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Dead man sits up in coffin at his wake.....

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A supposedly dead Ecuadorian man sat up in his coffin during his wake and asked for a drink of water.

Family and friends of Fermín Plúas were attending an all-night vigil around the coffin at his family home in Jujan.

Doctors certified the 57-year-old had died of a heart attack the day before. He says he saw spirits during the 24 hours he was 'dead'.

His 10 children and dozens of grandchildren were there. Some began screaming, while others fled the house.

A daughter said: "It was quite some surprise. If we hadn't delayed the funeral so some distant relatives could come, he would have already been buried."

Mr says the experience has confirmed his religious faith.

"The doctors all said my father was dead, but we witnessed his resurrection with our own eyes," his daughter told newspaper Extra.

Well he obviuosly thought he was missing out on something  :s2 :s01

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Good job they didn't bury him - waking up inside a coffin that's several feet below the ground would be almost worse than being dead.  :-/

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