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9/11 DEW / TV-Fakery Suppression Timeline


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9/11 Directed Energy Weapon / TV-Fakery Suppression Timeline

By CB_Brooklyn

Lenin, the first Communist dictator after the takeover of Russia in 1917, is widely credited with the following quotation, "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves."

There are three basic versions of the 9/11 events. Although differences and/or overlapping may occur, the following three versions generally describe what most people believe:

1. OGCT. This is known as the “Official Government Conspiracy Theory”. This version states that a guy from a cave in Afghanistan conspired with 19 boxcutter-wielding Muslims to hijack airplanes, outwit the USA’s entire multi-trillion dollar defense system, and cause the Twin Towers to collapse. This is the version pushed by the government and media as being the truth of 9/11.

2. APCT. I call this the “Alternate Propaganda Conspiracy Theory”. This version states that, more or less, there were hijackings on 9/11, but the planes might have been taken under remote control to ensure they crashed as planned. Airplanes most likely crashed at the Pentagon and Shanksville, but planes definitely did crash into the Twin Towers. The Twin Towers and WTC 7 collapsed from conventional explosives and thermite, and molten metal was found in the rubble. This is the version pushed by the government and media as being the “wacko conspiracy theory” that the “truth movement” believes.

3. REAL. This, simply, is the REAL version, backed by actual evidence, Laws of Physics, and common sense: There were no hijackings, no plane crashes, the corporate media broadcasted cartoons of an airplane impacting the South Tower, and the WTC complex (not just the Towers and WTC 7) was destroyed with Directed Energy Weapons (DEW). The government and media steer clear of these.

Refer to the Lenin-credited quote above.

Is it possible the “truth movement” has been run by the 9/11 perpetrators since day one?

Is it possible that certain individuals have been planted to steer the “truth movement” away from the perpetrators? Is it possible these plants have affiliations with directed energy weapons (DEW)?

Is it even possible that some of these plants are “in on it” while others got suckered in? You be the judge.

***Former Transportation Secretary, Norman Mineta, has ties to the Directed Energy Professional Society (DEPS).

Mineta was Vice President of Lockheed Martin, a sponsor of DEPS.



Mineta ensured minimal interference with the DEW by grounding as many commercial airliners as possible during the timeframe of the towers’ destruction.

Mineta steered the “truth movement” toward hijackings and plane crashes by spreading the “Cheney stand down order” hoax.



***Former BYU physics professor, Steven Jones, has done research at Los Alamos where directed energy weapons are researched.


Jones steered the “truth movement” toward thermite/conventional explosives/molten metal theories. Jones’ molten metal evidence has been shown to be fabricated.


Jones ridicules the directed energy weapon and TV-Fakery theories with statements such as ”These two are noted for their no-planes-hit-the-Towers theories and for promoting the notion of ray-beams from space knocking down the Towers.”


***Physicist Greg Jenkins’ has connections to the NSA and DEW:

"This work was supported in part by NSF grant DMR-9705129 and by funding from the NSA."


Jenkins’ papers were listed in an annual report which also listed at least one manufacturer of directed energy weapons (Rockwell).



Jenkins steered the “truth movement” away from directed energy weapons by conducting an ambush interview of Dr Judy Wood. (However, a read of the transcript reveals Dr Wood won the debate hands down.)


***Official at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Van Romero, has ties to the Directed Energy Professional Society (DEPS).

Romero participated in events at DEPS before and after 9/11.



Romero steered the “truth movement” toward standard controlled demolition by stating "It could have been a relatively small amount of explosives placed in strategic points"


Romero is a controlled demolitions expert. Scroll down a little and note the photo. Does Romero actually think this was caused by a “relatively small amount of explosives”?

***Former Director of the Star Wars program, Robert Bowman, is about as close to directed energy weapons as one can get.

Bowman steered the “truth movement” toward hijackings, and NORAD standing down.


Although he is in Jim Fetzer’s Scholars group, I have not heard him speaking about Dr Wood’s DEW evidence. I do remember, however, an interview where Bowman states that he “doesn’t fall for conspiracy theories” with regard to controlled demolition.

Bowman has a PhD in Nuclear Engineering. How can he possibly call this a conspiracy theory?


