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Council of Europe to vote on creationism


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PARIS - Europe's main human rights body will vote next week on a resolution opposing the teaching of creationist and intelligent design views in school science classes.

The Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly will debate a resolution saying attacks on the theory of evolution were rooted "in forms of religious extremism" and amounted to a dangerous assault on science and human rights.

The resolution, on the agenda for October 4, says European schools should "resist presentation of creationist ideas in any discipline other than religion." It describes the "intelligent design" argument as an updated version of creationism.

More of the article here: Link


Very glad to see more of the world to fight ignorance. :tu:

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Hmmm... let's see what happens when the Ayatollahs of all religion unite and put them under pressure... if they still are in favor of the resolution after that: more power to them.

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As far as I can tell, most Western European leaders aren't being bent over sideways and back by their respective religious communities a la United States (note that I said Western European Leaders; Poland doesn't count).

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