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Dr Bari: Government stoking Muslim tension


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Dr Bari: Government stoking Muslim tension

By Rachel Sylvester and Alice Thomson

Last Updated: 6:44pm GMT 10/11/2007

The head of the Muslim Council of Britain does not mince his words on integration, report Rachel Sylvester and Alice Thomson

There is fear and loathing in Britain. This week, the head of MI5 claimed there were 2,000 people involved in terrorist activity and children as young as 15 were being "groomed" to be suicide bombers.

Gordon Brown announced plans to require immigrants to learn English and Downing Street said the Prime Minister wanted to double the number of days that terrorist suspects can be detained without trial. Then, just as the Metropolitan Police was being censured for shooting the Stockwell One, the Lyrical Terrorist became the first woman to be convicted of terrorist crimes.

Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, the leader of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), thinks the Government is stoking the tension.

"There is a disproportionate amount of discussion surrounding us," he says. "The air is thick with suspicion and unease. It is not good for the Muslim community, it is not good for society."

The 53-year-old special needs teacher has a gentle manner and a quiet voice - he describes himself as a "community spokesman" rather than a "religious leader" - but he does not mince his words.

Britain must, he warns, beware of becoming like Nazi Germany.

Full story, Source: THe Telegraph

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Dr Bari: Government stoking Muslim tension

Britain must, he warns, beware of becoming like Nazi Germany.

Full story, Source: THe Telegraph

Added this: whats he mean by this,

"Everybody can learn from everyone. Some of the Muslim principles can help social cohesion - family, marriage, raising children with boundaries"

British people could, in his view, benefit from arranged marriages. "I prefer to call them assisted marriages," he says.

"Alcohol is the worst drug long-term," he says, and adds that the Government should consider banning drinking in public places, as it has done with smoking".

Is stoning ever justified? "It depends what sort of stoning and what circumstances," he replies. "When our prophet talked about stoning for adultery he said there should be four [witnesses] - in realistic terms that's impossible. It's a metaphor for disapproval."

"There should be more modesty too. "You shouldn't be revealing your body so much that it can be tempting to other people"

so he doesnt want much then lol, what a 24 carrot plonker, it sounds More like Saudi Arabia or one of those sh**e hole countries we call the middle east, than Nazi Germany, poor bloody muslims if they dont like it they should p*** off, we're not forcing them to stay here, its a good job a politician didnt say what Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari said otherwise they'd have to resign. because they are a racist.

Edited by stevewinn
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But you forget steve and QM, Islam is gods word thus not nazism.

No matter how much they both share in comparison: Muslims are citizens in islamic countries where-as everyone else are second-class citizens. This bares resembalance to Jews being secondary to Germans, except islamic states are more vast than Germany is.

This is the first to come to mind. Our gov't are - finally - doing at least one thing right. But, it's to little too late. Immigrants should have learned to read and write in English decades ago, as well as being made to abide by our laws.

The western laws are not perfect and neither is Democracy, but they're far better than the religious state-leaders and the barbaric laws of islam concerning citizens.

His little speech about muslims and the rest of society seems very... Slimy imo.

Edited by Chokmah
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