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Father Lionel Fanthorpe Chat Transcript

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Heres something I dug up the other day from an old CD. It's a chat transcript from a live chat on some years back with Lionel Fanthorpe, the author of many unexplained related books and the biker priest presenter of Fortean TV in the UK.

I did miss the first couple of minutes, but those of you who have read any of his books or seen the TV show, should find this quite interesting.


<Demonix> Question: You seem to enjoy the stories of hidden treasures have you thought about the Rosslyn Chapel?

<FatherLionelF>  Yes. I've done some prelimiary research on it and I find it fascinating.

<PrincessSally> Father, what do you think of Sinead o'Connor becoming a priest?

<FatherLionelF> Well, I would say if the church can find soace for guys like me... it can find room for anyone.

<Roving Rog> I've met several Christians who are into bikes in a big way, including the Australian evangelist John Smith. Do you think Jesus would have ridden a Harley and mixed with Hell's Angles?

<FatherLionelF> Yes on both counts.

<Charlotte> Is there something wrong with someone who wishes to believe in God but cannot find any fulfilment culturally or otherwise in that thing we call church? Your thoughts please on the matter if you can

<FatherLionelF> Relationship with God, can and should be essentially personal and individual.

<Neil> Do you consider there to be a link between the winged serpents featured in the art and religions of the Aztecs, Mayans and Incans and the early bird-dinosaurs such as archaeopteryx?

<FatherLionelF> it is a very interesting question.

<FatherLionelF> it is not impossible

<Gen-X> Question: What did you think of 'The Exorcist' ?

<FatherLionelF> an excellent and exciting film

<Katie15> are u close to your family and did they support u on your travels?

<FatherLionelF> A loving family is one of God's greatest gifts. Mine are kinder and more supportive than I deserve.

<Kay> If God created man in his own image, is it possible that He also created aliens? If as I believe, humanity shaped God to fit their form do aliens do that too? Have you ever met an alien?

<FatherLionelF> Yes God created everything and everyone. he is a universal creator - including ET!

<FatherLionelF> Aliens probably picture God in their form.

<FatherLionelF> I've never met one, but certain church authorities suspect that I am one! lol

<katie15> do u enjoy the company of nuns?

<FatherLionel> yes and i also enjoy feeding penguins

<Bambino Diablo> Rev, did you manage to goto Egypt last summer and catch up with Graham Hancock (I know you wanted to last time we spoke)

<FatherLionel> not got to egypt yet, but i was in salon near marseille yesterday looking at the tomb of nostradamus for a new tv show in july


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Hi SaRuMaN, interesting interview.

Is Fortean TV, a cable chanell ?

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Hi Azazel,

Fortean TV is a half-hour programme that is sometimes on Channel 4 on UK terrestrial TV. It hasn't been on for quite a while, but it is/was a good programme. Certainly doesn't take itself too seriously.  ;D

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