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Stigmata research..I need your help

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Hi everyone. I am doing my next thesis paper.. man do I hate these. O.K. the subject is .....Stigmata. And since I have a great network of people who have all kinds of info, I thought I would ask for opinions and websites and books.

Yes there is the network out there that says that stigmata is a bunch of malarky and there are those that say it is the real thing. So far I have visited about 15 web sites.. christian, catholic, non demoniation, skeptic, and the movie website.

I have also read a book on a few saints of the catholic faith that were said to have had stigmata.

What I need if anyone can help, I need to locate a book that is skeptic and has "proof" against the stigmata. What my paper is about is basically how society believes or does not believe in the stigmata and how the catholic church views this holy event and the grounds for proof or disproof. I have quite a bit of info but only four more weeks to complete it.

Being catholic I have all sorts of research and proof of the churches view.. what I need help in is finding outside views, I did not think that would be so difficult.

I appreciate any help that you all can give me... THANKS

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It seems to me that your research already exceeds any that I

could perform. Since the catalyst for your desire is 'thesis' and

mine or anyone elses, merely to be helpful.

I will nonetheless bore you with my own theory.

It is quite simple really:

Stigmata do not appear supernaturally; they occur only

through self-infliction.

I myself have induced simulated pain to the hand

and feet regions, for no other purpose than to gain a

perspective on the pain endured by Christ.

I find it wholly believable that others have done the same. Some

to a much greater degree. A degree that would leave marks, to

be specific.

One would think that a focused love for Christ by

such as those who would

be named Saints might allow them the mindset to

afflict themselves with the same latitude of pain experienced

by Christ in order to gain for themselves a better understanding of

the Love of Christ. A Love that can only be understood by focusing

on the pain in contrast to the sin that 'the stigmata' would cleanse.

I wish you well on your thesis. thumbsup.gif

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