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White people in UK's cities to b minority


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Be warned world, this is what the UK does to its pedophiles! We make them dance until they drop!

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Well the british have done more than most to displace native populations , perhaps an ironic turn of fate .

like i posted on page 1.

we are reaping what our ancestors have sown.

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what's the MSM definition??

off topic people!!!

Ja it seems as though the indigenous populace is being rapidly outnumbered; as I said elsewhere, if only Old Queen Victoria could have seen what the results of her colonising the entire known world, just about, would be; because now the UK has to offer home to all the sons and daughters, of those once colonised countries. even I could get a British passport because my dad was born in E Africa which was a British colony at the time.

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Cultural integration and transition, imnigration influx...all touchy themes.

All cultures change over time, that is a fact, and inmigration usually contribuite to it. For example, the Argentine culture change a lot from the 19th century to the actual one thanks to the diverse inmigration since then.

In the UK something similar is happening. Thanks to the better standards of life people get better jobs to get more money and enjoy it instead of having sons. This cause a need for workers in the less paying jobs. Usually this workers came from the ex-UK colonies, and in their cultures is usuall to have more children, wich cause the demographical inbalance. Also it doenst help that some UK legislation make the inmigration to the UK too easy.

The solution: Gain a little more money and have more kids, and cut a little the inmigration influx, enough to keep the population grow positive, but not enough to overwhelm the local white population.

BTW: keithisco, how is Madrid in summer? I was there last winter and was beatifull.

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I was speaking to some canadians last night and they were bemoaning the chinese influx in Canada in pretty much the same terms applied here to the immigrants to the UK. Canada also has a bit more space than the UK.

Its not a case of "if it ain't white..." its more a case of if it ain't integrating, or respecting the 'culture' already in situ, in a live and let live manner like most people in the UK do, then it ain't right.

Having said that, the loss of some parts of British culture might not be a bad thing:


In Stoke-On-Trent, Morris-Dancers are shot on sight.

Well, not really shot, we just take the p*** & laugh at them. :D

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