some point tonight, during the half hour breaks, I’d like to just go over the grid-points, not the most famous ones, maybe I can talk about Easter Island…

G: Why don’t you do those now? Because that sets the stage for a lot of the things we’re going to talk about.

D: OK and if anyone has any questions, I’ll answer. The most famous one, like I said, out in the Atlantic Ocean, a continent that probably sunk, the classic story, Stonehenge, Easter Island, the Incas and the Great Pyramid. I readily knew about them. In my article, Atlantis Power Grid, I hardly talk about them because there’s documentaries galore about all that. I wanted to talk about the lesser known ones. OK, I’ll start with Tassili. As a matter of fact, on the continent of Africa, you know how Africa is shaped? It looks like a dogleg.

G: Right.

D: It forms like a perfect triangle. We know where the Great Pyramid is located. Tassili is in the middle of the Sahara Desert to the west. And then there’s one southern called Zimbabwe. I’ll be talking about that too…but it forms a perfect triangle because the continent of Africa has not moved; it’s one tectonic plate. It’s the same distance from the Great Pyramid to Stonehenge…these are grid point like dimples on a golf ball or a geodesic dome. These are the distances of each pixel in the grid.

G: All these locations you’re giving us have objects or structures there…is that important or is it the location, the spot?

D: Both…both. Why weren’t they all Stonehenges? Why weren’t they all Easter Island statues? I think this was a power system that had different functions. And I actually believe, you’ve heard of Alan Landsburg, producer of In Search Of?

G: Yeah, yeah.

D: He called Tiahuanco ‘Earth Base One.’ I think he’s right. What I’ve learned…you can’t date a stone city. You can’t date when a stone was cut. How do you date these things? I look at something I call ‘reading the rocks.’ I am gauging the size and weight of the building blocks. What’s the next block to it? It’s cut so perfectly. In Tiahuanco, you have 200-ton blocks in an impossible place on the top of the Andes Mountains!

G: How did they get up there, Doug? (laughs)

D: Exactly. I was gonna start this off by asking you a question, George and say: How did the Indians get to the Americas?

G: Exactly, how’d that happen?

D: We know how the Europeans got here; we saw them come off the boats. Indians have a LONG history. How did they get here?

G: Or were they always here or did they come from some place else, some place above?

D: Well, they didn’t get here on boats. Because Heyerdahl’s better built Ra II sank 20 minutes after launch and that was the better built one. So, it wasn’t boats…now, here’s the thing. If they were to WALK here…that’s what everyone would think.

G: Yeah, they didn’t come in through the Bering Strait when everything was connected.

D: But, that’s the common belief. If that were true…then the first Indians, the Incas would have stone fortresses all over Canada. So, if they walked here, you want me to believe that they walked all the way down to South America, Peru and said, ‘hey, boys, let’s build titanic stone cities where nothing can grow.’ They would have stayed in the jungles where something grows, not grow in an impossible place. What actually happened was these were the survivors of Atlantis. I believe Cayce’s date of 12-13,000 years ago. To me, that was when the power plug of this World Grid was pulled.

G: Was pulled…

D: Once you destroy the towers…now this is TESLA and I’m going to get into Tesla and all that. But if you have a tower, like RADIO…sending out a signal, but only that’s how you get your electricity, around that certain range, once you do that and if you go to war and destroy that tower, it’s like ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still.’ All the machines drop; no machines work anymore because that power of induction powered everything and now you’ve destroyed the power centers. Anyway, I was going to say…in Tassili, there are cave painting in the middle of the Sahara Desert, these high caves, thousands of paintings; Great God Mars, looks like a diver Von Daniken pointed to. This was a time where they are painting thousands of murals on caves of lush meadows and farmlands and everything. Ah, so, these are like MEMORIES when it wasn’t a desert anymore, but a lush, green, fertile land. Something changed it and I know what did that with these other things too. There were ancient atomic wars and that’s what caused it. But, the first destruction was 12-13,000 years ago when simply the power plug was pulled. It stranded Easter Island. They could move certain things, but they realized; they thought their receiver was the problem. So they just kept making statue after statue after statue. And then they realized, ‘Oh no, the problem is at the transmitter.’

G: Did every point on this wireless energy grid work with the other? I mean, did you need everyone to function?

D: Yeah, if you’re gonna, if you’re going to…look. What, what sunk that continent? That was the main one that fed all the other ones. So, it sank because, I actually think that the story is…in Atlantean lore…

G: So that was almost like the power plant, you’re saying?

