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Hardline takeover of British mosques


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Good post Birmingham,

To behonest i agree with you about a possible Islamic war, it could be averted if we done what needs to be done, the writings on the wall,


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Birmingham, I agree .

We either fight for our culture, or we "submit". (which is - apparantly - the direct translation of the word "islam")

Our current government is hell-bent on Dhiimitising us, on the grounds that the Muslims will vote for 'Labour'.

Actually, they will vote for Sharia.

god, it's so frustrating. The coming war will NOT be like WW2, it will resemble the American Civil War, but with heavy machine guns and explosives.

And even THAT assumes that the government will allow us to even fight.

Bah. I'm off to the Catblanket. Maybe it will look better in the morning.

Meow Purr.

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