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Fat Britney flops on live MTV awards show

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You know, there was a time, here and there, when I considered being a singer, or an actress. Whether I actually had the talen to make it, is another topic, but I didn't even wanted to try to see if I did have the talent. The reason is because of what I see fame doing to people and how it's treating people. It maybe, I consider myself enjoying my privacy and being a regular Jane, and not constantly in the spotlight like Brittney Spears. I do have memories of watching media bits showing the papparazzi chasing after Brittney everywhere. I mean, she like everyone else, has a life too, and somehow I do not see her living it. You are right, the media dictates how the famous is and they somehow have to catch it to print it. And you are also right, they do it, because the public likes it. We have to have to read about the famous and their mistakes, so we can feel better. Wasn't there a time, when those in the public eye were those we idoled and looked up to? Were'nt their perfect lives, or what seemed to be, to help us feel good about ourselves, and not the other way around. If we couldn't handle viewing the famous and thier lives without getting jeolous, and need them to screw up to help our lack of self-esteem, then I find something really really wrong with that. What if we are to blame for Brittney?

I remember the death of Princess Diana. I remember Madonna, in the days afterward, saying something I found profound. You remember how, the press were suddenly laid back and watched how they approached getting stuff on celebrities? I remember Madonna at the mic saying how it's all of us, herself, and ourselves that is partly to blame for Diana's death or for what was part of her death. I agreed. We want dirt, and parts of the media will go out of their way to get dirt, and look at what cost? Did we learn anything from Diana's death. For a short while, and it's started up again. Poor Brittany has had to have her marriage, her children's births, her and her husband's personal problems for all to see, and that is wrong. We are all human beings with the right to privacy. Brittany is being paid to sing, not to act out a certain lifestyle for us. She maybe not being the mom, her boys need right now, but I do not think the rest of us are really helping that out. I wonder if her public life, did not give her the time needed to grow and mature, before she married and had children. Maybe if she was in another line of work and lifestyle, how would she had managed being single, married and with children? Whether she is a screw up or not, that's her business and not ours.

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el midgetron

I think "fat" is a bit harsh, she didn't look that bad. Untalented and boaring would be more accurate criticism.

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