D: Absolutely WAS and that was the exact word Cayce used…powerhouse and power station. His book on Atlantis; it’s not a book about Atlantis; it’s a book that takes you there. He was trying to help people. You know, his sons put together all those books on different categories. Page for page, that’s one of the greatest books ever written; because he takes you to Atlantis and he wasn’t an educated man, Edgar Cayce. And he’s talking about ‘rays from stones powered the pleasure vehicles.’ That’s one line. So, this is TESLA. Rays from stones; see, people don’t realize that these ancient stones could be electrified. They could go into oscillation and carry on a world frequency. This is exactly what Tesla wanted. See, Tesla, we know…

G: Let me ask you this…we’ll get into Tesla in a moment…

D: OK.

G: These 13 points all around the planet…

D: It shows human occupation, ADVANCED human occupation; mysteriously arrived and mysteriously destroyed.

G: But, some of them were different time periods.

D: No, no. That’s my point. I can make a case for 13 simultaneous…see, the point is it’s all organized. If it formed a grid, worldwide, this isn’t a coincidence. This is a PATTERN.

G: Absolutely, if that’s the case, I agree with it. So, you’re saying they were all there at the same time?

D: I believe that we landed here at Tiahuanco, surveyed the planet, from Earth Base One…

G: Ah, ha.

D: They knew the perfect locations and put up a grid of power and then left and the human race…and why my grid is different from other world grids like Bruce Cathie and Karl Munck’s, you can’t even find those grids; it’s like I heard Bruce Cathie’s has 23 members. To me, these are sub-stations. You know Ed Leedskalnin in Florida; he was looking for that special land off of Bimini.

G: Yep.

D: These are other vortexes, one in Sedona, maybe. These are sub-stations. My 13 were the Cradles of Civilization.

G: What did they use the World Grid for?

D: Electricity.

G: The kind of electricity we would use today? Or, are we talking about electricity for some other purpose?

D: No, the same thing. We have an inferior system today given to us by Tesla.

G: I mean, they didn’t have radios, right?

D: Yes, they had…yes, sir. The ancients had every bit of technology and MORE. This is Edgar Cayce. Everything ‘in our present experience’ and more.

G: So, they might have had computers. They might have had televisions. They might have had ALL these things?

D: Absolutely.

G: Microwave ovens?

D: I know that’s a hard thing for people to digest because…who am I? I just have this grid…but, I have Tesla.

G: And you worked on the Simpsons?

D: Ha, ha, I actually got fired from the Simpsons and sued them. So that’s a sore…

G: Ha, ha! Full disclosure here, Doug…full disclosure.

D: OK. But, I should go back to the other points on the grid. I mentioned Tassili. I think it was nuked. And the people that looked like they’re in spacesuits were in RADIATION suits. I mean, there are ancient paintings. How did the paint last that long? Among the flora and fauna, there are round-heads with zippers and saucers. I mean, I’ve seen the paintings…

G: I know, that is incredible stuff.

D: To me, this is the human race that was nuked; some survived in caves. We didn’t start in caves. We had to retreat to caves just to survive. They painted the round-heads here; they were people coming in testing the area for radiation, in radiation suits…and that’s what they drew. OK, that’s Tassili. OK, how about Zimbabwe? You know, the Great Pyramid…there’s Tassili, the other corner of that triangle is southern Africa.

G: Uh ha.

D: Zimbabwe; we’re not taught…who said that the ancient Africans, that the ancient Africans built in STONE? We think like thatched roofs…

G: Mm huh.

D: We don’t think…Zimbabwe means ‘House of Stones.’

G: All right. Let’s get to some of these other grids when we come back, grid points, and then we’ll get into the reason why. Then, we’ll really get into some of the strange stuff.

G: Oh, Doug? Oh, Doug? He was on a wireless phone and it’s very possible that his wireless grid (Ha, ha!) has gone down…we’re talking about his theory that the ancient world was lined up with 13 parts of a Word Grid and these parts were supposed to be interconnected in a wireless way, of course. Just what were they used for? He says electricity and he claims that they had everything that we have, simple as that. How strange, how bizarre to be doing an interview about a worldwide grid, an ancient worldwide grid and he’s gone or his power is gone. Got’m?

D: Sorry, very sorry.

G: Now, are we all set?

