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'US violates human rights'


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'US violates human rights'

Former Supreme Court President Aharon Barak speaks at Natanya College's law forum, slams US violations of human rights, justice minister's attempt to limit High Court's powers

Aviram Zino

Published: 11.24.07, 14:19 / Israel News

Former Supreme Court President Aharon Barak slammed the state of human rights in the United States Saturday, calling it 'appalling' and saying the High Court is doing a much better job of observing human rights in Israel.

In a law forum hosted by the Natanya College he said: "The Americans were caught with the pants down after 9/11... They are committing unspeakable acts and the kind of human rights violations that could cost them dearly."

"Our High Court is ready to defend human rights in times of was as well as in times of peace," he added.

Speaking of Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann attempts to limit the High Court's powers, Barak said "there is no democracy without the segregation of authorities; there is no democracy without the judicial authority and no democracy without human rights.

"I was horrified when the government asked Supreme Court President Dorit Beinish who made her governor of the courts… in that moment, the line between the judicial authority and the executive authority was crossed," he added.

As for the link between the legislative and the judicial authorities, Barak sees them as intertwined: "There is no democracy without the Knesset and our laws are built to protect the Knesset."

But not everything, said Barak, can be judged in a court of law: "The question of what can and can't be judged by the High Court is forever open. The High Court is not above criticism and not above questioning. Nothing is."

Full story, Source: Ynetnews

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