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may ToE here guys.......

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Theory of Unity

Assumptions :

1. There is an absolute frame of reference.

2. There are relative frames of references.

3. Light is the relationship between the absolute frame with the relative frames.

Fundamental laws :

Law of singularity : Everything comes from Absolute and returns to absolute.

Law of duality: Everything that exists at relative plane is a unity of two opposites.

law of trinity: Two opposites of relatuive level give rise to phenomenon of duality captured by a entity which comes as a result of combination of two opposites. This consitutes a trinity.

Reality :

Reality is a phenomenon that occurs simulatneously at three planes. These three planes are the two opposites which consitute any entity and the third being the relationship between them.


These laws are applicable to anything that exist and these laws govern the process of existence. They are applicable to macrocosm, i.e. Universe around us and to microcsm i.e. Life that corresponds to all of us. These are the basic laws which govern existence. In case of Universe, all that exist anywhere is either matter, or charge or energy. Nothing exists which doesn;'t contain these three. In case of Life, these three elements are body, mind and consciousness.

Examples :


The trinity in Mathematics consists of Zero-One-Infinite.

In case of mathematics, ONE corresponds to a entity which exists. ZERO and INFINITE are the opposites of which one is made up of. If a stick of wood is broken, the number of pieces increases while there size decreases. More the divisions of one, smaller will be the size of those pices. As number of pieces becomes "infinitely" large, size of pieces becomes "infinitely small". As number of pieces becomes INFINITE, size of pieces becomes ZERO. INFINITE corresponds to quanitative aspect of ONE while ZERO corresponds to Qualitative aspect of ONE.

Physics :

At sub atomic level, atom consists of PROTON, NEUTRON AND ELECTRON. NEUTRON outside the nucleus splits up into an ELECTRON, a PROTON along with a photon of LIGHT. PROTON and ELECTRON are opposites of each other which are contained within the nucleus.

At the level of heavenly bodies, everything that exists contains two things. MATTER and CHARGE. The motion of CHARGE within MATTER gives rise to elecricity. Light is emitted out by accelerating CHARGE. . The opposites at this plane are CHARGE and MATTER which gives rise to ENERGY. CHARGE is the qualitative aspect of ENERGY while MATTER is the quantitave aspect of ENERGY.


Every living entity consists of a BODY, CONSCIOUSNESS and MIND. Mind may be at different levels of development as MIND is the relative/dual part between the opposites of BODY and CONSCIOUSNESS.

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toe as in foot?

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depends on the level of understanding of 'being'

toe as in foot for u....and toe as in every-thing for someone else.

have a great day.

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