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The Revelations of an Elite Family Insider


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Fascinating read, thank! :)

I'd ask Inider if he lieks mudkips, but that would probably doom me for the next 3 lifetimes just for thinking of asking that.

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 I tried to read some of it, but am busy at the moment so can't finish it all.  Look up the Cathars. They believed that the Good God created the soul, the spark of life, and that the Demiurge , Satanel, created the material body, and imprisoned the soul in these bodies we inhabit now. It was our job to  work to unite ourselves  with the Good God  when we pass on. . The Perfects, their version of priests and nuns, ate no meat, were celibate, had no money etc. When they did missionary work, they went out in pairs, and relied on the populace to supply their needs, just as Jesus told the apostles to do. Just trying to condense things. If you look at mankind throughout history, there has been a belief in the afterlife. That there is another realm which we return to when we die. Look at ancient tombs in Egypt and other places. Even   Cro Magnon and Neanderthals put flowers or some sort of  grave goods with the dead. Where humanity got the idea of an afterlife, I don't know, but it has existed since the dawn of time with us humans, so i pay no attention to new age hocus pocus.

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Posted (edited)

I've read this text a few times. It's interesting how the author introduced themselves on a dubious conspiracy theory forum and not academia. I'm not a scholar but the answers provided in the transcript are a thinly veiled gnostic tract. I'm guessing the insider was betting his audience wouldn't be acquainted with the Nag Hammadi Codices. The insider updated the Gnostic myth by hinting this planet is not the real Earth at all but some kind of detention centre. The insider kept on making allusions to the Logos as well but none of the audience seemed to realise this. 

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