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WWII hero breaks wing-walking record

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LONDON (Reuters) - A one-legged 88-year old British war hero has become the world's oldest "wing walker" after he spent over an hour in mid-air strapped to the top wing of a biplane.

Les "Dizzy" Seales broke the record held by an 87-year-old South African woman.

"It's very enjoyable," the new record holder told Sky News on Tuesday.

But the daredevil octagenarian said he would have a bruised back after a bumpy landing on the grass airstrip in southern England.

Seales, who acquired his "Dizzy" nickname after a World War II exploit when he crawled from his air gunners' turret to rescue his plane's pilot, said he would make his next wing walking attempt in two years' time.

One of Seales' friends, watching his high-flying feat, said his pal was "an absolute inspiration".

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