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Airmen punished for Nuclear error


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I tried to find the original post on this topic, but couldn't....

The US Air Force has relieved several officers of their commands after a B-52 bomber was mistakenly flown across the US loaded with nuclear-armed missiles.

full story

Well, almost 70 'airmen' punished, including a bevy of Colonels..

The final statement from the investigating General seems a bit worrying though. He basicly states that the proceedures are all OK, and that the incident was caused by aircrew failing to follow the proceedures. He then goes on to describe it as an 'isolated incident'.

How does he know that it's an isolated incident ? For all we know, another group of airmen are failing to follow proceedure even as we speak.

It's all rather worrying for the Working Cat !

Meow Purr.

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