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Specter deer inhabit Wisconsin woods

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Boulder Junction, Wis. - Biologists note an active population of rare pale white deer has existed in the area since at least the 1950s.

Brian Kirkpatrick, professor of genetics at the University of Wisconsin, said the deer are not albinos, as they have pale blue eyes, in contrast to the pink eyes of true albinos.

Wildlife photographers flocked to the area recently to take advantage of the increased sightings.

Jeff Richter, a wildlife photographer and co-author of the book "White Deer: Ghosts of the Forest," told the Sentinel "these white deer really get a hook into people."

A photographer for the Sentinel, took his son to experience the rare deer, telling him he may never have another experience like this in his life.

"It's like a white flash," he said of spotting the deer.


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White deer are good luck here. Piney and Nanticoke-Lenape hunters won't shoot one. We were watching one about 2 years ago then some out-of-area hunter shot it. The Pineys who hang at the weight station on Rt.72 told him not to come back.


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