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Dark Ang3l

Your Experience With Sleep Paralysis

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I've only had two SP I think.. the first one was very quick so not much to tell but the second one which wasnt too long ago was pretty trippy.. I've posted it before in a dream thread so I'll just paste it instead of rewriting it. I've dulled down the more colourful language though. It was a great experience and I call it my Azazel style dream because of the donkey goat thing and the double pistols. lol. I love how I did that.. makes me laugh.

Oh man I had one of those Old Hag dreams last night. I rarely get those.. I think its the second one I've ever had. I even went fully lucid and still couldnt do anything. I havent been able to sleep very good the last few nights cause I've got a flu or something, and last night I was watching the clock tick over every half an hour pretty much. At about 5:44 I mustve dosed off and I went into dreams straight away..

First I dreamt I stood up in my room and I was possessed.. I could feel this evil thing in me and I said to myself in a different voice(deep and evil sounding and like it had 100 other voices) that "I'm back and its time to have some fun". I felt like it wasnt even me standing up and it was really like I was possessed. Then I mustve woken up again or moved or something because I was back in bed and I felt I got punched on my right shoulder quite hard but I couldnt move to see what it was( I think I woke up in real life at that stage because it felt very real). It's hard for me to type this dream because it was all over place and I kept waking up and then going straight back into it.. anyway.. I then dreamt something like I was up at my parents house and I was trying to knock on the door(at about 5 in the morning)and then I found myself back at home I think or somewhere where my parents were telling me I had actually banged on the door in real life, which freaked me out because I then thought I had driven in my sleep in real life to do it.. So I felt like I was going mad and I couldnt tell what was real and what wasnt.

Anyway then I was back in bed and I couldnt move at all but I could see a black figure or something sitting next to the bed not too far away.. I got really angry at it because I couldnt move and I felt it was a demon and it was like I was drunk and couldnt stand up or anything. So I was yelling at it and saying that it was a.. wimp.. lol.. and I wasnt scared so much just annoyed and I was trying to make it feel as if it must be a wimp if it wont let me move to take it on. lol. So I was yelling at it and saying "come on ....!" and stuff like that while trying to stand up. Kinda makes me laugh now cause even when I know I'm getting my *** kicked I still mouth off. Like I really felt it was demon hey.

Anyway I went fully lucid after awhile because I couldnt stand and it just triggered me off. And even when I was fully lucid I could hardly move. I found a metal bar which was above the bed(not one in real life)and I was holding it and trying to pull myself up with it, but I still couldnt raise myself up.. I could only move my arms alittle. Then I remember seeing a small donkey which was in the corner of the room.. it was only about knee high and was more like dog size. It was smiling at me and I was thinking "you little ****g donkey I'm gonna get you too".. And because I was lucid I started to just try to use my mind to attack it instead of standing up. Like what I did was I used my fingers as guns(twin revolvers) and pointed them at the donkey and started to go "pew pew" lol... and it made the donkey move as if the bullets where landing just near its feet. So it began to move away and the further down the hallway it went(I was leaning out of bed almost at that stage) the more I kept.. shooting at it. lol. But the bullets everytime just landed near its feet and it was moving away very slowly like it was playing with me. It was showing me its donkey *** the mofo and I was just wishing I could stand up(it actually had a goat tail though.. it was like a cross between a donkey and a goat).

I mustve stood up somewhere along the line because I remember it was like trying to walk when really really drunk but my body was arched over so even though I was standing at some point I was arched over on almost a right angle. It was also like trying to walk through water so it was slow motion. Then I found myself in bed again and I was yelling at these images(it felt like the demon was changing its form constantly) and I just kept telling it that it was a wimp(but with slightly more colouful language), and that if the best it could do was hit me when I cant move.. then its a wimp demon.. and you wait till I stand up and get my control back.

Then I saw Captain John Luke Picard walk past the door.. lol(I have no idea where that came from hey).. and that was the only time I had full control so I used it and I stood up and ran over and just started to punch him in the back of his bald head. I hit him so many times and everytime I hit him he just moved forward from the strike until I had him in my kitchen. But that stage didnt last long and I just found myself back in bed again fully lucid and not being able to move again. It was super frustrating and I was just waiting for the sunlight to come into my room so that I would wake up in real life and not have to try to deal with this demon thing.

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You are astral projecting. It's not sleep paralysis.

You are 100% incorrect.

astral projection is not real.

No need to throw in some made up fantasy to a legitimate medical question.

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