Also of note is the following:

The government contracted with several sponsors of the Directed Energy Professional Society for the NIST (NCSTAR 1) Report:

Boeing - Gold Level Current/Founding Sponsor

Applied Research Associates (ARA) - Silver Level Founding Sponsor

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) - Silver Level Current Sponsor


Dr Judy Wood has discovered that ARA and SAIC are manufacturers of Directed Energy Weapons and have expertise in Psychological Operations (PSYOPS).


Dr Wood also discovered two images on ARA’s website that are similar to the World Trade Center. She details this in her Appeal to NIST’s denial of her Request for Correction.




The New York Times is a mainstream media source. Do they tell the truth of 9/11 or do they hide it? Why on earth would they help the “truth movement” by publishing evidence of explosives?

The New York Times steered the “truth movement” towards explosives demolitions by publishing the WTC Task Force Interviews.


However, they redacted evidence for Directed Energy Weapons.


Who's Popular On Corporate Media? Who's Not?

*William Rodriguez - publicly speaks up against DEW / TV-Fakery


*David Ray Griffin - pro Global Government (aka New World Order)

*Steven Jones - pro explosives-demolition, pro thermite, pro molten metal

*Kevin Barrett - supports Steven Jones


*Robert Bowman - expert on NORAD’s jet-scrambling procedures


*Judy Wood - never invited to discuss the DEW evidence, despite her filing of an actual court case


*Morgan Reynolds - never invited back after discussing TV-Fakery on FOX News

Reynolds also filed a court case


*Jerry Leaphart - mainstream attorney never invited to discuss his clients’ (Wood/Reynolds) 9/11 legal actions

In an interview with Kevin Barrett, trial attorney Jerry Leaphart has said:

"What I can tell you and the listeners, Kevin, is this. There is more admissible evidence associated with the theory that the World Trade Center was destroyed by directed energy weapons than there is admissible evidence for any single other theory out there that has been promulgated."

MP3 Clip: http://drjudywood.com/media/070727_JerryLeaphartRFC_Adm.mp3

Full Show: http://drjudywood.com/media/070727_JerryLeaphartRFCs.mp3




The following is a timeline relating to promotion of the Alternate Propaganda Conspiracy Theory by government plants and the media, and suppression of the REAL version by government plants and media. Also included is suppression of free energy research.

Continued here:


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I find it quite interesting that many well known people within the "truth movement" have affiliations with DEWs, such as Bob Bowman. And some of them speak up against DEWs, such as Steven Jones and Greg Jenkins.

And let's not forget Van Romero's "relatively small amount of explosives" comment, and all the recognition/awards/grants he got afterwards. Romero made presentations at the Directed Energy Professional Society (DEPS) before and after 9/11!

And of course, Norman Mineta was VP of Lockheed Martin, a Gold-Level sponsor of DEPS.

And NIST contracted with ARA and SAIC; both are sponsors of DEPS.

One must ask themselves... what are all these DEW-affiliated people doing in and around the truth movement? Why are they here? And why do they speak up against DEW evidence?

Be sure to check out the FULL timeline on checktheevidence.com for all the information:


2000, Winter - DEPS’ Newsletter “Wave Front”

The first article in Volume 1, Issue 1 of Wave Front starts with the following quote:

"Lasers in space, lasers in the stratosphere, lasers

on and over the battlefield - we're at the

beginning of an evolutionary new wave of



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One (of the many) problems with all the conspiracy theories of 9/11 is that if this all was some kind of grand plan for George Bush and friend to seize power and become an American Emperor it sure seems to have backfired.

At this moment GW is probably the most hated man in the country. Soooooo many people would rather spend a vacation with Hitler than GW. If an election with GW was held today he couldn't be elected dog catching.

So with all these supposedly brilliant people planning the take over of the world, it sure doesn't seem to have gone as planned.

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So with all these supposedly brilliant people planning the take over of the world, it sure doesn't seem to have gone as planned.

what do you mean ..it was enough to get the crusade going...do you have any clue how much money the cronies have made?....

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what do you mean ..it was enough to get the crusade going...do you have any clue how much money the cronies have made?....

People had money during the war years? OMG! How unheard of! Clearly another Bush first! ;)

Money or not, nobody likes to be vilified. If you want to talk about making money while in the White House, let's talk Clintonism....

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