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Atheist God

Gay Marriage

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well yes but its an improper use of the word. Whats "natural" to a fraction of the population and only to them is not really the proper use of the word at all. Think of it in this sense. If you reversed the numbers but not the reality of male female coupling to produce offspring, what would happen to the human race over all? would it thrive and expand?

would it shrink and fall apart? would it slowly die out?

And forget the whole concept of invitro, this is just my own observation really based on my experience, it seems that a majority of same sex couples don't want or even like kids. Maybe its different elsewhere, here the instances of same sex striving for a fmily unit is the exception not the rule. So it would seem that if heterosexuality was the minority and that the majority of the procreation would be in the hands of same sex couplings we would eventually die out. This is not to cast an insult at gay people its just a mathimatical surety. A population like ours relies on constant influx of new humans, its our circle of life so to speak.

So saying all that do you see how no species could "naturally" propogate in this fassion, no species would develope this characteristic as a survival trait. Its about personal preference not an uncontrolable force of nature.


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