D: Technical difficulties…I was talking about the different grid points. And George, you asked me did they have television and all that. I see it from a different point of view. I see an advanced Tesla system, which is the most advanced form of acquiring energy and distributing energy. Any advanced life form would do this and if you go to other planets, you’ll see pyramids. That is a Tesla system to the max. I’m seeing a global world system, so something like ‘television’ is primitive. I worked up this picture of a Tesla tower and a Great Pyramid next to each other with lightning bolts coming across the pyramid to the Tesla tower and I asked the question, ‘which one is more advanced?’ One’s primitive, one is advanced. A lot of people would say, well the pyramid has to primitive. The truth is the pyramid is the advanced system. Tesla was only BASICALLY discovering the principle. He obsoleted his own AC Current with this wireless tower. The same way a radio works and TESLA INVENTED RADIO.

G: I think Christopher Dunne believes the Great Pyramid of Giza is a power plant.

D: A power pump, a lens, absolutely. And why the American pyramids are different shaped than Egyptian’s…different time period…much later than the Egyptian pyramids. So that the shape of the lens had to be different to conform; so many things had happened. Maybe the poles had shifted. A different frequency from a different time…but, ah, I think all these 13 places brought forth the human race and everything was advanced. I believe Atlantis was Eden, a technical Eden. They could control the weather; that’s how they were able to farm on the top of the Andes Mountains; that’s why there’s water damage on the Sphinx…and why they were drawing lush scenes in Tassili. Everything changed…and they could control the weather. But once the power plug was pulled and no machines could work, it would be like going back to the Dark Ages.

G: And, so that plug was when you believe Atlantis sunk?

D: Yes, a feedback-effect, an implosion. It went back to the source. Instead of the power coming out, it went IN. And, get his, I was saying the lore of Atlantis…I think it was the good guys that pulled a self-destruct switch. Edgar Cayce will tell you of two factions that eventually emerged in Atlantis, the Law of One and the Sons of Belial. Law of One wanted the old ways. Everything is fine if you could have Utopia and you could CLONE. That is the secret to everything. Everything we have, they mastered. You could clone and decorate your Utopia. That is fine if everybody is of an enlightened mind. But, this new generation, thousands of years later, took that…you know, kids today, ha. This new generation, and they were building monsters…because they could. The mythical animals, half man, half centaur…these were genetic experiments. So, yeah, we have one destruction at 12 thousand years ago and then 8000 years ago, nuclear wars and then a Great Flood 5000 years ago.

G: Tell me about the nuke wars.

D: Well, if you read the ancient books of India…Robert Oppenheimer, Father of the Bomb…

G: Um hm.

D: That’s why when you see a documentary of him, he’ll say, he’ll quote from the Bragvad Gita and say, ‘I am the Destroyer of Worlds.’ He’s reading from that. He was asked in a college lecture…was Alamagordo the first nuclear test? And the student was thinking was there another project before Alamagordo? He said, ‘No, it was the first nuclear test IN THE MODERN AGE.’ So, he knew of ancient…

G: Do you think he tapped into some of that knowledge? I mean were there like a blueprint of how to build a bomb, for example, that he picked up out of that?

D: I think we all go back to past lives and what did we do? Why am I obsessed with Atlantis? Why am I obsessed with pyramids? And Cayce will tell you (that). Cayce was trying to help people and all these bits or glimpses of Atlantis…About Zimbabwe…

G: What number is that on your map?

D: I have the last 3 numbered because those were discovered AFTER the map.

G: All right, buzz through them and then we can come back to them.

D: There are these conical towers, straight stonework the ancient Africans did. The soil was poor. There are smaller zimbabwes around the main complex. Just like you have a pyramid and smaller pyramids around the big pyramid…you have mounds, much later; big mound in Cahokia, I was there. There are smaller mounds in the United States connected to Cahokia and surrounding Cahokia. There are giant standing stones in a pattern. Stonehenge is the main power center for that area, but there are smaller stonehenges all over England, standing stones, even the Northern France. So, what this is is energy from a turning Earth; remember, there’s energy that moves a compass needle in nature. If we were very smart, we could tap into that. So, what this is isn’t idols to a god. Because these are things we can’t build today. We can’t build these things, the standing stones. Tesla was saying how he could get something to oscillate…let me go to the one in Australia. In Australia, the same thing around the Alice Springs in the Outback. That was once a lush, green, tropical place. Now, it’s a desert, very hot in the Outback. There are…everything around the Alice Springs area; that seems to be the center. Now, that’s where that that big red rock is…

G: Well, how did people, Doug, tap into the power? I mean just recently, we’re talking about how we can have wireless electronics where you don’t have to plug them in anymore…and you’d be able to use your everything with this. Was it the same way then?

