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US Army Lures Foreigners with Promise of


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The Left's outrage over that Coulter quote demonstrates not only their utter stupidity (and really, how in the world did you all make it to the collective ages you are without your stupidity killing you?) but the fact they are, en masse, cultural-traitors.

ah, this bull again. Calling the left traitors because they think that a statement confirming the propoganda that the enemy uses to recruit it's own people is a stupid thing to say.

And saying that those of us who think Coulter's statement was out of line agree with the enemy and think we deserved the 9/11 attacks...sir, that is just classic right douchbaggery.

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Wow...someone doesn't understand jokes.

Why do you hate jokes so much, Explorer? Are you a coulrophobe?

Either your sense of humour is akin to the dying splutter of a popped balloon or you misread my post. Maybe you were wrenching to the right in a Coulter climax.

Edited by explorer
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