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The other side - part 4


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Posted (IP: Staff) ·
Image credit: iStockPhoto
Image credit: iStockPhoto
Matt Haas: Welcome to the 4th edition of The Other Side. It has been a very interesting month as LIGHT Paranormal Research has had quite a few investigations the last few weeks or so. We conducted an experiment this past week and conducted an investigation in a private home in Central Islip, NY. The experiment was to do an investigation at this house due to its history and surroundings. Across the street is the well known C.I. State Hospital building and the Pilgrim Psychiatric Center. Both buildings have been closed for years. They were mainly used for insane asylums. Long Island is known for holding many insane asylums with much history dating all the way back from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s. One of the asylums that are very well known on Long Island, is King’s Park Psychiatric Center. All of these buildings are closed because they were marked as condemned and hazardous. Many people who are urban explorer enthusiasts have broken in to these places and come out with claims of these places to be haunted.

The home we investigated we believe was built when these buildings were active during the early 1900’s. They were given to the Doctors that worked for the Hospital and Asylum. What was most interesting about the home is that it connects to other homes in the area which made them kind of like a town house. The basements all connect to each other with doorways. They also have a doorway that leads to the steam tunnels that stretch almost a mile in length. Most of the home is original and not much renovation was done to the house. It had 4 floors including the basement.

Our investigation in this home was an experiment to see if the house had any paranormal activity there because of the history. The house was extremely quiet with the exception of being near the main road. The house has already settled, so there was no noises what so ever. I know what most of you are asking. Did we capture anything during our investigation? As a matter of fact, we did! We got a few EVP’s.

EVP’s are disembodied voices from an entity or spirit trying to communicate with the living. In most cases they cannot be heard by the human ear. They are heard by devices with sound recording capabilities such as a digital voice recorder, a cassette tape player, or even a video camera.

The EVP’s we captured were recorded from a digital voice recorder. We’ll be posting them soon on our website so everyone can listen to them. What was most intriguing about the EVP’s were that we got a couple of responses to some questions we asked that night. Our Research Firm is very successful in communication. We motivate spirits with the utmost respect, and positive attitude. We do not conjure, or provoke. We try and treat them like a real person, because they were a living human being once.

So it goes to show you, that spirits could roam every where. Not just confined to a single place. That was the reason for our experimentation. There could also be the possibility of spirits following you from previous places you might have investigated. I believe spirits choose people to reveal themselves, whether it is as an apparition, or experiencing something paranormal such as cold spots, hot spots, or even hearing them with the human ear at times. You might even be touched by a spirit. They seem to choose people who have the ability of being open minded or in-tuned as well as having special abilities.

With much study and research on our investigations, I have also noticed that some of our clients have a medical condition or a disability. Are people with neurological damage experiencing the paranormal?

Unfortunately because there are so many theories, its very hard to say 100% The only thing you can do is break it down page by page, document your evidence, and authenticate it best you can. That’s what we are trying to do. We are going on a limb, testing and experimenting with these hundreds of theories. We are trying to narrow it all down.

Eventually we’ll get there.

LIGHT Paranormal Research
Founder - Matt Haas (631) 732-8336

Be apart of
LIGHT Paranormal Radio... Because Paranormal Matters!

Do you Believe?
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I gotta say, I do admire what you guys are doing. I think it's important.

But I also think that it's futile right now as far as the technique and equipment you're using.

Where is the incontrovertible evidence? I'm not saying it can't be obtained. I'm saying that it hasn't.

There has to come a time when someone tries something else. Or at least attempts to. There HAS to come a time when someone finally realizes that they're beating a dead horse. Don't get me wrong. I already believe. I'm simply saying that the methods that have been tried up to this point have been less than fruitful, and that's putting it lightly.

It took over two thousand attempts for Edison to create the light bulb, and I guarantee that he didn't use the same method every single time.

We already know there are more than 4 dimensions.

Find them.

But stop running the same methods into the ground.

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Exactly... that's my point I have been trying to tell everyone in almost every topic on the Forums. I encourage all researchers and investigators to keep trying different methods, techniques and put those theories to the test rather than discussing them on a talk radio show or lecture. Its beating a dead horse. By experimenting ideas along with methods and techniques, it only gives your evidence and what you do more credibility. It also gives the field much more respect. In a way its like being a scientist, and since scientists experiment & try different methods, why can't we? I'm not telling everyone what to do and saying we are the top research firm, but it only helps contribute to the field to make it better. I think its the only way to get closer to the answers everyone is looking for.

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