D: No. See, Bill Gates’ idea of wireless world is not Tesla’s idea of Wireless World. No, OK.

G: I mean did people plug in their appliances in something?

D: I mean, we don’t know since Tesla was taken out of the books; we don’t know what we got screwed out of in the 20th Century. We were on our way to utopia. EVERYTHING WOULD HAVE A LITTLE ANTENNA IN. Yes, we don’t know what the Tesla World would look like. It would look like, all our vehicles…

G: Yes, it wasn’t a WIRED world?

D: No, I’m saying once you have the towers…putting out the signal.

G: The signal, the power…

D: Like a radio station; now, this is a very important thing that I didn’t mention; in reading Tesla, that tower in New York was only THE FIRST. There was going to be 8 more, see. There was going to be a whole world system…

G: This one was just the experiment.

D: No, that was Colorado Springs. That proved that there were stationary waves. The one in New York was going to be the first…

G: Is that the one that Westinghouse was financing and he pulled the plug on him?

D: No, you’re talking about Morgan…and no, I found out through someone who…

G: J. P. Morgan was financing it?

D: That’s the classic story, but I found out that classic story isn’t quite true. Tesla had all the money in the world. It wasn’t due to Morgan’s funds (lack of) that that tower failed. Somebody…this was the crowning achievement of his inventions. He invented everything that had to do with electricity. He invented everything that had to do with radio and then he combined those two….so that you could broadcast electricity.

G: All right, but Tesla didn’t come along for 10-15,000 years after these ancient grids.

D: Right. I’m saying as great as the great Tesla was, he was only inventing the basic design. Just like the first radios were HUGE. Now, they are sleek and they don’t even look like radios anymore.

G: But, are you saying that Tesla got his knowledge from this ancient grid?

D: No, not at all. I’m saying he was trying to give us, way ahead of its time; a hundred years later, we’re still not ready for it and we’re not going to have these towers because the military would build a weapon out if it!

G: Hold on, hold on. You’re getting a little too scattery on me. Tesla was working on this power, right? Where did he get the idea?

D: It was the sum total of all his work; I just said he combined radio and electricity. People were being amazed at just the AC, at that time. His mind was already on that the entire Earth can be used as an electric conductor…and a field can be set up between the negatively charged ground and the positively charged ionosphere.

G: All right, but thousands of years ago…You’re saying we had this wireless, ancient grid?

D: And they mastered what Tesla was just scratching the surface of…yes, sir.

G: But they came first.

D: Right. I’m just saying it was Tesla’s principles.

G: NO, how could it have been Tesla’s principles? …when they were 13,000 years before him? Tesla must have taken their principles?

D: OK, maybe you’re misunderstanding me. I’m not saying…Tesla may have been in Atlantis and he’s come back to us, I don’t know. All I’m saying is he was so brilliant that he would come up with the greatest, most efficient means to acquire energy and distribute it for human use. And this is…OK. If we were to go to another planet in the future and we’re advanced, what would we do? The first thing we would do, to COLONIZE, let’s say. We would lay in the power lines, only it wouldn’t be lines. We would have our great knowledge, tap into the Electro-Magnetic field of this new planet and suddenly we would be building a pyramid and building a utopia. That’s what we had, a technical utopia. But, it all could blow up in our face…if used the wrong way and that’s what eventually happened in the later stages of Atlantis. Cayce talked about the THINGS. He didn’t have the word ‘clone’ in his time. He talks about the wars about the Things. George Lucas knew something when he wrote ‘Attack of the Clones.’ Because there were wars…reading Cayce…there were wars over the rights of the clones, but he’s using the word ‘things.’ OK. I hope this can make some sense. In Cayce’s book, he doesn’t say ‘Tesla.’ But, he says maybe the Atlanteans were able to ‘broadcast electricity.’ What he said about the Cro-Mags and this is so important, George. The Cro-Magnons, which are going to have a television show pretty soon. We see them on the Insurance commercials, right?

G: Right.

D: In our psyche, that’s where we came from. And, I’m offended. To me, it’s like you’re looking at the flat Earth. Edgar Cayce said Cro-Mags were the Atlantean Man…and here’s the bombshell: Their brain cavity is LARGER than (modern) human men and women!

G: So what happened then to all this technology? How come it ended? Other than Tesla, nobody else was able to carry the bag here?

