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In Review: The Locals

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The Locals

A Contemporary Investigation of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch Phenomenon

By Thom Powell

Special thanks to Thom Powell for giving me a chance to read his new book, i've decided to write a short review and post it here as in thanks and to help promote the book so that others interested in the subject can also benefit from it.


'The Locals' is an in depth look into the bigfoot phenomenon as a whole. From the very beginning, the author puts forward the case for the existence of these elusive creatures, logically analysing the available evidence and research, and detailing with every step how he comes to each conclusion.

A major element of the book deals with the author's involvement with the Bigfoot Research Organisation ( BFRO ), and how investigations into reported encounters are carried out. Several significant investigations have been included, detailing accounts of bigfeet by those who have experienced them, and how these accounts add up to provide tantalising clues about the behaviour and nature of these enigmatic creatures.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in the bigfoot phenomenon, not only because it is a well written summary of everything known about the subject to date, but because it may well challenge your own views and lead you to a completely different conclusion.

The quantity of evidence to support the existence of these creatures is extremely compelling, it becomes difficult to believe that there is no such thing as bigfoot. After reading the book I still don't 100% subscribe to the belief that these animals exist, but am nonetheless a lot more convinced than I was before i started reading it.

'The Locals' is available from

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I have often wondered, is there more then one "Bigfoot"? Evidence has always pointed to a single video when validating the proof. Reports have claimed more then a few people have seen "Bigfoot". There has been plenty of skeptism and subjective hearsay, and other then finding big foot prints in mud and subjecting that evidence to a very worn video clip that a very hairy creature made them, what other proof is there that such a creature exists? And if such a creature does exist, is it still alive? When was the last sighting?

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