D: Yeah, but we’re still not ready for it. Because our military would make a weapon out of that. I heard from a person named Arthur Matthews. Arthur Matthews died in 1986. I said I had some information that (nearly) all the Tesla books are actually wrong. Because Arthur is the one who told me that Tesla had all the money he needed to build…they co-wrote a book together…

G: No, they pulled the plug on Tesla. They took his funds away. They screwed the guy up. He had the money and then they stopped his project. They stopped funding him.

D: Well, according to Arthur Matthews, who co-wrote a book with Tesla, who knew Tesla, who worked with Tesla. Supposedly, Tesla gave him all his secrets and I got to talk to him once on the telephone once. I was pen pals with him and he tells me a story different than all the books.

G: I’ve also been told that all of Tesla’s secrets were stolen by the government.

D: Absolutely.

G: Well, then, how did this guy get them then?

D: He knew…they wrote a book together called ‘The Wall of Light.’ You can get it through Health Research. It’s the only book Tesla ever wrote that’s non-technical. It’s about his whole life story…and there’s Arthur Matthews. And, ah, Arthur said, ‘Tesla married in 1890, had a son and died a very rich man.’

G: He was penniless!

D: No, that’s the story. George, I’m just saying here’s a man that knew Tesla so I’m going to take the word for it over all these books…all these books have been written from other books. It’s just not the story. But, the point is…it’s the most advanced system; you have to be enlightened. I mean…to have the pyramid civilization working and everything. But, if you go to war and you destroy the towers, there goes all your power. The system was rebuilt again with the survivors of Atlantis. The survivors went to Egypt and to the Incas (lands). That’s how they built the fortresses on top of the Andes Mountains, that was New Atlantis. They built it again and built it again. But, then, again, the same reincarnated forces maybe blew itself up. They couldn’t move great stones anymore. They moved less and less. And then, they couldn’t work in stone at all. And you have the Hopi Indians, Anasazi and the Cahokia who made amazing earthen structures and mounds. This is beyond the capabilities of the Old West Indians. So, you have a perfect devolution from the Incas to the Toltecs, Olmec, Maya, Aztec, these other earthen Indians and THEN you get to the American Indians. That’s why the movement, migration of Indian was NORTHWARD! And their technology was going backwards.

G: Well, I don’t know about that, Doug. We’re going to move on…thanks, Doug, I appreciate you being on the program.


G: Somebody is coming in through the secret door…Richard C. Hoagland!

RH: Good evening, George.

G: I wanted to get your reaction to Doug’s first hour…he mentioned Edward Leedskalnin and, of course, you’ve done a lot of work down there at Coral Castle…and this wireless grid. I find this to be fascinating that these points…you know, we call them ley lines…

RH: Yep.

G: Was he on to something there?

RH: You mean Tesla?

G: Tesla…ya, see, I believe that Tesla may have picked up the technology from the ancients.

RH: …I think we could say that Tesla may have known something through ancient sources that a bunch of other people have also been working on for quite awhile.

G: I even had some people theorize that Tesla might have been from another planet…I would not go that far. I think the guy was a genius and he understood ancient technology.

RH: Or, he had a very interesting genetic background.

G: True…true.

RH: Let me give you one little factoid that I was thinking of as you were talking with Doug. Do you know that the latitude of Tesla’s tower, the Wardenclyffe tower, out there on Long Island…is exactly the same latitude as the Face on Mars?

G: See, isn’t THAT interesting.

RH: Exact…what do we find at Cydonia, around the Face on Mars?

G: Pyramids…yeah.

RH: A huge bunch of pyramids. There is a school of thought…Doug was correct about this…there is a school of thought that pyramids are huge MACHINES. I am one of the people that have been proposing that quietly for some time…poly-surfaces in ancient Egypt, which, frankly George, are more accurate than we can produce now with laser inferometers.

G: I know. It is incredible.

RH: Incredible precision…the pyramid covering or casing stones were basically optician’s precision on a scale of acres! If you can imagine that stunning technology? So all these people who talk of an ancient high Science, high technology, an ancient incredibly advanced civilization from which we have somehow devolved…we’re kind of reinventing the wheel, we’re rediscovering things that we’ve known a long time ago and vanished in some fashion and the most likely fashion is some global catastrophe…I think these folks are moving in the right direction…

To be continued

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when i contacted him about the article on his website saying the "Pennyhead indian" was the thirteenth Power gird point to inform him that it was a natural formation, all he could throw at me was

"I have been on TV. I have been on Rdaio, I have been interviewed by so many folks. What do you have got??"..and stuff like that

If he is plying all the stuff on his website for fame and moolah, then he is nothing but a charlatan!

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